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Gaining new customers to your store is a challenge for any online store owner. But after they’ve visited your site, how do you get them to return and buy? The key is attracting potential customers to join your mailing list or increasing followers on social media so you can create a strong connection and maintain constant contact with them—but how do you get them to do that? The answer is: bribery. Of course it doesn’t have to be that blatant, and it’s still very effective. Here are a three ways that you can try building up your network in order to gain new leads

Create a daily deal email digest

People love sales. You can spice them up with daily deals. Because your customers will be eager to see the new deal of the day, they will be returning to your site on a regular basis.

You can use these daily deals as your bribe for getting people to join a mailing list by creating a daily deal email digest. The advantage to the customer is that they don’t need to remember to check your site each day. All they need to do is take a look at their email. The advantage to you, quite clearly, is that these people will be getting all of your deals every day, so they are far more likely to become regular customers.

The leads you gain from this should, for the most part, be quality leads, because someone who is not interested in your products would not sign up to receive daily or even weekly emails about your sales.

Major sites like Amazon use this technique to generate new leads. Notice how Amazon gives a bunch of different options, this way the customer can choose the one that best fits their preferences.


Run contests

Everyone likes a good contest. They help your store get leads, and in return, the customers get something for free.

There are two important pieces to running a successful contest. First, you have to have a prize that is relevant and valuable to your target customer. The more valuable the prize, the more likely people will enter and share their excitement on their social networks.

Second, you have to make entry into the competition conditional on leaving an email address, joining you on a social network, or publicizing your competition. This helps you get that valuable contact information you need to for you email and social media marketing campaigns.

One great example of this is a competition run by AppSumo. AppSumo created a sweepstakes with the prize being a free lifetime DropBox Pro account. This prize was very very relevant to AppSumo’s target customer, and sure enough, they gathered in 200,000 new email leads from the competition!




Offer a special promotion with a pop up

Sometimes people need a little extra nudge before they decide to buy. Help drive them to purchase and get their contact information with a simple popup as they enter your site. In exchange for a discount coupon code or special deal, a customer leaves their email address or joins your social network.  If you want to catch your potential customers as they are entering your site, then a pop up is definitely the way to go. Again, the key is offering something that will be of value to your target customers. Without that, it’s just an annoying popup.

Some methods may work better for you than others, so you should test them out and see what helps you to generate, not just the most, but the best leads. Because remember, 100 quality leads are better than 10,000 unqualified leads. Lucky for you, StoreYa’s  Coupon Pop has been released on the Bigcommerce store. Try it out and put these tips into action this weekend.


Photo by brenneval used under Creative Commons.

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  • Hippie Butter

    We love JustUno at Hippie Butter. They have great customer support. Never tried Coupon Pop.

  • Happy to contribute, thanks! We recently released holiday themed Coupon Pop designs to help with your holiday marketing efforts!

  • Yup, JustUno and Coupon Pop will both work for BC stores, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Vinny

    JustUno offers the same thing…most people have JustUno

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