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Grace and Lace Goes Into The Shark Tank

Julie Neumann / 2 min read
grace and lace shark tank

“Never in a million years did I think I’d start this business,” said Melissa Hinnant, founder of Grace and Lace. What started as a creative distraction has turned into an e-commerce sensation that will take center stage on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight, Nov. 22, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the tank, but we expect the Sharks will be impressed by this Bigcommerce client and her fashionably frilly accessories.

Melissa started crocheting and knitting while on bed rest for a high-risk pregnancy. She didn’t plan to sell her creations, but her lacey boot socks were a huge hit among family and friends. They received so many compliments that she put them online and immediately got her first sale. Within 72 hours she had more than 400 purchase requests for her socks, nicknamed the PITA because they took her so long to make.

“I promised my husband I would never make another pair,” she said. “And two years later we’ve sold almost 60,000.”

Melissa’s husband, Rick, has been a successful business owner for over 20 years. As soon as the orders started coming in, he suggest she train other people to make her socks, and on day two she hired her first employee. Melissa focused primarily on design and implementation while Rick took on finances and forecasting. They began bringing in friends, family and anyone who could knit to help them scale.

“Up until August we were still fully operating out of our homes and office,” said Melissa. “We shipped out of my garage and my neighbor’s garage, we converted two rooms to sewing rooms, it completely took over our house.”

Grace and Lace

So three months ago Grace and Lace opened a 4,000-square-foot warehouse in Cedar Park, TX. Even with 25 employees they struggle to keep up with high demand — the company generated $1.25 million in sales during the 12 months leading up to their Shark Tank taping. That incredibly fast growth led Jeff Usner, a family friend who appeared on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, to recommend Grace and Lace to the show’s producers.

The Hinnants have been fans of Shark Tank since season one. Rick wanted to do it, but Melissa wasn’t so sure. “I’ve always thought that these people are crazy, they share all their numbers and then get butchered alive,” she said. “But it’s funny, whenever I say never in a million years, I end up doing it.”

The producers rushed Grace and Lace through the application process and gave the couple five days notice before flying them to LA in June. “It’s been a good experience for us, both for the business and just as a life experience,” said Melissa. “We do believe God has a purpose in this. All the people we’ve met, all the people we’ve hired, it has been such a blessing.”

As the company continues to expand, helping others is what keeps Melissa motivated. She has hired 10 local moms that now work from home, including a friend from her weekly Bible study. “Every Thursday, she would ask for a prayer that she’d be able to find a job where she could stay home and raise her girls,” Melissa recalled. “I prayed that one day I could hire her. And I did. She now runs the wholesale department.”

Grace and Lace also donates a portion of every sale towards helping orphans in India. As a teenager, Melissa spent her summers doing mission trips around world. She was especially touched by her time at the Mother Teresa Home. “And here it is again, never in a million years did I dream I could ever possibly build an orphanage,” she said. But in August she crossed that off her list as well, partnering with Angel House to begin construction on a home for 50 children in need.

Want to see how the Sharks react to Melissa and her inspiring company? Tune in to ABC on Nov. 22, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT or catch the episode starting Saturday on Hulu. In the meantime, join the wait list for our free ebook on alternative funding for your SMB. You’ll get great tips from successful e-commerce entrepreneurs on how they used Shark Tank, Kickstarter, social media bootstrapping and more to fund their business.


Julie Neumann

Julie Neumann

Julie runs all things content at Bigcommerce. A true word nerd with extensive experience in journalism and marketing, she is passionate about empowering clients and sharing their stories. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc, Washington Post, Yahoo!, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Spin and more. She also has more books and typewriters than is strictly necessary in the 21st century.

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  1. Renee - on

    I have always wanted to give something to the society like you did with the orphanage. And I wanted to keep improving and up my standard everyday to be a really useful and could be able to contribute in a bigger way. So I always used to reserve everything which I could have given to other people everyday and focusing on my own growth in the purpose to contribute in a more effective way later on. However, since early this year, I was thinking to atleast to give other people in need in what I capable of doing rather than waiting all the time. It serves me very well indeed. Great work though for Melissa and Rick. Keep going!

  2. Jones6789 on

    You should buy some, maybe you will get a return that someone forgot to take their brain out of, then you would have one.

