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Successful retailers use data and analytics to make intelligent decisions and grow their business, yet few are able to make proactive decisions without investing in expensive systems and data scientists. That’s why last year we partnered with industry-leading ecommerce analytics provider Jirafe. These are the folks responsible for the data-driven intelligence behind leading brands such as Nikon, GE, Starbucks, Nasty Gal, and Diamond Candles.

Over the last year. Bigcommerce clients using Jirafe have quickly grown their sales, outperformed competitors and built meaningful relationships with their customers. This was due in large part to the customer-level, real-time, integrated reporting that is typically unavailable through other solutions such as Google Analytics.

Previously, the entire suite of Jirafe’s reports was only available to merchants on our Enterprise plan, yet the overwhelming positive feedback and the heavy usage of advanced analytics across our merchant base convinced us that all merchants, regardless of size, should have access to the same powerful features only large merchants can typically afford.

At Bigcommerce, we’re passionate about enabling our merchants to sell more than they could on any other platform on earth and to provide them with the tools they need to achieve ultimate success. So today, we are happy to announce that Jirafe’s suite of eight, enterprise-grade analytics reports are now available to all Bigcommerce stores at no extra cost.

We’ve also heard from clients in recent months that our customers would like more training on how to realize the full value of Bigcommerce’s analytics suite. In the days ahead, we will be partnering with Jirafe to provide instructional product demos, webinars, in-product tips and blog posts to take advantage of these tools. You can also watch this video for information on how to use these analytics to scale your business.

Below is a list of all of the reports now available to every Bigcommerce client:

  1. Real time dashboard: Keep track of revenue, orders and on-site visitors second-by-second. Monitor in real-time the effects of any email campaign or new offer launched across social media channels.
  2. Overview dashboard: A comprehensive view of your entire business across all key metrics, view of your purchase funnel, abandoned carts, top products and sales by categories and marketing channels.
  3. Merchandising report: Keep track of sales by categories and products, all the way down to the SKU level.
  4. Marketing report: All of your marketing activity in one place, detailed down to each email campaign you send.
  5. Orders report: A detailed view of all orders in your business with one click access to the various aspects of each individual order.
  6. Customer report: View your progress in bringing new vs. repeat customers to your business. Click through to view all purchase behavior of any customer across their lifetime with your business.
  7. Purchase funnel: Understand the shopping behavior of visitors to your site. Determine if people are getting stuck at various stages of the shopping experience.
  8. Abandoned cart report: Find the products that people are most often leaving in their shopping carts so you can A/B test with different product images, descriptions and prices.

With these new analytics, Bigcommerce clients can now:

  • Access customer, marketing and merchandising reports all on one dashboard, meaning you spend less time with your data, and more time putting its intelligence to use.
  • Measure merchandising performance down to the SKU level. You can track an item’s performance down to the color, and even use calendar date ranges to see if time of year impacts your sales.
  • Segment customers with ease, and determine who spends the most and what marketing channels bring you the highest value customers so you can win more revenue.

Jirafe customers typically see a 10% increase in revenue in less than 90 days with these reports.

“My advice to other merchants is that you will use Jirafe more than other analytics solutions and it is more accessible,” said Justin Winter, co-founder of Diamond Candles. “It also has better UI/ UX design, and you get more immediate insights to surface to the top without a degree in web analytics.”

To begin using Bigcommerce analytics powered by Jirafe, log in to your store’s control panel and navigate to the analytics tab.

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  • ForcedFabllc

    Seems you have been working on getting historical data implemented for over a year now. What the hold up? I bet there is none. I bet you guys just dont care to fix it , but dont want to anger the customers by telling them the truth. You guys did the analytics thing it sorta works, its great marketing fodder and on to the next half baked feature that can be used as a tag line on all your marketing , and by the time the store owners realize the features dont work they will be too deeply entrenched and invested to turn back. That is the way BC works hook them with flashy marketing get them to invest thousands in store setup and design then brake it to them gently that nothing works 100% how its supposed to and sit back and collect the monthly fees while your clients just stew and wait

  • ForcedFabllc

    They decided to let everyone use it because It is far from useable. They can not have people signing up for enterprise 1K a month plans when the analytics have never worked properly from day one. They have done a great job of eliminating employees and store owners who choose to make this issue and many others transparent. The new analytics from day one roll out never worked correctly their figures were taken out of thin air it seems. They rolled this out and then took it away and offered it as a reason to move up to enterprise. The problem is those people with the cash flow to burn 1K a month on that plan also have the funds to send legal teams after BC for fraud…

    You guys have managed to delete my store, ban me from twitter, facebook and almost every one of your social chanels, but I am still in your blog!!

    What happened to Jessica from the community forums? What is going on with all those features from the missing IDEAS site? What is going on with features that are going on 5 years old now that you have barely made beta progress on?

