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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $29.00/mo.

About the app

Scalify is a simple, complete, fully-automated advertising software that helps you create, analyze, optimize and scale your Facebook and Instagram ads profitably whether you're just getting started, working with a team, or leading a scaling business to explosive growth.

App Features

Automate your campaign creation: The Launchpad.

A robust campaign creation hub that allows you to create prospecting, retargeting, dynamic retargeting, retention, and scaling ad campaigns faster, with built-in automated A/B testing that allows you to split test your ads, audiences, and ad sets easily.

Tag your campaigns with Google Analytics UTM tags with 1-click, launch personalized ads without compromising your time, and scale your business with exclusive custom and lookalike audience templates that are proven to perform the best.

Turn numbers into actions: The Dashboard.

Aggregating data from Facebook, Google Analytics, and your e-commerce store to provide you with insights beyond what the Facebook Pixel tracks.

Using a clear drag-and-drop interface, Widgets, and Template Views, the Dashboard displays:

  • Your campaigns' performance
  • The actions your prospects take on your website
  • A breakdown of your revenue, cost, and net profit.

Allowing you to understand your performance better, take advantage of trends, and make data-driven decisions that evolve your business.

Put your ad optimization on autopilot, with the Autopilot.

Spend your budget on your best-performing ads with Strategies that check your campaigns around the clock — every 15 minutes — making sure not a single penny goes to waste.

Choose from proven, pre-built Strategies that require one click to activate, or create your own easily with your own conditions using the intuitive Autopilot Builder.

Your products, landing pages, and assets organized in one place: Offers

A small step that eliminates frustration from your workday: Saying goodbye to copy-pasting product IDs and URLs or jumping from one tab to another.

Increase your performance without exhausting your efforts: Productive Collaboration

Whether you're a one-person band, a dream-team, or a full-blown agency you can use one Scalify plan to work on multiple websites, collaborate with your colleagues, manage their permissions, and accomplish more tasks in less time.

Meet deadlines, automate time-consuming tasks, put your clients' optimization on Autopilot, and have more time to focus on creating solid strategies and produce the next timeless creative.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $29.00/mo.


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