  3. Jones6789 on

    yes ignorant of a lot of things and yet seem to be completely correct with your trivial make believe intelligence

  4. Jones6789 on

    Live long communist, move to your homeland Communist China and see just how long your useless chatter will allow you to survive. As I said maybe they will do a swap with North Korea and you will be “dog food” that is how your lovely communist/socialist deal with dick-shunary like you as the only thing you can police is the scratching on the stone wall in your cell

  5. Ted Barbaras on

    When it comes to garbage i’ll debate with common sense on if it is needed sweetheart. There is so much trash people make these days it is really polluting the world.

    We need to change our thought process and not ask what others can do for you but what you can do for the betterment of mankind as a whole. We owe it to our ancestors and future generations.

  6. Guest on

    Well, if you every want to be (and stay) married, don’t think you can dictate what your wife buys or doesn’t buy.

  7. Senor C O Jones on

    boo hoo what a load of crap. What natural resources are you talking about. Wool? What do you think happends to the livestock? They don’t live forever you dumb &*&^ THey would continue to eat your precious non renewable grasses. (sarc) PS. the lady can’t knit 60,000 pair, so obviously she has to open a sweat shop in a thiord world country, ( more sarc) to employ people, and finally the poor in India would get nothing ( no sarcasm here) if you got your way.


  8. Greene on

    Here’s a thought. While keeping local knitters employeed, perhaps also Partner with some of India’s charity businesses that train widowed women to knit the socks; helps with your charity motives and gives them a living and a skill. After the show airs, you will probably have orders too large to handle with the local knitters alone.

  9. doobie doo on

    and no that wasn’t me being racist just driving a point home, and that is a mom and pop business that helps others in need out is better than being surrounded by super malls with vast parking lots where my camping spots used to be. I would rather work for her than a lumber company or something that destroys land to gain a profit.

  10. doobie doo on

    I suppose that this guy is supposed to be educated and yet what intrigues me is that fact he is using big words that really don’t mean anything with the assumption that most people who read his words don’t understand the definition. Now if you are to make something at least she donates some of her profits for things that matter, where do you donate, or volunteer, or do anything besides whine about capitalism? You know that if it creates jobs that’s one less person who may avoid homelessness. We know how America cares about that, and how caring we are about those less fortunate. Every homeless person is a drug addict right? People who want to remove good things from society to fit their pious viewpoints are just as bad as big companies that want to destroy nature to build parking lots. America is becoming the land of the pussies and im offended generation. Take god out of the pledge im offended, take bacon off the menu im offended. Well how bout this get the fuck out of America on behalf of native americans we are offended you claim the title of American when you are really exiled britonians!!!

  11. Mike on

    back on topic: Yes they are nothing but leg warmers from back in the 80’s with some trendy design twists.. Nothing special here. Just an old idea revived and hyped to get the mainstream consumer to do what they do best; pull out their credit card and spend… Capitalism….. its the way of our western world! shame… but good for the business owners… nothing wrong with making a buck,,, nothing that tickles my fancy though…. The Hines ketchup guy said it best. find something traditional, and do it untraditionally well… that’s how you become a successful business man…

  12. AreYouSerious??? on

    Home is the neighborhood and country you live in. When there are starving Americans here in the USA, why send money overseas when there are starving children not that far from you??? We should solve our own problems here in the United States before we start thinking we can solve the world’s problems.

  13. Reen B on

    Exactly my point: Earth *is* our home. I, and possibly this entrepreneur, may be fortunate enough to live in a “neighborhood” (using the narrow definition of a few-blocks’ radius) without a homeless or orphan population…and quite possibly give to regional/statewide/national charities as opposed to “passed”-ing them over…so why not go one step further and reach out beyond those boundaries as well?

  14. Reen B on

    We, and all of our children, share the same planet. I for one commend her skill, resourcefulness, and her philanthropic heart, and wish her and her staff all the success in the world.

  15. UnderSiege on

    “Slowly” fascinating ! Two hundred thousand sperm and YOU alone made it ?!!?
    Now quit obsessing with me sonny, eight posts (rolls eyes) is over the top. Besides, you’ve already used up your vocabulary…and that makes it an unfair fight.

