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E-Commerce Marketing Automation & Omnichannel Personalization for Your Brand

Hundreds of e-commerce brands pop-up everyday. They compete online to discover, acquire and retain more customers. Amidst this fierce competition, your e-tail business must stand out in terms of personalization and customer experience to ensure sustained growth.

Wigzo's AI-based marketing automation and e-commerce intelligence allow you to do just that within a single dashboard.

How does Wigzo work?

Wigzo allows marketers to discover, engage, convert, analyze and retain the most profitable e-commerce customers.

You can automate and align marketing communication over Email, SMS, Push Notifications, WhatsApp, On-site and social channels for a 360-degree personalized experience.

When to use Wigzo for e-commerce business?

Wigzo is essentially an 'all-in-one' growth solution for e-commerce brands. Some of its real-world use cases include;

  • Building first-party customer database
  • Creating smart customer segments for hyper-personalized communication
  • Reducing high customer churn-rate
  • Combating cart abandonment & recovering lost sales
  • Pushing more sales via digital channels
  • Nudging and fast-tracking website users in their conversion journey
  • Sending mass broadcasts (Via SMS, Email & WhatsApp)
  • Minimizing user bounce rate via exit intent
  • Managing entire CRM with advanced analytics over a single dashboard

App Features

Omnichannel Marketing Personalization & Engagement

Personalize and automate critical email campaigns, SMS campaigns, WhatsApp communication, Push notifications, and on-site pop-up banners with Wigzo.

E-Commerce Intelligence Engine
Analyze all your e-commerce customers data within a single dashboard. Keep track of conversion funnels, context and customer activity in real-time.
Smart Segments for Hyper-Personalized Customer Experience

Create customer segments based on geolocation, demographics, psychographics, products purchased, cart value and purchase frequency. Communicate personally to every segment and grow engagements.

Visual Automation Flow Builder
Create customer user automation flows and optimize every user journey with the state-of-art drag and drop builder.
SMS Magic Link & Broadcasts

Create SMS Magic links and place them on your digital channels. As soon as the users click them, they are greeted with a pre-filled SMS screen. They can then subscribe to your brand by sending that message.

You can also generate a scannable QR code for your Magic links and place them on visual touchpoints like in-store banners, product packaging, website and so on. The users can scan them and subscribe to your brand.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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