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With ecommerce sales expected to reach more than $1.6 trillion worldwide this year, it’s becoming increasingly costly for brick-and-mortar retailers to ignore selling online. For many merchants, however, managing multiple sales channels can be challenging — no matter how big the potential reward.

Until now, that is.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new integration with Square that provides merchants with a simple, seamless way to expand their businesses online.

“Ecommerce has fundamentally changed the ways in which retailers reach and attract customers. Through this integration, we’re making it easier than ever for merchants to grow their brand and revenue without the burden of introducing additional complexity to their businesses,” said Eddie Machaalani, Bigcommerce co-founder and CEO.

Omnichannel merchants using both Bigcommerce and Square can now sell to customers across channels and get the benefit of processing payments through a single source. Even better, merchants will be able to see Square payments — both those accepted in person and those taken through a Bigcommerce store — all in one place.

What Bigcommerce and Square have built will immediately improve my day-to-day business processes, freeing time that was spent on reporting and technology to instead focus on growing sales and serving our customers.

“Trying to separately manage both an online and physical retail store can feel like running two different businesses,” said Terry Carter, CEO of Travertine Spa. “What Bigcommerce and Square have built will immediately improve my day-to-day business processes, freeing time that was spent on reporting and technology to instead focus on growing sales and serving our customers.”

Square is now available as a payment method for U.S. and Canadian merchants in the Bigcommerce control panel under Setup & Tools > Payments.

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  • Melissa Campbell

    I would like to do payments with my customers at my studio and at special events with Big Commerce.

  • Samantha Strom

    Hi Michael- Any word on when you’ll be having subscription/recurring billing available? We really want to come back to your site! Thanks so much

  • Yes all Bigcommerce orders will show up in the Square Dashboard under Sales > Transactions. Any transaction that is processed in Bigcommerce will show up in the report with a label “Bigcommerce: #”, where the matches the Order ID in the Bigcommerce system.

  • You can actually have multiple payment methods, so Payleap will remain as an option unless you choose to disable it.

  • Hi Michael,

    I am curious how reporting works with integrating square. Will my Big Commerce sales show up in my Square sales reports? If so, how will those sales show up? I am curious about this from a tax reporting stand point.


  • Tai Kahn

    lol, so we have to use THEIR dashboard to see the sales. Pffffff. I think this was meant to work the other way around. smh.

  • EnvisionThis…

    So the only benefit would be to have in person and online payments go
    through a single source? I was hoping for actual integration of products
    and inventory by having the products automatically imported and updated
    on square or being able to sell and take payments through the mobile
    app. Guess I’ll stick to Phone Swipe unless I’m misunderstanding the hype about this.

  • I have a Big Commerce store and currently use the Payleap credit card service. If I switch to Square payments, will the Payleap service be automatically discontinued. I Pay a monthly service fee for Payleap plus charges. Thank you for your time.

  • Richard Smith

    Thank you Michael. I can understand how for brick & mortar merchants currently using Square & wanting to add ecommerce that this would be a good solution.

    Unfortunately for web merchants (guessing the majority of your customer base) it’s useless as we use another merchant account for 99% of our transactions and use Square for the remaining 1% done in person. The HUGE PROBLEM with Square transactions in person is that, per their terms, we do not own the customer data or receive the customers’ email address.

    The only excited thing about a partnership with BC & Square to me would be to use BC as the POS to collect their customer data & manage inventory accurately and use Square as the merchant for quick in person sales.

  • Hi Richard, to answer your first question – The Bigcommerce mobile app and Square card reader are not compatible, so you can’t use them together. You should continue to use the Square card reader and their app for in-person sales, and process those transactions directly through Square.

    For your second question – Square will only be set as your payment processor for Bigcommerce online orders if you choose to enable it. You can continue to use your current credit card processor for online orders and Square for offline orders without any problems. The advantage of using Square for both Bigcommerce online orders and Square in-person transactions is that you can view both channels in one place on Square Dashboard.

  • I’ve read that they are suggesting Stich Labs at the moment until the next phase is live.

  • Richard Smith

    So…if I am at an outdoor expo, would I run my sale through the BC app / mobile web store and process through square card reader? Or would I process the order through Square an import to BC? The 2nd question is can we disable square processing for online orders if we already have a “credit card” payment option for online checkout? Two credit card options will be confusing.

  • sweetnsourtees

    Will BigCommerce products be able to be imported to square also or just payments?

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