  16. slowlyiturn on

    He can count to five…..people like you undersiege think your shite doesn’t stink but your farts give you away baboon boy

  17. slowlyiturn on

    Then maybe you should leave this world if you are so unhappy with it. My guess is not one person would miss you or even know you were gone

  18. slowlyiturn on

    WHY do you care what they sell. WHY do you feel the need to tear down people You seem jealous, envious and petty, baboon boy

  19. slowlyiturn on

    One lunatics opinion and as with most trolls he is trying to turn his opinion into fact Reality is he is saying nothing

  20. slowlyiturn on

    Fancy grammar doesn’t hide the fact you are just a boorish troll who despite all the big words is saying nothing.

    Typical CNN troll

  21. slowlyiturn on

    Your post have signified nothing Seems to me like you are a troll trying hard to use fancy language to say absolutely nothing

  22. slowlyiturn on

    “More redundant, faddish stuff, that has no real purpose, and squanders natural resources.”

    Please explain how this start up business is squandering natural resources. I would be interested in hearing your response

  23. UnderSiege on

    Not directly ‘off a tree’ Bill…and I’ll spare you a lengthy explanation why it is so.
    If you’ll pardon my impertinence Bill but, which tree were you picked from…coconut?!?

  24. UnderSiege on

    Poor John. It’s very apparent who the idiots and guttersnipes are.
    Some kind soul should ‘knit’ you a straightjacket.
    You’re just another water-bug on the surface of life.

  25. John Leyenaar on

    Put away your Thesaurus you fcking idiot! Don’t be jealous of their
    success! Maybe they’ll hire you to knit socks for them if you promise to
    put away your bad attitude!

  26. Yellowjag on

    UnderSiege – Hey capitalist, you have a computer and internet access down there in your Mother’s basement don’t you?? How dare you consume so much, your needs should be smaller. Isn’t it time for you to go get your food stamps? Be sure to take the bus or walk, you don’t want to be a capitalist consumer and use a car do you?

  27. Yellowjag on

    Go away UnderSiege – It’s it time to get out of your Mother’s basement and collect your food stamps or something

  28. Bob on

    Can anybody see that’s he’s probably just trolling? I can’t see why everybody is getting so worked up about this. Also, I really hope you don’t waste more time typing a response, as you’ve wasted enough in this argument already. If you care so much about it, do something real about it. Posting here won’t work, as nobody will just change their ideals from an anonymous person on the internet.

  29. EJ on

    OK, I’ve read enough. What began as a report of a woman who has achieved success doing something she loves, has turned into something sinister and negative. Sour grapes, maybe? Jealousy, maybe? Perhaps, you need to seek help for some serious depression. Or, maybe, just maybe you need to move to a country which adheres to the ideals you espouse. You’ll be happier.

  30. DipShot on

    This site has it only one of a kind nuts here. When I read down the page was even beneath the political garbage that’s usually around. This is an article about a successful business which turn into a discussion of correctness.Really wow I thought I had seen most of the nuts do you have to pay these loons to keep them writing all this crap or did you guys go out and turn over all the rocks in your area.

  31. hydrangea1 on

    Under siege isn’t intelligent. He/she just likes to spew foolishness, and looks up words in Websters’s to TRY to sound intelligent, compassionate and caring. Typical democrat.

  32. hydrangea1 on

    You are aware that the ‘desperate or ignorant’ people NOW have a job, are you not? Bet you are a vegan, climate change fool and an Obama supporter. What a silly, silly person you are.

  33. lark2 on

    Does anyone stop to think about what a great country we live in? This is a remarkable country and we have truly great and exceptional people.

  34. UnderSiege on

    Ohhh, nice job MrCommoner !

    I’ll wager no one else except a ‘clever dick’ like yourself, (aka ), saw that gaffe. [rolls eyes]

    Incidentally…I’m not your ‘friend’. You wouldn’t even qualify as an ‘intellectual adversary’.

  35. MrCommment on

    Actually, that is a misinformed and incorrect quote. It isn’t judge not, it’s “for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged”, meaing that if you judge someone with an “evil heart”, you’ll be judged by someone else with an “evil heart”. No where does it actually say “dont judge others”. In fact, several times in the Bible, which is where that statement is incorrectly quoted from, Christians are INSTRUCTED to judge. Please be sure you know what you’re talking about before talking about it.

