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You don’t have to be Google to pull off an awesome online April Fools’ prank. Here are some of the best tricks we saw from Bigcommerce clients and partners today. Enjoy the 2014 e-commerce tomfoolery!

Uberpong Launches Underground Ping Pong Club 


Uberpong are proud to announce the launch of their own ping pong social club. SPüN had its secret launch at its Lower East Side Manhattan venue over the weekend. Set in a disused subway below the streets of New York City, SPüN is the world’s first subterranean table tennis venue. Bill Murray, Mr. T and Quentin Tarantino  were among dozens of celebrities who turned up for the debaucherous night and left with their own custom ping pong paddles by Uberpong. The venue has 10 of the coolest ping pong tables you will ever see including one that hovers in the air, one that is constructed from 3,000 ping pong balls and even one that is invisible! That’s right. Invisible! The centerpiece has been created in a partnership with magician David Blaine and the US military.”

Hint: Read the blog post and click the link for photos of the new club to find an April Fools’ treat.

ManCrates Foosball Ammo Can

mancrates april fools

“We’ve done it. We’ve distilled the planet’s most beloved table-top soccer simulation down into a portable, indestructible, arena of furious one-handed competition. The Foosball Ammo Can hosts the cruelest mano a mano bloodsport witnessed since Roman times, housed in a standard, .30 caliber ammo container. At this scale, foosball is faster than a Bruce Lee / E. Honda slap fight, more personal than a Top Gun locker room confrontation, and more cerebral than 3D mind-chess against a vulcan cabal. This is competition’s final form.”

ManCrates produces such uniquely awesome products, so this one almost stumped us, until we tried to add it to our shopping cart.

Yeti Casket #BuryMeInMyYeti

yeti april fools

“The Yeti Casket is the Yeti that serious outdoorsmen are dying to own. What better way to send off the hunter or fisherman in your life!” “We’ve included six DoubleHaul handles on all sides of the casket for easy porting, in addition to hard plastic sliding feet for easy entry and exit into the bed of your truck. For the interior, we’ve added a soft bed of the highest grade satin camouflage material. Might as well go out in style.”

This awesomely deadpan Yeti Casket product took their prank to the next level.

SumAll Integrates With Netflix

sumall april fools

“Have you ever wanted to know how many hours you’ve spent binge watching quality TV shows like Breaking Amish, Long Island Medium, and Cake Boss? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably happier being blissfully unaware of your Netflix viewing habits – I prefer not to know how short of a time it took me to watch all eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother. But for those of you who are unapologetic about how much Netflix you watch, go ahead and connect your account with SumAll.”

ShipWorks Rebrands As Ship-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

shipworks april fools

ShipWorks today announced that it has re-branded the company and adopted Ship-A-Dee-Doo-Dah as its new global brand name. It has also unveiled a new logo, an iconic blue box, that is representative of the wonderful day Ship-A-Dee-Doo-Dah customers have when using the company’s shipping software.”

Our Sydney team pulled of an April Fools’ of their own with Popcommerce, online pop-up shops that will self destruct 14 days after they launch. Did you see any other great e-commerce pranks today? Share them in the comments below.

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