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Knowing your store’s performance at any given moment provides you with instant insight into the rhythm of your online business –– no matter how small or large your ecommerce store is. However, not everyone is equipped to analyze rich data sets nor does everyone have a team of analysts extracting answers from their data. Further, having advanced analytical skills shouldn’t be a prerequisite to understanding how your business is performing.

Analytical tools should be accessible to everyone, in any role, and should provide a clear lens around product performance, revenue and customer behavior. The right solution should also include a continuous virtual flow of insights that incorporates information including purchase funnel behavior, customer engagement, customer behavior offline and online, and predictive ecommerce analytics around customer behavior and sell through rates.

Having advanced analytical skills shouldn’t be a prerequisite to understanding how your business is performing.

Additionally, the way this information is synthesized and unveiled is critical. Data should be presented in an easy-to-understand format, and tell the story of your business in a way that empowers your team to take action on it.

This is why we built Bigcommerce Analytics, a data tool made by ecommerce experts for ecommerce business owners, because the ability to transform intelligent information into relevant insights is a game changer. Visionary brands all recognize the need to leverage analytical tools that bridge the gap between raw data sources and arming business users with the necessary answers they need to drive revenue.

Interested in learning how they do it? In our free webinar, our Analytics team will show you how to use your data to make daily merchandising and marketing decisions so you can sell like Amazon. Learn how to:

  • 3 marketing strategies to improve conversions
  • 3 ways to boost your customer relationships
  • 3 actions to create the right merchandising mix that keeps your customers coming back for more

Tune in to the webinar below:

Photo: Flickr, Maria Elena

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  • sandra

    What is the purpose of this video? Are you trying to sell an upgrade to BC customers? Why don’t you include a clickable link in your descriptive copy that links to the URL mentioned on the video/

  • We are very much looking forward to using the new Analytics as soon as you can fix the bug so that sales from 3rd Party Apps are also included in the data. Until this is done, there are huge holes in the data, and therefore it’s of no use to us. Until then we are using the old Analytics, but hoping we can get access to these new reports soon?

  • Excellent webinar. I’m very impressed with the analytics package Bigcommerce has built into the app.

    If you want to get even more sophisticated with your store’s analytics, check out Retention Hero: (, I’m the co-founder). It goes a step further and actually forecasts the future value of every customer in your store and predicts when they’ll make a repeat purchase, so that you can send targeted marketing at exactly the right time.

    Once you have a good understanding of your basic analytics, predictive analytics tools like Retention Hero give you an edge by using data to make educated projections about the future.

    Again, great tutorial on digging in to some of the basic eCommerce metrics and using them to improve your business.

  • Great to see progress in reporting. Starting to get some real insight from the reports.
    Think that revenue is a decent starting measurement however with online sales its all about the profits. The REAL cost of shipping can be huge, especially with “FREE” shipping being part of the equation. Would be great if within Bigcommerce you could record – on transaction by transaction basis – the real/final cost of shipping (and other misc cost).
    This would build a foundation for BC reporting which will be unparalleled in the market and provide a huge differentiatior.
    Looking forward to future enhancements.


  • Glad to see that Bigcommerce really values data analytics. Great webinar, we are so looking forward to being in the app store soon!

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