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Introducing the 2019 BigCommerce Partner Award Winners

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The BigCommerce Partner-First value has never felt more known throughout the ecommerce industry. 

As our network of experts and advocates continued to grow throughout the past year, we truly built our product roadmap with the success of our partners in mind. 

In turn, their response was to completely change the game. 2019 saw a swell of partner innovation — which made determining the 2019 Partner Award winners even more difficult. There simply were too many amazing teams to choose from. 

After careful deliberation across the BigCommerce executive team, we took the opportunity to announce the winners at our most recent Partner Summit in Austin, Texas in October. 

Below you’ll find a list of our esteemed winners, their awards, and an explanation of their achievements. 

On behalf of the BigCommerce community, congratulations to all the winners!

BigCommerce 2019 Agency Awards

Given to members of our agency partner community, the 2019 Agency Awards highlight the most successful and forward-thinking partner projects, co-selling, and marketing initiatives. 

B2B Excellence Award

Given to the partner who consistently utilizes modern solutions to solve complex B2B merchant challenges. 

Silk Software

Silk Software presented a professional and expert eCommerce solution that was not only stable but had a reliable maintenance and support model. Our company brand, product promotion, and orders are constantly improving and growing.” –Pricerite

High Growth Award

Given to the partner who has demonstrated the ability to help grow the ecommerce revenue of enterprise businesses.

TA Digital

Creative Problem Solving Award

Given to the partner who pushes the boundaries of the platform, provides leadership on roadmap direction, and redefines what we mean by “Open SaaS”.


“Working with RANDEM has been the catalyst behind a major transition in my business and we have a great future ahead of us.” –Mega Office Supplies

Marketing Solutions Award

Given to the partner who most greatly impacted our merchants’ customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Logical Position

“I’ve used other companies for online marketing in the past but none of them have been like Logical Position. The leads are always consistent, their pricing model is transparent and fair and I know exactly where my money is going. The customer service is great too — second to none!”

Last night we won the Marketing Solutions Award at the 2019 #BCPartner Awards. We love helping our ecommerce clients grow their businesses, so this recognition means a lot to us. Thanks @BigCommPartners! ????????

— Logical Position (@logicalposition) October 24, 2019

Headless Award

Given to the partner who consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences through the blending of content and commerce.


Blending commerce and content through unique platform integrations, JOMA Tech knows how to deliver exceptional merchant experiences.

Best Partner Marketing Award

Given to the partner who collaborates diligently with the BigCommerce marketing team in order to deliver valuable content and exciting experiences to our customers and prospects. 


For our last interview, we asked Evan Perkins questions about his role as a Sales Enterprise Account Executive over at @BigCommerce.

‘What is the best part of your job, the part that makes you come back to the office the next day?’

— DigitlHaus Agency (@digitlhaus) September 13, 2019

Collaborative Excellence Award

Given to the partner whose demonstrated expertise on BigCommerce has led to the highest new business close rate.

Matter Design & Digital

_“The decision to hire Matter Design was so easy. They researched our business and industry in a way that other agencies we interviewed did not. They also illustrated how intuitively they could understand our customers and community.” –_Firewire Surfboards

International Partner of the Year

Moustache Republic

Partner of the Year


“Since day one with EY all they’ve preached about is, “How are you going to scale your business? What are your sales now? What do you want them to be in 3 years? Where do you want to be in 5 years? How are we going to get there? In a 5 year period, our sales have TRIPLED.”DLT Trading

EYStudios is proud to announce that we have been named the 2019 @BigCommerce Partner of the Year!

This is a huge honor for our entire team. For more info, check out our official announcement: #partnerships #saas #eCommerce #agencylife

— EYStudios (@EYStudios) October 24, 2019

New Partner of the Year


BigCommerce 2019 Tech Partner Awards

Given to members of our technology partner community, the 2019 Tech Partner Awards highlight outstanding integrations that help our BigCommerce customers grow their business.

Best New Integration Award


Marsello, a newer marketplace app, was chosen for providing a unique combination of loyalty programs and marketing automation geared towards BigCommerce’s SMB sellers. The integration has seen wide adoption in just a short time on the platform.

We’re proud to announce that Marsello was declared the @BigCommerce Bigcommerce Partner Award winner for the Best New Integration category. It’s been an exciting year for us and we can wait to keep delivering and improving going forward.

— Marsello (@MarselloApp) November 6, 2019

Best B2B Solution Award


PunchOut2Go supports our B2B merchants with key functionalities they need to run their unique businesses, including shortening sales cycles, improving customer retention metrics, and eliminating manual data entry.

Thanks @BigCommerce for choosing PunchOut2Go as the Best #B2B Solution! We’re thrilled to be technology partners helping merchants drive business through #eProcurement leveraging #BigCommerce #eCommerce technology.

— PunchOut2Go (@PunchOut2Go) October 30, 2019

Best International Solution Award


International sellers have unique business needs, and they’re in great hands with Signifyd. They provide country-specific fraud coverage, supporting cross-border transactions for merchants without requiring specific local fraud domain knowledge or data sets.

Innovative Integration Award


Klaviyo has leaned into our partnership in a huge way, overhauling their integration using BigCommerce APIs and webhooks. Their updates make email marketing even simpler, including features like automated follow-up on cart or browsing behaviors and back-in-stock automation.

See why @BigCommerce chose to honor Klaviyo with its 2019 Innovation Integration award.

— Klaviyo (@klaviyo) November 6, 2019

API Power User Award


Shogun allows BigCommerce users to design and publish custom landing pages. Our deep integration allows merchants to pull in information like product data to create impressive landing pages easily.

Partner of the Year


Rewind and BigCommerce are a winning combination that adds up to a wonderful partnership. Rewind’s positive customer reviews, world-class support, and highly collaborative team add up to a partnership BigCommerce is proud of.

Merchants’ Choice Award was selected for outstanding customer support and incredible reviews in our BigCommerce app marketplace, with an average 4.5 star rating and upwards of 400 total reviews.

Best User Experience Award


Easyship was selected for this award for a user interface that provides ease of use from the start. The integration features a prompted onboarding flow, a dashboard to track a merchant’s setup progress, and excellent tools to help manage and report on shipments.

Easyship has been recognized as the Best User Experience App of 2019 ????, by BigCommerce.Simplifying the complexities of #logistics has always been core to our innovation, and being the chosen partner advancing how merchants sell online has been humbling and exciting

— Easyship (@goeasyship) October 21, 2019

Think Big Award


Acumatica has become a true business partner to BigCommerce, delivering innovative solutions to complex merchant challenges, while focusing on new business and Go-To-Market activity alongside the partner marketing team.

Best Partner Marketing Award


Bloomreach has displayed incredible acumen in delivering content and joint go-to-market planning for the retail industry in partnership with the BigCommerce marketing organization. By triangulating efforts across sales and partner orgs, Bloomreach has collaboratively delivered interest amongst a broad number of target prospects about our integration.

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