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About the app

The Complete Multichannel Inventory and Order Management Software

Primaseller is a powerful platform to integrate your BigCommerce Store with your Retail Stores as well as Marketplaces like Amazon. Focus on your business growth while our software takes care of your back-end operations.

The best Inventory Control Software

Primaseller allows you to control your inventory across multiple locations with low-stock reports and auto fulfillment when inventory drops and helps you track the history of each item. Print barcodes, scan and transfer inventory across locations to optimise stock levels.

Accounting data sync to QuickBooks is automated

Primaseller integrates all your online channels as well as B2B and POS channels with QuickBooks Online accounting software. This means that you can synchronize your inventory and invoices from all channels through Primaseller into QuickBooks.

Purchase orders and receipts too are synced with QuickBooks through Primaseller.

Simple Multi-Location POS Software

Use Primaseller for your in-store billing to synchronize inventory across all stores. Save on all the extra money you spend paying third party POS Software. We're integrated with leading Card Payment Processors to ease your store billing too!

Automated Purchase and Transfer Ordering

Trigger Purchase orders and Transfer Orders to be created for your suppliers at re-order points or on back-orders. Avoid running out of inventory and focus on building more customers with the time saved.

WMS (Warehouse Management)

Primaseller provides a built in WMS which allows you to identify the exact bin location where your stock is kept and create Picklists and Putaway received stock accordingly.


We provide 24/7 support through live chat within the app. You can also reach out to us for any queries at or call us at +1-424-3325559.

App Features

Synchronized Inventory Management

Synchronize your BigCommerce Inventory with your Brick and Mortar stores as well as Marketplaces from a single integrated platform.

Easy to use Point of Sale

Primaseller offers a built-in and easy to use Point of Sale module for your in-store sales. Record customer details, print/email invoices, accept on-account orders and issue store credits.

No special hardware needed - runs on any PC/Mac or Tablet.

Automated Purchase Order Management

Save costs on lower stock on hand by streamlining your Just-in-time inventory process by using Primaseller's automated Purchase Order Management solution which creates automatic POs based on re-order points or backorders. Map your products to suppliers and then stop worrying about your purchasing process as Primaseller takes care of everything else from that point onward.

Integrated with QuickBooks Online

Synchronize your BigCommerce invoices as well as sales from all other channels into QuickBooks Online Automatically by using Primaseller.

We push your Invoices, Payments, Purchase Orders and Bills into QuickBooks onlne.

Bundles, Integrated Shippers and more.

Primaseller automates many more of your critical requirements:

  • Bundled Products (composite SKUs) and synchronizing their inventory with BigCommerce
  • Integrated Shippers for your online channels
  • Integrated Payment Methods like Stripe and Square
  • Detailed reports of your sales and inventory

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $100.00/mo.


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