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The Ecommerce Personalization Manual: How to Increase ROI Through LTV No Matter Your Growth Stage

/ 53 mins

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Learn to Crawl: Customized Content & Pricing by Traffic Segment Chapter 2 Learn to Walk: How to Implement 1:1 Segmentation
Chapter 3 Learn to Run: The Power of the RFM Model in Personalization

In exchange for the convenience of shopping from desktops, tablets or mobile devices, online shopping experiences can sometimes be somewhat cold and monotonous for shoppers.

The typical experience for potential customers is that they click through to product pages from either category pages or search results. They then review product imagery, product description copy and in most cases carry out some form of validation by going through product reviews from other fellow shoppers (humans).

If the product and price are right and their experience up to this point has been tolerable, they add the product(s) to cart and click through to checkout with the view to finalizing their purchase.

In most cases, when these customers return to the online store for a second or third time to make an additional purchase, their experience remains the same.

But should it?

Ecommerce Personalization v. Offline Interactions

I recall a family holiday in France where we lodged at a self catering cottage in a village near Bordeaux. We visited the local village artisan bakery on our very first morning in the pristine village. Other than the slight grin of acknowledgment we received from the shopkeeper, it was pretty much a straight transaction.

We selected our baguette loaves and money exchanged hands.

Our second visit was different: we were asked where we resided and if we were from the UK, as our dodgy broken French easily gave us up. Our third and fourth visits were even better as we conversed about the weather and places to go sightseeing. As we got to know each other some more over each visit, we got a more personalized experience.

It was a somewhat social and at the same time a commercial experience.

This is personalization -– and in the context of ecommerce, personalization aims to replicate and even improve upon offline personalized shopping experiences.

This guide will take you through 3 phases of ecommerce personalization. It will teach you how to build a more engaged relationship with your customers over time, similarly to how you would in an offline environment. This will lead increased loyalty and a better experience for the customer with every brand interaction.

This will keep them coming back.

Crawl – Walk – Run


Each chapter in this guide will walk you through the fundamentals of ecommerce personalization and the latest theories and strategies around getting it up and running –– and producing ROI.

But no company starts off at the advanced personalization stage. I advise online retailers instead to use the crawl – walk – run approach here.

Each of the three chapters will teach you the basics of your new stage, and ready you for the next. You cannot move on to the next skillset or lesson until the first in complete –– or else you risk missing vital information.

Get ready to dive on in to personalization and take your brand to the next level by providing unparalleled customer experiences.

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