  36. MrCommment on

    Alright, I have to step in now. I’ve read your comments, and it’s very clear that you’re trying overly hard to sound intelligent. Now, earlier you insulted someone over their grammar. So, friend, let me point out that the following exerpt from your comment is grammaticaly incorrect:
    “Your irrelevant opinions mark you as too young and thoughtless to reply with any substantial rebuttal to the criticism I made?”
    This is a statement, not a question. You have proven that you aren’t quite as witty as you think you are.

  37. Treetopace on

    If you know the way, then let’s hear it. There really is no point in your attempt to hi-jack this success story? If you have a cause, find the proper channel to share it, because your effort here – a true waste. Take this energy and go find a solution for your cause, just like this person did.

  38. Guest on

    The crazy thing is that this whole argument started when UnderSiege made a really stupid comment and this is his way of drawing people’s attention away from the fact that he was wrong. Everyone who responded is only giving him a pathway to spread his verbal diarrhea and his original comment should not have been honored with an answer. I personally enjoy seeing a few people try to follow the American Dream in an era where this has become increasingly difficult.

  39. Danny Maiorani on

    She’s a blogger, she makes money off blogging, so she has to advertise herself. It’s an advertising thing, your comment is almost as stupid as asking why Nike puts their logos on football jerseys. What, do they need constant attention and adulation for doing their job?

  40. PezDadE on

    Are you trying to conjure up Hannibal Lector in your comments? Half of your analogies sound like it came from Anthony Hopkins in any of the movies. It is quite laughable that your attempts to sound intelligent only end up sounding childish.

  41. UnderSiege on

    LOL… Jones…you’re so eloquent…and sensible.
    In other words minus my “childish response” you’d have no point?
    Rave on sonny….

  42. Jones6789 on

    dick-shun-ary, like a$$ holes everyone has one, in your case you have many. I made my point with your childish response. commie

  43. UnderSiege on

    “What ‘your’ (sic) trying to say” reveals an abysmal ignorance of international politico-economics, writ in poor discursive prose, careless grammar, (inability to differentiate between a personal pronoun and a contraction) , ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
    As with many of the criticisms I’ve received, childish stuff from embryonic minds.

  44. Jones6789 on

    What your trying to say, and not very well at that, is you abhor capitalism and LOVE socialism, Move to Communist China and see what your anti-“party line” will provide for you. I am sure your collective work (slave labor) in a collective farm (gulag) will provide for the downtrodden (High Chinese government officials) and they will enjoy the fruits (again SLAVE LABOR) to assist in the collective good (Long Live the Collective). or Mao is your “spiritual leader” if your luck holds out they may do a work swap with their friends in North Korea.

    To the company owners: GREAT JOB, Keep America alive with your hard work.

  45. UnderSiege on

    Oh, but I do Mark! “BAU profile”? If that means what I’d guess, profiling is reserved for worthy adversaries. :-)
    Incidentally, you neglected the fact that television preceded the internet by decades and succeeded [ages ago!] in doing all the evils you outlined…including the remarkable multiplication of ‘boobus americanis’.
    Your fatuous attempts et al, to belittle my reasoning is similar to criticizing a convict because he abides prison life.
    Finally, there is NOTHING virtuous in being well adjusted, or comfortable in a sick, moribund society.

  46. Mark on

    I find it interesting that the weapon Siege uses to launch his poisoned barbs of wit and knowledge is a computer. If he truly believed the the venom he hurls I would imagine he would look at the computer, his internet provider and the internet itself in total revulsion. No other instrument had been used to waste, abuse, subjegate, exploit and abuse than this creation. The more he types away, the more he supports the very ideas he so desperately wants us to believe he hates. Perhaps his name should be Hypocrite Under Siege…and btw…I cant wait for the coming BAU profile I will get for free by making this post, let’s see how close he gets.

  47. UnderSiege on

    Nilza…Brian, on reflection perhaps I’ve underestimated the positive aspect of this ‘leg warmer’ enterprise?

    Thanks to many of these enlightening and edifying exchanges, I’ve heard Grace & Lace is now selling ‘brain warmers’.
    I predict their sales will double or triple! I think I deserve royalties for the idea!

