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About the app

At Syndigo, we believe in driving real-time value with information that is connected throughout the commerce ecosystem. For products to flow freely and continuously, an integrated, comprehensive engine is needed. Syndigo is that Active Content Engine.

From MDM and PIM capabilities to product content creation, global syndication, and digital shelf analytics, we enable control and consistency for data governance. With the largest global two-sided network, we power the continual flow of all types of content and data between brands, distributors, retailers, and their customers.

Syndigo's PIM helps retailers and brands to Plan, Source, Enrich, Govern and Contextualize product content, allowing them to create experiences out of their data. And it can be achieved in a matter of weeks, delivering industry-best time to value. With the Syndigo App, the syndication of data and digital assets from Syndigo PIM to BigCommerce is seamless, intuitive and automated, adding to a rapid ROI to our joint clients. This connector app handles syndication of product attributes, product to product relationships (like cross-sell, up-sell, etc.) plus Digital Assets (like images, videos, etc.) linked to the products.

App Features

Quick and Easy Deployment

Plug and play app for connecting Riversand PIM and BigCommerce storefront taking away the need for any lengthy and cumbersome custom integrations

Automation & Intelligence

Enables the last-mile syndication of data. All that the business users need to do is create & maintain content. The transformation of content to BigCommerce format and syndication to the channel is completely automated within this app

Unified Platform

The app also brings the listing and validation messages back from the BigCommerce storefront to the same Riversand PIM User interface, providing relevant insights to the business user. These insights help users make timely adjustments to their content and maintaining the quickest time to market for their products.

Increase consistency with Real time exchange

This connector app handles syndication of attributes, relationships as well as digital assets at scale and is published out to the channel in near-real-time.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Any changes to the data requirements or format at the BigCommerce end would be automatically reflected in the connector app, keeping it up-to-date at all times.

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