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Free Guide: How to Choose the Right Shopping Cart Software for Your Business

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The process of setting up an online store can be quite daunting if you’re just getting started. There are so many different shopping cart providers today, but how do you know what to look for? And most importantly, how do you know which software will grow your business and help you achieve your goals?

This short (14 pages) but useful guide will help you choose the right shopping cart software for your business. We’ll show you the six absolutely critical things you must consider when setting up your online store if you want to stack the odds of success in your favor. They are:

  1. Technical Ability
  2. Hosted or Installed?
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Marketing Tools
  6. Regular Updates

Selling online is more than just choosing the right shopping cart software, hover. You need to think about where you business is now and where you’d like it to be in 12 months or two years from now. Do you want to be the next Or do you simply want to make enough money from your online store to quit your job?

Whatever your needs are, they factor into your decision. The shopping cart software you choose forms the foundation for your success, so making the right choice is really important.

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  • I think its also worth noting download software that does not require the complexities of a shopping cart but rather the simplier and powerful the cut and paste method.

  • cartinfo

    Actually, the things you point out in your guide are not all of concern to me. A new issues is that now there are just so many shopping carts that I am getting information overload.

    I got all the carts through my hosting company, Web Hosting With $1 (, but I am getting information overload. I can even have them running at the same time and play with each, but still requires some customization for my specific use, and so I really need to pick one and go with it.
    Zencart, prestashop, oscommerce…and all the rest mentioned here…… AH! too much info.

    Which one of the carts at WHW1 should I really choose for just about a dozen or two of digital downloadable items for selling with paypal payments (CCs handled through[PP])?
    It is great that I am getting everything at WHW1, but I am seeing a big list to choose from and time is limited. I cannot do a learning cure on each one. It takes too much time to investigate each one too, and to read guides like this.

    For a guy who flips through all the TV channels before selecting the best show on now, it is difficult when I am given a list like this, as I want to flip through all of the carts and try all of them, and basically do the same thing I do with the TV channel selection.

    Installation is easy with WHW1 single click installation and thus I get latest version and patches applied, and so no time invested by me on installation and documentation reading for that purpose.

    I am anxious to point the traffic from my current domain registrar to my hosting at WHW1, and I know how to handle the design fine using any of the above free site building softwares (meaning WP, C5, SB), but this information overload with the carts is holding me back. The first 3 I mentioned, ZenCart, PrestaShop, OsCommerce all look good, but I want to start with one and go with it, and not change later.

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