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  • Recurring Fee: $39.00/mo.

About the app

Inventory Management for your business

  • Real time multi channel inventory sync across all stores on BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay and Etsy
  • Automatic inventory update of your bundles, kits and their components
  • Update inventory of multiple listings or products on your store through a single product in Sumtracker
  • Create and manage Purchase orders. Receive stock partially.
  • Know how much stock is unfulfilled and incoming for each SKU
  • Low stock alerts
  • Quickly change inventory levels
  • Sales and Inventory Reporting
  • API Access for automation
  • Multi location support
  • Inventory sync by SKU

Inventory for bundles and kits

  • Automatically calculate stock of bundles based on stock of its components
  • Components stock automatically gets reduced when a bundle is sold
  • Combine multiple products or make smaller packages from bulk quantity.

For example, you can make a bundle of 3 t-shirts. Or make 100g & 10g jars of coffee beans from 5 kg of coffee beans.


  • Sales: Know sales of all products and components of bundles
  • Purchase: Get detailed purchase logs, and aggregated reports by product and supplier
  • Stock: Detailed inventory log, Inventory snapshot of any back date and Stock valuation
  • Low Stock report

Sumtracker is Fast to setup and easy to use - Start inventory management in less than 10 minutes

When I install Sumtracker, does it start updating my store instantly?

Sumtracker does not alter anything on your store on installing the app. After installation, you can choose when to start the inventory sync from Sumtracker to your store.

How does Sumtracker manage kits and bundles inventory?

You have to define the composition of the bundle in Sumtracker. Inventory for bundles is auto calculated from its component products. When you receive an order, inventory of components is automatically reduced. The updated bundles stock is updated on store.

Which channels are integrated with Sumtracker?

Sumtracker is integrated with BigCommerce, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. More channels can be integrated on request.

Does Sumtracker work with multiple BigCommerce stores?

Yes, you can connect as many stores as your plan supports. You will only be billed through one BigCommerce store.

Will my Big Commerce store products be synced automatically?

Sumtracker automatically syncs all products and their variants from your store.

What support do you provide?

We have a dedicated support team for onboarding merchants to Sumtracker

We give unlimited video, phone and email support to our clients

Have more questions?

If you have more questions, you can get in touch with us through our website.

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App Features

Multichannel Inventory Sync
  • Auto sync inventory across all online stores
  • All listings having the same SKU are updated with same inventory
  • Inventory for refunds and cancellations automatically handled
Bundles and Kits
  • Auto-update inventory of bundles based on their components stock
  • Create as many bundles as you want having common components
  • Sales reporting for bundle components
Purchase Orders
  • Manage POs with Draft, Incoming and Closed Status
  • Receive stock partially against POs
  • Know incoming stock
  • Get email notifications when POs are due
Inventory Reporting
  • Get a detailed log of all inventory movements for each product.
  • Know the component sales that were sold through bundles
  • Extensive sales and purchase reports for all stores
Multiple Stock Locations Supported
  • We support multiple locations. You can manage your stock across different locations.

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $39.00/mo.


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