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5 Quick Tips for Writing a Holiday Return Policy for Your Online Store

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Believe it or not, it ‘tis the season to start getting your online store ready for the holidays. A key component to being proactive is to write or revamp a stellar shipping, returns and exchanges policy. Starting today will ensure you’re ahead of your competition and not scrambling at the last minute.

In this 2-minute video, we’ll take a quick look at Bigcommerce client Veppo‘s shipping, returns and exchanges policy. After you watch the video, scroll down to get a deeper dive.

Veppo has a very comprehensive return policy. You may not need to incorporate all of the elements they do, but try to be as tactical as possible. By providing information upfront that can be found on your site, you will not only eliminate any hesitation but shoppers will more likely convert into buyers on their own.

Want to take your return and shipping policy to the next level?

5 tips to writing a stellar ecommerce shipping, returns and exchanges policy

1. Lay out your shipping timelines

It’s important to lay out your shipping timelines–especially during the holidays when customers may be on tight deadlines. Spotlight the last day an order can be placed to make it in time for Christmas. Other questions to consider include: When do you send shipments? How do I track them? What do I do if I have a problem with my shipment? Outlining this will set the proper expectations with customers and save you a lot of massive headaches.

2. Provide a shipping breakdown

Detail the types of shipping methods you provide and give as much information as possible. Let your customers know the cost for different speeds. They’ll also want to know how tracking information will be provided. And be sure to call out any special holiday shipping offers you may be running.

3. Include warranty information

Shoppers should know you have a plan in place and stand by your product. And if they’re giving a gift, they want to feel certain that the recipient will be covered, should something happen with their product. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Let them know up front.

4. Answer frequently asked questions

Potential buyers may have a lot of questions before they buy a gift for a loved one. Now is the time to help ease their fears. For example, since Veppo sells a product that needs to be maintained, they share detailed instructions on how the product works and how to properly care for it. Duplicate that in-store experience, and you’ll have a customer for life.

5. Outline your returns procedure

Your returns procedure doesen’t have to be a novel. This is overwhelming for shoppers–especially during the holidays. They just want to know you’re going to be there for them if they are unhappy. Veppo’s returns procedure is short and sweet–they’ll always let folks call to discuss details about the product or get approval for a refund.

So, happy Christmas in July from those of us here at Bigcommerce to you. Keep checking in each week as we’ll be sharing more tips to help you #SellMore.

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  • Really nice tips about Ecommerce return policy i would like to add one more “Nothing is worse than getting hit by hidden costs. Don’t hide anything, if it’s up to the customer to pay for return shipping – make that very clear”.

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