  48. Nilza Ivone on

    What silly comment from you UnderSiege, on the harsh winter that we have, leg warmers are very welcome here in NYC, I love it, it is nice and warm…..

  49. UnderSiege on

    The insecure, acquisitive, robotic rabble is unable to address the environmental issues I’ve raised.

    Trite invective and shallow rationalizing marks ‘boobis americanus’ as an arrogant, inferior species leading the march to extinction.

  50. Dave Turner on

    Hey Under Siege, you just said “no one has the right to tell others how to live” . . . what’s up with you? Sounds like you had a dictionary and side of thesaurus for lunch . . . .3 words for you from me ; Blow it out your ear

  51. Ted Barbaras on

    LOL its not what I command! But if I was married I would tell her to buy something a little more worth while. For example if she wants designed why not get Jimmy Choo shoes? Or Louis Vuitton bag. All too often you see people who buy lots and lots of junk that ends up in the trash or rolled up some where. This is just kind of tacky and ugly.

  52. Holly Hawkins Lazzari on

    I stumbled across this post today. I was shocked to see how one bed-ridden woman, probably bored out of her mind, passed the time by knitting something that obviously had a demand! Who is anyone to judge her? She could be laying there popping pills, living off the government, and not doing a damn thing. She didn’t plan this marketing strategy, SHE DIDN’T EVEN PLAN ON THIS CONVERSATION. This opportunity knocked on her front door and she answered. Mr. Know-it-all, I feel so sorry for you. I just don’t get why you are attacking her! Look, I don’t even live where I can have a garden, so does buying tomatoes at the store make me less of a person? Hell, they were probably grown in Mexico! It must be nice to live such a self-righteous life! She felt that she could contribute to her family while giving other people what they want. Friggin’ socks aren’t cars or houses! I don’t know who this character is who tries to belittle everyone with his big words. In this scenario, I feel like he is compensating for something. It’s kind of like a jacked-up 4×4 but the driver hops out and is actually 4′ tall. Now that, sir, is an analogy that everyone can understand, not this slight-of-hand thesaurus of a vocabulary that you throw out there. I’m happy that you have an education in Britannica, however, I don’t see anything you have contributed to society is worth a damn thing. He can hide behind anonymity but I want to know what he has done to contribute to ANYONE? Sitting behind a keyboard and spewing venom is not what I call a contribution. I’ll take 20 pairs of boot socks as opposed to ONE comment from this yahoo!

  53. The Spoon on

    What’s with the full paragraph byline complete with photo of the reporter? Is this a millennial thing where they need constant attention and adulation for doing their job?

  54. Radny Hecks on

    He doesn’t seem intelligent to me. He seems like someone just clever enough to figure out how to use a thesaurus in an attempt to appear intelligent. I bet he works at a fast food restaurant, can’t afford a car and has no friends other than the “weird guy” who preaches “going green” and always needs a shower.

  55. Radny Hecks on

    If you are so “into” saving natural resources, unplug your computer and stop clogging forums with your hippy Bullshit. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Then do us all the favor of shutting the heii up.

  56. UnderSiege on

    “Spoken like a true” fool…incapable of gathering all the nonsense cluttering its juvenile mind, into one post.
    Nature seldom errs, when she makes fools she does a
    good job.
    The zeros define you nicely.

  57. localguy000 on

    Spoken like a true left wing, well armed, living in the hills off of government welfare. How many warrants do you have?

  58. Ted Barbaras on

    Absolutely agree with you. People are upset to step outside the box and see any other point of view. They might agree with you but they are afraid to look different.

  59. UnderSiege on

    “I think a lot of people are missing the mark and what you are trying to say.”
    Ted, my experience points to blatant indifference and hostility, ( right here, e.g.) , toward anyone or anything which upsets their aims or status quo.

  60. Ted Barbaras on

    True enough — we are a society based off of waste and greed furthers the waste. Obviously this is how society is being brought up. If you can bring some useless niche to sell to someone and take money – you can eventually become wealthy.

    Unfortunately unlike technology or green energy needs, advancing space technology or helping people who are sick. These kind of products bring nothing useful to the front but a product that will be worn a few times and thrown in the trash. People will rationalize that it is okay to think like this because others do the same thing. It is as you say the wolf pack mentality.

    I think a lot of people are missing the mark and what you are trying to say.

