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Smart ad bids. Precise performance. Developed for small and medium merchants, Preciso Bid-Smart Advertising puts big brand capability at your fingertips. Access the same traffic as your brand name rivals, without blowing your advertising budget. No fixed monthly fees. Pay only for the actual ad impression cost where your ads were shown.

App Features


Enjoy more opportunities to bid. Lock in quality ad spots and get your products in front of the right audience, at the right time and at the right price. Preciso shows real-time bids, users, and ad placements with clear numbers of total, won & excluded (unnecessary) traffic/ad placement/users).


No wasted spend, no missed opportunities. As a smaller merchant or retailer, you need your budget to work hard for your business. You know that you can't afford to waste your money on traffic that doesn't convert, but other programmatic and real-time bidding solutions don't give you the agility you need. Preciso is purposefully designed to take the guesswork and stress out of media buying. Take a prudent approach to ad spend and secure visible placements in front of real, engaged shoppers.


With pro-merchant strategies and an eco-system specifically created for smaller merchants and retailers, Preciso puts your business first. Preciso's proprietary real-time, bid smart platform makes it easier than ever to achieve your KPIs by giving you the same ability to target high quality traffic, access wholesale ad prices, generate accurate customer rankings and serve up relevant product recommendations as your bigger competitors. It's the advanced advertising expert you never knew you needed, in one smart plugin.


Preciso puts more than a decade of programmatic media buying and performance marketing expertise to work for your online store. Our Predictive Intelligence Ranking System uses world-class machine learning technology to continually refine and improve your ad performance. We use this system to identify valuable audiences and to give shoppers tailor-made product recommendations to boost transactions and bolster brand loyalty.


We've made it easy to create effective adverts, with a library of templates which you can customise. If you need more help, Preciso's ad experts are on hand to build you bespoke designs which fit seamlessly with your brand.

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