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About the app

Add a promotional image to your to your category page sidebar or within product listings, showcasing a CTA of your design. This is a great way to improve your site's UX and draw customers' attention to important promotions, actions, or sitepaths. The images are "clickable" and can direct users to a different page of your site.

This add-on gives you the option to use just one graphic or several, which will automatically swap out on page load. You configure and manage the graphics on your end, meaning you don't have to rely on a developer to make changes to the code. Keep it "in house" and change your promotional sidebar as you see fit!


  • Showcase featured products, categories, or other promotions
  • Add a CTA to sidebar of your category pages


  • Creates configurable side banner on website
  • Can display one graphic or randomly switch between several
  • Uses graphics you upload
  • Can be easily switched out by merchant -- don't need to use a developer


  • Quick Installation (5-7 Business Days)
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile-Friendly
  • Works on ALL BigCommerce Stencil Themes
  • Added by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

Have questions or need something similar? Contact Us: IntuitSolutions.net | 866.843.4650

App Features

Add Side Image To Categories

Add visual interest to your site and draw attention to important promotions or necessary actions with a promotional banner on the side of your category pages.

Upload Your Own Graphics

No need to hard code! This add-on lets you upload images as needed, meaning you don't have to pay a developer to switch them out.

Change CTA Image On Reload

You can display a single image in your left-hand column CTA or switch between several images as different pages load.

Direct Users To A Different Page

These banners aren't just decorative. They're clickable and interactive, allowing you to direct customers to a different page of your site.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $995


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