  61. UnderSiege on

    Notwithstanding, a few polite responses to my original post; it is apparent my words have touched the putrid ethics and petit intellects of a common gang of wasteful scoundrels and exploiters.
    In their frantic hunger for wealth, undernourished minds and grasping acquisitiveness overwhelm and defy all human decency, like countless, mindless flies feeding on carrion.
    These wretched bipeds, (hypocritical Xtian knaves/slaves in all probability), are driven by enormous insecurities which they believe riches can negate.
    “True wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few needs.”

  62. cclark5195 on

    “Insidious destructive capitalism”? What would you replace it wig communism, socialism? Maybe hire a king or to replace evil capitalism. They are really the best stewards of the earth. . Maybe you should turn off the idiot box and computer you appear to be so attached and travel the world just to see how much better we are all off than the other 95% of the world….and to see also just how generous we are and a people. It might also help to stop listening to the left wing new ( which would include the vast majority of them). You truly are uneducated in the truth of the world. Ignorant, foolish and cowardly to attack successful people. And by the way, I have traveled extensively to 6 of the 7 continents and have done so for over 30 years…I have seen what these other types of governments do and how they work. Might want to get out of the socialist classroom and see for your self troll.

  63. Persian coin on

    Compassionate and virtuous?? LOL have you ever lived in N Korea, China or the old Soviet Union. Now that’s where you hear the real Baaa Baaaaa. Please …… You are young, naive and brain washed by a few books . Contrary to your denial capitalist are the hardest working, compassionate and giving people on earth. Utopia is nothing more than a dream

  64. UnderSiege on

    Today…another day of lunacy, “National Lipstick Day” !
    That should bring joy to all you petty shopkeepers, cross dressers, and capitalist sheepherders.
    For those of us who care about the planet, the people, and the impossibility of ‘infinite growth’ (capitalism), “The Venus Project” is the sane alternative.
    “Wow”…if I hurt some feelings with my ‘insults’…t. s.

  65. Persian coin on

    Now all you need ,is to say that aloud in Russian and wear a Lenin style goatie Walk around Harvard Square with one hand behind your back. Don’t forget to wear knee high boots.

  66. ToxDoc on

    Way to go. It’s inspiring to see people work hard, fulfill a dream, make other people happy both as consumers and employees and do well. This is the best example of how great American capitalism is. Good for you both.

  67. Bob Smith on

    I’m sure you live in a Teepee and live off the land. You obviously have a computer, use electricity, probably have a car and a house and a bunch of other consumerist crap.

  68. Bob Smith on

    Under Siege acts like that because it brings him pleasure,people very rarely do things willingly that causes them pain. He derives pleasure because it makes him feel superior, because probably deep inside he’s lacking something. He probably wishes she was on welfare and then he can bit$%ch about that. Like my Mom always said if you don’t have something nice to say: STFU!

  69. Ted Barbaras on

    I think he was making a joke. I mean it is funny what people pay for sometimes. It was a few of the replies that got angry haha…people are so silly

  70. Ted Barbaras on

    lol men who pay for sex create jobs too! One mans trash anothers treasure! Glad they are doing well. I’m thinking of opening a store of used womens panties should easily bring me into the billionaire club ;)

  71. Rufus44 on

    Oh my … touchy are we? Those were rhetorical questions brainiac. But that might be too obvious to one who’s a “legend in their own mind”.

  72. UnderSiege on

    Unoriginal, banal, typical. What I choose to do or ‘judge’ is no concern of yours.
    Put one of those ‘warmers’ on your head. It could be life changing. :-(

  73. Rufus44 on

    Do you walk everywhere you go, wear hand-me-down clothes, live in a shack with only basic necessities (no luxuries)? Until you sacrifice all for the good of others, you are in no place to comment on actions of others. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  74. Brian Smith on

    Wow, why the hostilities? You started out your comment with negativity and got worse from there. You seem to be quite intelligent. Why you would lower yourself to act like a troll that just insults is beyond me. Perhaps you could put your passion of the invironment where it will do some good because I assure you, you will not win anyone over with your insults.

  75. Matt Peters on

    Unless you read this article on a cave wall and responded via stone tablet, you are a hypocrite. Now yell upstairs and tell your mom to make you a grilled cheese sandwich.

