COVID-19 Infographic: How Ecommerce Is Being Impacted

Susan Meyer / < 1 min read
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    Retail businesses around the world over are being affected by COVID-19 through everything from rapidly changing customer behavior to supply issues. In this COVID-19 infographic, we’re offering a snapshot of the data around these changes and how businesses are adapting to them. 

    COVID-19 Infographic: Impacting Ecommerce

    COVID-19 Infographic


    We hope this infographic helps you as you consider how your own ecommerce or brick-and-mortar store can adapt in changing times.

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    Susan Meyer

    Susan Meyer

    Enterprise Content Marketing Manager

    Susan Meyer is the Enterprise Content Marketing Manager at BigCommerce, where she researches, analyzes and educates brands making more than $10M in annual online sales on tech stack scalability, flexibility and overall growth strategies that alleviate growing CAC. She lives and works in Austin, Texas and her decade of writing experience spans everything from young adult nonfiction to technical documentation.

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