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Bigcommerce and Partner to Simplify Product Sourcing

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Unless you make your own products, sourcing quality merchandise for your online store can often be difficult. Today, Bigcommerce is happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with, the largest online sourcing platform in the world, to give you access to 30,000 products from 300 highly trusted wholesalers — all right from your control panel.

The new Wholesale app is perfect for merchants who are starting out and don’t have any products yet. It’s also great for established retailers looking to test new products as part of a diversification strategy, or who just want to find a reliable source of products at a lower cost.

To get started, just install the Wholesale app in your control panel. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to source and sell with Bigcommerce and

Have questions or still concerned about working with for your business? No problem. The Bigcommerce and partnership solves for many of merchants’ biggest concerns when it comes to sourcing from China: security, shipping and satisfaction.

Authenticated and Verified Suppliers

The Wholesale app in the Bigcommerce store features only merchandise from Alibaba Gold Suppliers, meaning you don’t have to do the dirty work of figuring out if a supplier and their products will meet your standards. We’ve done that for you.

Bigcommerce merchants using the Wholesale app have access to only top-rated suppliers on This means that these suppliers are 1) Alibaba Gold Suppliers and 2) have a consistent track-record and history of supplying high-quality products at a low price point. They also have a track-record of consistently shipping and delivering these products within a short period of time.

Full Control Over Shipping

For many merchants, attempting to figure out how to get merchandise from port to their place of business is difficult and includes concerns over customs clearance, import duties and taxes. To address this concern, the Bigcommerce and partnership allows suppliers to ship products and merchandise directly to a merchant’s home or inventory center. There are no hidden costs nor concerns over port issues.

Satisfaction Protection allows for escrow payments, which means that your payment is held in escrow (i.e. does not go to the seller) until you report back that you have received the products and they are to the quality and quantity expected. On, this payment option often saves retailers from fraudulent parties and gives merchants the power to actually see and feel the product before they pay, solving for quality control issues despite your supplier preferences.

Because of the high rate of satisfaction with the escrow payment option on, the Bigcommerce and partnership uses only this option –– meaning that you’ll never pay for merchandise that doesn’t meet your quality expectations.

How We’re Protecting You

To ensure that only the best performing suppliers are made available to Bigcommerce merchants, we had to be selective in who we initially brought on board. This means that today we are launching this initiative with five product categories –– but more will soon be available as Alibaba and Bigcommerce learn which products perform best.

The five categories we’re launching with include:

  • Apparel
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Consumer electronics
  • Timepieces, jewelry, eyewear

In all, if you are a merchant looking to lower your cost of goods served and increase your profit margin in a reliable and secure fashion, or if you are a merchant looking for products to sell online, then the partnership opens the doors for you to start and scale your online business successfully.

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  • any demo running this addon?

  • Alethea27

    I am launching a tea business, but I don’t see a category for that so will this benefit me?

  • Wendy Gomersall

    Looks like a great new initiative. I look forward to checking it out.

    Another category that would be great would be packaging. For example we need to source boxes for our silk ties.

  • Hey! So, offers a few different membership to start selling to their buyer audience. You can view those here:

    Hope that helps!

  • buyartwholesale

    I sell wholesale, How would i be able to list my web site company on Alibaba as a supplier? We wholesale Fine Art Prints & Posters

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