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5 ways to use Rich Pins and Pinterest to increase your store’s engagement

Chris Apollo Lynn / 1 min read

This week, Bigcommerce announced Pinterest Rich Pins integration. It makes it simple for customers to see information like real-time pricing, inventory availability and a “Buy this” link to their product images. It also sends an email to the Pinterest user when the price of a product they’ve pinned goes down. Of course, these are all great reasons to incorporate Rich Pins into Product Pages–but did you know that Rich Pins can go beyond the Product Page to increase engagement and sharability with your customers? Currently there are five types of Rich Pins that allow you to include more detailed information inside Pinterest:

Product Pins

Shares real-time pricing, availability and information on where to purchase. They even notify shoppers when the price drops on their favorite items. Obviously this is the perfect fit for ecommerce, and now you can quickly enable them for your Bigcommerce store.

Article Pins

Features the headline, author, feature image and story description. If your store generates press coverage, gets bloggers reviews or has an blog, this is an engaging way to share that content with additional context.

Place Pins

Includes an interactive map, address and phone number. This is a great fit if you have a brick-and-mortar location, but it can also help with your event or product marketing. For example, if you have an artisanal jewelry store, you could showcase the places where your pieces are made or promote a craft fair where you’ll have a booth.

Recipe Pins

Features ingredients, cooking times, dietary filters and more. These are an ideal way to interact with customers if you sell cookware and kitchen appliances, plus health, fitness, decor and lifestyle products.

Movie Pins

Shares ratings, cast members and other reviews when images shared from Netflix, Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. While this may seem like a niche pin, it’s perfect for stores selling movie paraphernalia or pop culture merchandise. Ready to ramp up your social media marketing with Rich Pins? For more in-depth Pinterest tips and success stories, download our FREE guide Selling With Pinterest Guide.


Chris Apollo Lynn

Chris Apollo Lynn

By day, Chris Apollo Lynn is a Content Marketer at Bigcommerce. By night, he runs Republic of Austin, an award-winning blog on life, music, and people in Austin, Texas. Prior to joining Bigcommerce, Chris worked at Razorfish, building e-commerce platforms for Fortune 100 companies. He also loves urban farming, cycling, and snow peas.

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5 comments on “5 ways to use Rich Pins and Pinterest to increase your store’s engagement

  1. Gene Constant on

    Hi Julie. Thank you for your reply. There has not been any change resulting from the pins as of this morning. I have gone to a news article and was successful in starting a news article board. Thank you.

  2. Julie Neumann
    Julie Neumann on

    That’s impressive Gene! Have you seen any positive impact on referrals or conversions since you set up Product Pins? As for Product and Article Pins, implementation would depend on where you are pinning from – I’ll check to see if there is a different process than the Product Pins, but I believe that if you’re using an eligible BC theme and the right metadata is on the page, it should work.

  3. Julie Neumann
    Julie Neumann on

    According to Pinterest’s help site it could take “a few weeks” to get approved, so it sounds like it is indeed normal. But I’ll check with our product team to see if they have any additional details.

  4. jen on

    How long does it take to get rich pins approved? I applied about three weeks ago for my store, and I haven’t heard back. Is it normal to take this long?

  5. Gene Constant on

    I am very pleased to receive this blog post and started a business page yesterday. I am looking forward to a follow up article that shows a newbie like me just how to implement place and article pins. I have 17 boards and 372 product pins and would like to use the other types of pins. Many thanks!

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