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About the app

About Thrive Commerce: Intelligent Digital Promotions

Manage your digital promotions to increase website traffic, conversion and revenue. With Thrive's Smart Bar, Smart Pages & Smart Button products, you can leverage the power of every type of online and in-store promotion to improve the shopping experience and make more money.

We solve complex problems such as:

  1. Lost revenue from shoppers who abandon your site to find coupons & promos
  2. Unnecessary marketing/affiliate expenses
  3. Lack of control & visibility of promotions & performance
  4. Ineffective use of promotions to acquire & retain shoppers
  5. Omni-channel attribution of in-store transactions to digital experiences

Account and Pricing

To use Thrive Promotions, you will need a Thrive Commerce Account. For custom pricing, please contact sales@thrivecommerce.com to book a demo.

Thrive's Intelligent Promotions Solution consists of:

Smart Bar
  • Carousel of omni-channel shopper personalized promotions served throughout your website experience
  • Optimized to improve shopper engagement, conversion, average order value and revenue per visitor
Smart Pages
  • SEO-optimized on-site coupons & promotions
  • Drive incremental organic search traffic from shoppers searching for your brand's coupons and promo codes
  • User experience proven to convert shoppers 4x sitewide average
Smart Button
  • Strategically place deals inside of shopping cart to reduce cart abandonment
  • Cross-sell and upsell with additional products, spending threshold offers or sign up incentives
Personalized Promotions
  • Personalize your promotions based on individual shopper behavior
  • Showcase the most relevant offers to each shopper based on real-time behavior
  • Designed to maximize revenue per session & visitor

App Features

Increase Conversion & Revenue

Surprise & delight your shoppers with relevant digital promotions to increase shopper engagement, conversion & revenue.

Digital Promotion Management

Centralize, control and personalize your digital promotions. Deliver the right promotion to the right customer at the right time.

Enhance Brand Control & Profit

Create a better shopper experience by increasing brand control and margins for your digital promotions.

Case Studies

NLC Products Increases Revenue per User with Personalized Promotions

NLC Products set a corporate goal of increasing shopper monetization and launched Thrive's Smart Bar to increase revenue per user.

Advance Auto Parts Increases Revenue with Targeted Sitewide, Loyalty and Rebate Promotions

In response to a major corporate initiative to increase eComm conversion and revenue, Advance Auto enjoys success with targeted promotions.

Thrive Helps Improve Revenue per User for Uniform City

Uniform City, a global leader in the uniforms industry, wanted to offer more targeted promotions in order to increase conversion and revenue. See how Uniform City improved its promotional control, efficiency and effectiveness.

Thrive Improves SEO Traffic and Revenue per Session for eBags

eBags, a global leader in the travel goods industry, observed that its largest category of branded keyword searches included coupons, promotions and discounts which were largely dominated by costly 3rd party affiliates. See how eBags improved its website traffic and revenue per session.

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