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I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste a single calorie or sale during this time of the year. So, if you’re with me, feast your eyes on the following metrics and tips that will make sure your store to be stuffed with successful sales. In fact, consider this post your personal trainer to becoming an ecommerce glutton this holiday.

And yes, stretch pants do help.

Traffic and sale thresholds: Are you eating enough?

First and foremost, determine just how much success and sales you’ll need to reach your fill. Without having an understanding of your business goals you’re far more susceptible to do something embarrassing like bust a seam or not consuming enough traffic, orders or sales. Talk about an unsatisfying holiday!

Here is a simple recipe to understand number of visitors and sales you’ll need to feed your revenue goals.

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Bounce Rate: Every drop counts!

So, you’ve got the recipe to know how to meet your sales goal. Do you know how to improve your store’s bounce rate so you don’t waste an ounce of marketing effort or spend? Having a high bounce rate means folks aren’t browsing, they’re bouncing and going elsewhere to do their shopping. Now’s the time to be greedy. Watch the video to learn how to make sure you have a bounce rate to be thankful for.


Average order value: Get stuffed

Increasing average order value, AOV is a sweet, satisfying treat most folks don’t leave room for. However, when things are tight, and you’re eager to grow your piggy bank’s waistline, this is the area of your business in which you should make space. AOV will not only help you reduce your marketing spend by harnessing your current client base, it will also quickly increase your cash flow and help you outsmart search engines (which is extremely satisfying). Watch this short video and learn how to make sure your customers stuff their carts.


Tune in next week for our next #SellMore video for tips just like this! Happy Thanksgiving!

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