    What about detailed itemization on invoices for those of you that are on plans where they take a percent off the sale? How do you know you are not being over charged? How do you know that they are not taking the percentage off retail or your sale price before the discounts? You don’t and they have no plans on making all the money they are taking transparent. You know what happened to ebay when they dipped a little too deep into their fee collections? They faced multiple class actions and had to settler for hundreds of millions of dollars.. that is ebay they can eat a few hundred million in cash, Do you think big commerce would survive even one class action settlement for nearly 100 million? not a chance they would shutter the company and leave every store owner holding their heads wondering what they are going to do for income now.

    Many of you have had great growth and are learning how to really sell online, but beware you never know when the rug that is Big commerce will get pulled out from under you!!! Have a back up plan, make sure you can move fast if you need to.

  • Agree completely. There are a couple of parts of the old Product/Inventory reports that are critical for us, so we need to keep using them until they are incorporated into the new Analytics.

  • Dom Henry

    Some nice features. What keeps me flipping back to the old version is the ‘Inventory Report’ which is ever useful. Can we get the best of the old reports alongside the new ones to avoid functionality gaps?

  • The new analytics do look really good, thanks for making them available. There’s just a couple of things in the old analytics that aren’t in the new analytics, so we’re just waiting for them to be added/fixed before we can give up on the old one completely.

  • Derrek Pearson

    Hi Mike, great question! The Merchandising Report gives you data on how many of each item you’ve sold. You can look at this from a product or SKU perspective. As for categories, we’re working hard on bringing that feature to you as fast as we can. I don’t have an ETA, but I will say that we’ve done the majority of the development and we’re now in the testing phase.

  • Great move, Bigcommerce! Thank you.

  • Derrek Pearson

    Sean, thanks for the follow up. I’ll send you an email with the details.

  • We loved you already, but you just swamped our ♥ meter!!!! A million Thanks & XOXOXO’s #permagrin #BCRocks

  • Mike Armstrong

    So how do I get reports on how many of each item I have sold? Or how many of each category I’ve sold? Right now, all I see is “uncategorized” as the Top Categories “. Isn’t sales reports what Analytics is all about?

  • Sean Woodruff – I only checked the YTD sales in new v. old analytics. New analytics shows it at roughly $40K more YTD.

  • Vince

    I totally agree! I really hope BC have a change of heart and activate the Product Filtering (Faceted Search) feature also. This would be a game changer.

  • Derrek Pearson

    I just sent you an email. I look forward to speaking with you.

  • KarambitCom

    Derrek, please look up my contact information within my account to open up a direct line of communication, and I will assist you in walking through this to find the errors.

  • Derrek Pearson

    Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed the improvements we made to make it easier for doing week over week and month over month comparisons via the “Compare to Previous Period” feature! This was a top requested feature and it’s something we rolled out not too long ago.

  • Derrek Pearson

    KarambitCom, would you mind outlining some of the specific discrepancies you’re running into? We’re very focused on cleaning out any bugs in the new analytics that come up to ensure everyone has accurate data to run their business on. Detailed information on any discrepancies you run into is incredibly helpful.

    If it’s not too much to ask, if you would be willing to file a support ticket with the details I can make sure the team routes the information to me and we can dig into it with the Jirafe team. You can even name drop me to ensure it gets proper attention ; )

  • KarambitCom

    My store URL is in my user name – and I’ve also seen discrepancies in the data beyond the yearly reports.

  • KarambitCom

    Thank you for the update. I was in the process of asking the same thing to your support staff.

  • Derrek Pearson

    Sean, if you’re willing to share your store URL I can take a look at your data to see if anything is amiss as well as provide clarity on why the numbers might be different.

  • Derrek Pearson

    We’re working on getting historical order data into the new analytics. This will help with a lot of things like letting you run year over year comparisons. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on when this will be ready yet, but it’s in the works.


    Derrek Pearson
    Senior Product Manager at Bigcommerce

  • KarambitCom

    Thank you for finally doing what was right. This should have never been an enterprise feature only. Please follow suit with the other new features that we’ve been waiting for for years before you had an enterprise plan.

  • KarambitCom

    Because they still have not connected the new analytics to the old analytics. This means that new analytics only includes stats from the day it was implemented – not before. Note to BC: This is required for your new analytics to be useful in analyzing the life progress of any stores created before this feature implementation – without it – your analytics are inaccurate over the long term

  • Sean Woodruff

    So why are the numbers in the new analytics different from the numbers in the old analytics? A simple year to date sales calculation is different.

  • Tiffany B.

    Thank you! So excited to see all the reporting :) Very happy Big Commerce customer here!

  • Steven Barnhart

    Thank you thank you thank you…. as an owner of 4 Big Commerce sites you just made my day… there I just did a back flip… did you see that?

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