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We all know that the one downside of e-commerce is not being able to actually touch and feel a product before we make the purchase. Once we get the product in the mail, it may not be exactly what we were looking for or it may not fit correctly. Creating videos that show your product in action and highlight the features allows you to really sell your product to your audience. Furthermore, it may help reduce your return rate!

Types of product videos

A product video can show the quality of a product and provide all the details that could have easily been overlooked when reading a description. You can even show the process of how the product is made. There are limitless possibilities of what you can do when your product videos. A great example of a site that uses product videos to showcase the quality and features of their products is

Featuring user-generated video reviews is a great way to show the quality of your products. There’s no better way to sell a product to your potential customers than letting them see someone who purchased the product talk about it. You can easily get customer reviews by offering discounts to people who have already purchased your products and asking them to do a short review.

Another option is to use photos to create a video. Treepodia is a company that takes your product photos and creates a short video using product details that you provide. Treepodia allows you to create multiple versions of the same video, and run automatic A/B testing to see which one converts better.

The benefits of using product videos are clear

  • Using video demos on product pages increased Zappos’ sales by up to 30%.
  • Shoppers who viewed video on Stacks and Stacks product pages were 144% more likely to add to cart than other shoppers.
  • On, the conversion rate for shoppers viewing video on product pages increased by 400%, while return rates dropped from 12% to 9%.
  • improved their conversion rate by 44% for product pages by adding videos.
  • Videos on the product pages increased conversion rates by 25%, as well as leading to a reduction in the number of returns.

A few tips to create an excellent product video

You don’t have to be a professional to create a great product video. There are many things you can do to make a quality video that will help increase conversion.

  • First and foremost, make sure the video is short and fun. Stats have proven that people tend to stop watching a video after two minutes, so make sure that they see everything they need to see in the first two minutes.
  • Have good lighting! This can easily be achieved by shooting outside on a cloudy day, or in a room with a lot of windows to take advantage of natural light. You don’t want there to be any harsh shadows on your face. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that explain how to properly light a video.
  • Clear audio: Being able to hear you clearly is very important. Make sure that you aren’t running a dishwasher or the laundry at the same time you are recording a video. Make sure the dogs are outside and the TV is off. Having a good mic is really important, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get one. Here’s a guide to best kinds of microphones for shooting video.
  • You don’t have to have a pro camera to get good footage. Using a regular point-and-shoot camera should be sufficient, given that you have plenty of light. A webcam could even work well if you have a lot of light. A friend with a DSLR camera that knows how to shoot video is always good to have, though!
  • Planning is very important. Make notes so you don’t forget the key items you want to talk about/display. You don’t want to just get in front of a camera and wing it — you’re always better off investing a little time up front to plan.
  • Practice makes perfect. Record and then review. What could have been done better? Reshoot. Try this maybe 4 or 5 times to get it perfect!
  • Editing: the final step in the creation process. You don’t need pro software — Windows Movie Maker or iMovie on a Mac work perfectly. Keeping the good footage and cutting the bad is easy. Just remember to keep it short! Add some music to help capture attention in the first 20 seconds, and you’re golden.
  • Don’t overdo it. The video should be all about showing off the product. If you can accomplish that, you’re going to help your conversion. No need to treat it like a major motion picture.
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