The fashion and apparel industry has one major negative associated with it: there’s so much competition.

Not only is there so much competition, but there is much money that so many of any one site’s competitors have.

And money –– while not the final nail in a brand’s winning strategy –– can definitely help with online design. And online design, especially in an industry where looks and first impressions matter the most, is incredibly important to nail.

From small business to larger brands, all ecommerce sites in their category feel the pinch of competition –– and are consistently updating their sites to give themselves and winning edge.

Here’s how 15 of the best of the best fashion and apparel ecommerce sites are designed to win.

Leading fashion & apparel brands choose BigCommerce

You’re in good company. 

1. Wicked Apparel

As told to BigCommerce by Dan Tebele, Wicked Apparel. 

We have spent time, effort and money trying to enhance our user interface. We have used for user testing and they gave us great results.

Our site has been changed and we are a great spot lots of steps ahead to climb. All the hard development work was done by Clap Creative, our web design implementers.

2. Legend Tees

As told to BigCommerce by Mike Reinhardt, Legend Tees.

This site is unique to the screen printing industry. We try to tell a story about each of our products in our store, passing down the history with photos and videos to enhance the shopping experience.

3. Nine Line Apparel

As told to BigCommerce by Myles Burke, Chief Operating Officer at Nine Line Apparel.

Our website is designed to not only be visually appealing and user-friendly, but it also encompasses who our company is as a lifestyle brand.

We are constantly pushing the limits of our design capabilities, both in-house and within the BigCommerce platform. We strive to be innovative and dynamic, responding to our customers’ feedback, and forever testing the boundaries of our own skills.

We want our customer’s experience on our website to be just that: an experience.

Our goal is not just to secure a purchase, but to make a connection with our fans that keeps them coming back again and again. We do this by engaging the customer with beautiful product images, groundbreaking design techniques, and brand-focused content that helps each customer identify themselves with our company and our mission.

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4. Lady Melia

As told to BigCommerce by Annmarie Finn, Lady Melia.

Our new stencil store is getting great attention from our customers!

5. Un Deux Trois

As told to BigCommerce by Cydney Shorkend, Un Deux Trois.

Shopping for tweens and teens can be a very difficult thing –– especially online! We know this because we not only have an online store, but retail stores as well.

With our strong presence on social media platforms, and a thriving retail business, we found it necessary to head online so our UDT girls all over the U.S. can shop in style!

We keep things age appropriate, yet trendy and stylish so that moms and daughters can compromise on outfits for all occasions.

Let’s just say UDT knows what’s up! We believe in our company and our website ! And we really love BigCommerce!

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6. Coolie High Clothing

As told to BigCommerce by David Serrano, Owner and CEO at Coolie High Clothing.

We produce apparel and accessories featuring Day of the Dead, Native, and tattoo related art. Because of the BigCommerce platform, we have grown at a steady rate over the past few years.

I believe our designs offer something different than your run-of-the-mill shirt shop. We try our hardest, both on our store and with our brand in general, to just push forward some of the craziest and gorgeous eye-popping visuals to ever come across a shirt.

BigCommerce has helped us achieve that by giving us the right tools to make our site genuinely professional and aesthetically pleasing to longtime customers as well as new. Our art is what makes the difference, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. Daisy Del Sol

As told to BigCommerce by Brittany Derasmo, Owner at Daisy Del Sol.

We spend a lot of time and effort to design our site to reflect our brand image. We carefully select the outfits, models, hair and makeup, and locations for photo shoots.

We take the photos ourselves then edit the images and create banners to promote our current collections. All of this is done in-house by my partner and I, the co founders and only employees of our business.

We plan out a design that will capture visitors from the moment the site appears on their screen, and organize our products in a user-friendly way to make their shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

We are currently getting ready to launch our spring collection which will be reflected on our website’s homepage within the next couple of weeks.

8. Bygone Brand

As told to BigCommerce by Keith Watson, Bygone Brand. 

Ecommerce is the backbone of our small business and we couldn’t have been successful without BigCommerce. Without spending thousands in custom programming, just a little time and effort, we have been able to transform our website into a strong brand presence for our unique concept of local, retro apparel.

