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About the app

The FreshClick Product Questions app allows you to add a tab or short code to each product page dedicated to customer questions and answers. Customers have some great, relevant questions and with our app you can now answer these and add them to a tab on each individual product.

When customers can ask questions and/or find answers about a product they can make a more informed purchase. This will increase conversion rates and reduce product returns. The sharing of product details and information enlightens customers and diminishes any fears about the product not being suitable.

App Features

Automatically adds Product Questions tab

No coding required! Our app automatically adds a Product Question tab to your product details page. If you do not have product tabs, then we offer a short code to place in your template. We can support you with this.

Questions Feed

Once logged into the app, you will find a clear and comprehensive feed of all customers question submissions. Here you can answer appropriate questions and choose to display them on the questions tab.

Unlimited Users

You can add unlimited users to the app, therefore multiple employees are able to answer and publish customer questions. This is beneficial if you have staff with particular product knowledge.

Full Customisation

You can fully edit the appearance of the Product Questions tab to compliment your store. Once logged into the app, you can alter the color of the Questions button, the color of the text, and the title of the tab.

Email Notifications

When a customer submits a question, staff will receive an email notification. When a staff member then answers the question and posts it on the Product Questions tab, the customer who submitted the original question will receive an email notification. Answering customer questions will improve conversion rates.

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.99/mo.


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