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rBux Referral Marketing Platform | Refer. Reward. Redeem.

The Referral Commerce Platform™ provides a social platform for consumers to refer products and earn rewards. We provide businesses with a cloud-based, patent-pending referral tracking system to manage their e-commerce marketing.

Why rBux will work for you:

We provide the infrastructure that allows you to reward your customers for driving sales. Your customers are your best resource, and rBux wants to help you give back to them for spreading the word about your products!

rBux empowers your customers to act as marketers by giving them the ability to:

  1. Choose a product from your e-commerce store
  2. Refer the product by using a customizable Refer button right on your site
  3. Share the referral to their favourite social media
  4. Earn a referral reward when a sale is made

Customize according to your preferences

The rBux app allows you to put a customized referral button right on your product page. Also, you can choose which of your products are available to be referred.

The rBux Platform is a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that allows you to capture the benefits of word of mouth marketing.

Customers earn rBux for successful referrals that lead to sale and can redeem rBux online or take them out as cash. The rBux platform enhances customer loyalty, increases your brands presence on social media, and gives you access to an entire network of rBux members.

Learn more at www.rbux.com

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