  76. deiter on

    Wow, what a hater. Back up your original comment with some substance and maybe people won’t look at your comment as just plain vile vindictive hater spew. But really forget all the spewing, you just don’t know fashion, right? I think they found a niche that loves and uses their stuff. Me, not so much, but then again why would I bash just for that? You , on the other hand, seem very jealous at their success. The fact that they take a percentage and do good things with the money they are making is really what I wish I could do with the business I hope to create. Quit hatin, hater! And looking below, the “point” that you want to make needs substantiation. Why don’t you make your point? I guess it’s because you can’t. Instead it looks like you spend your time with the grammar text book and a thesaurus. If this is the way your writing comes out of your head, it just further exemplifies how disconnected you are. Get to the psych ward on the double, and save us all from another senseless news flash.

  77. Warren Lynch on

    God you are pitiful person you are a an example of someone who has done the duffle-bag drag with his/her life, not regarding wealth, but quality of who you are, what you have done, and will do. Man there is so much hate and condemnation spewing from your polluted soul you must have been dealt a horrible deck, or something. I see by the other posts of yours you like vomiting on others. It must be amazing to be perfect, always right, never making mistakes, above the rest of the world. I look forward to more of your sewage ’cause you make me laugh and the others I show them to, also. Cheers!

  78. Bob on

    Siege redundant maybe but do try and say you haven’t bought things out of impulse…you and everyone on here knows we all buy out of impulse from time to time. I commend this person for doing something, most people sit back and as I would call it ride the coat tails of someone or something, without any purpose. It’s ignorant to say they squander natural resources unless you consider your clothes made in China/Malaysia/Mexico also a waste…..I mean for the most part we send the materials needed out and get our clothes back, this at least is made here by us.

  79. UnderSiege on

    Wrong on all points…particularly that I stated “no one has a right to tell others how to live”. Your irrelevant opinions mark you as too young and thoughtless to reply with any substantial rebuttal to the criticism I made?
    As for my ‘self righteous judgments’, tell that to the government and other entities that manipulate your robotic, superficial life.

    My point…Super-consumerist capitalism is destroying our planet.

  80. Kristen Christian on

    I’d rather be friends with someone who buys an article of clothing (especially from a company like this one) he or she doesn’t need than someone who’s self-righteous and judgmental. No one has a right to tell others how to live.

  81. UnderSiege on

    Those pitiable, childish analogies seem to match your fatuous intellect.
    If you spent half the time acquiring some broader knowledge of the world, as you do defending and duplicating insidious destructive capitalism, you might evolve into a compassionate and virtuous being.
    If I dare conjecture, as you have about me, you are probably just another polluting petty merchant, exploiting desperate or ignorant workers.
    All you are is a little mouse striving to become a rat.

  82. Warren Lynch on

    I hear a gas leak, can you hear and smell the gas? Oh, wait, it’s just you spewing sludge. You are a Keyboard Expert with your Keyboard Courage you are a silly little person, how quaint and pathetic. What have you done that has gainfully employed people pray tell?

  83. WASPM on

    “…squanders natural resources…” SHUT UP! These people are creating jobs and housing orphans! Style is always redundant, faddish, cyclical. So what. Good for them to have a successful American business and be able to add to our economy. BTW – are you talking about wool yarn that grows infinitely on the backs of sheep? I suppose you just run around naked every day? All of your clothes were made of something.

  84. Heather Morgan Burns on

    wow what a wonderful and inspiring role model!!! And adorable products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. UnderSiege on

    LOL….”leg warmers”? Buyers should wear them on their heads, with the hope they will increase blood flow to the brain.
    More redundant, faddish stuff, that has no real purpose, and squanders natural resources.

  86. Mudme on

    Back in the 80’s I had dozens of pairs of leg warmers that I would wear with boots or just over my jeans with shoes. This reminds me of them and how fun it was to coordinate with my outfit. I may need to stock up on these!

  87. Julie Neumann
    Julie Neumann on

    We’re preparing a follow up post to share the story behind their success, but their sales in the past two weeks have been even higher than that, very exciting!

  88. Joseph A on

    Whats crazy is that the sales they have generated since the show aired less then 2 weeks ago will probably exceed what they did in the prior 6 months ,,

  89. Julie Neumann

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