Our site has a clean layout, easy to use navigation structure, focused branding throughout and beautiful original photography. There is a strong customer experience from the first look through the checkout process.

Due to a unique product, beautiful layout and easy-to-use web presence, our online orders have increased dramatically this year. We’ve already outsold our entire previous year in the first quarter alone. Our conversion rates remain low and ultimately we get fantastic feedback from our customers. It’s a pleasure to build strong relationships and watch them keep coming back to our site.

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9. Goodie Two Sleeves

As told to BigCommerce by Kamie Hallock, Goodie Two Sleeves.

Goodie Two Sleeves is always keeping it fresh, clean and user friendly for our customers. Earlier this year, we kicked-off with a new store look which has been amazing!

Our customers have been writing reviews left and right complimenting us on our site and the way they view our products. We have you to thank, BigCommerce, with the multiple layouts and options for our store offering the best of the best with ecommerce design!

10. Liz Alig

As told to BigCommerce by Elizabeth Roney, Liz Alig. 

We did a few custom changes and graphics for our store.

11. Skatehead Clothing

As told to BigCommerce by Kristian Gregorace, Skatehead Clothing.

At the age of 18, I designed a brand of streetwear that was sold in a national store in the mall that had stores across 35 states.

In 2003, my business partner and I designed a novelty brand that was in the international clothing convention called the “Magic Show.” Representatives from top brands such as Tommy Hilfiger & Sean John personally said that we were the hit of the entire show in Las Vegas.

Our designs are featured in the window storefronts on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. We filled orders to Japan and Germany and a distributor from Mexico wanted exclusive rights throughout his country.

This website is the culmination of all my hard work and earlier successes.

12. Pink Slate Boutique

As told to BigCommerce by Mariah Kramer, Owner at Pink Slate Boutique.

Our store has came a long way. From starting in our basement to moving into our headquarters, Pink Slate Boutique has grown magnificently these past few years.

13. Marc Defang

As told to BigCommerce by John Freeman, Marc Defang. 

Although I use the BigCommerce templates, my products, photography and graphic skills enhance our website. We have very unique product. Our website is very frequently visited site known in the USA Pageant industry.

 14. Islamic Design House

As told to BigCommerce by Azad Uddin, Islamic Design House.

We believe we have the perfect balance between modernity and culture, between fun and professionalism, and between faith and fashion.

With a bunch of creative, passionate and geeky group of entrepreneurs, we certainly bringing something new to the table.

Overall, we really appreciate being part of BigCommerce’s platform. Thumbs up to team!

15. Savy Mae’s Boutique

As told to BigCommerce by Savannah Lasecki, Owner at Savy Mae’s Boutique.

We have a unique, collapsable navigation menu, along with awesome mega menus. Furthermore, we don’t just showcase our product images like most themes. Instead, we wrap all product images within a thin border and accompany each image with a “SHOP NOW” button underneath.

As for our product page, we created a neat vertical image carousel that allows a customer to view product images easily by scrolling up and down, in addition to the translucent arrows on the product image. Don’t forget to checkout out the tabs on the product page that encompasses lots of information. Lastly, we have customized the optimized one-page checkout that is rare for a lot of stores.

Our responsive site rocks! It is intuitive, clean, and receives boatloads of compliments. The navigation menu is static at the top which allows customers to have the ability to get where they need to go at all times.

Additionally, we display our Free Shipping info at the top of the nav and have the ability to activate our PhatBar which displays a light pink bar at the very top of the navigation showing current sales.

Our slide-out menu is slick: you can tap to close or tap another menu which will close the previously opened menu. The product page showcases a large single image that allows a customer to swipe to view the next image instead of tapping. The carousel image indicator dots under the image add a nice touch too.

Also, we have created a really nice quick cart popup that appears once a product is added to the bag. Take notice of the purple numerical value displayed on the bag in the menu once a product has been added to the bag.

The footer info is displayed in a nice collapsable format that allows a customer to navigate easily. Lastly, we have customized the optimized one-page checkout that is rare for a lot of stores.

Lastly, we are only a one-year old store!

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