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Checkout on Instagram is Coming: What It Is, Why It Matters, and When You Can Get It

Tracey Wallace / 2 min read
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Today, Instagram publicly announced their closed beta for checkout on Instagram in partnership with select ecommerce platforms including BigCommerce.

This closed beta announcement means that Instagram will be handpicking retailers in the US to test the checkout products and provide feedback before the company releases the product to all brands.

Instagram’s Social Commerce History

Since 2017, Instagram has continued to release new features on the platform to allow brands to tag their products on their organic posts.

In 2018, Instagram launched their enhanced shopping solutions which includes features such as shopping stickers in Stories, a shopping channel in Explore, and a redesign of the dedicated shop tab on business profiles.

Checkout on Instagram is yet another feature in the Instagram shopping suite –– beginning in 2019 for select brands.

Here is how Instagram is positioning the checkout feature:

Checkout enhances the shopping experience by making the purchase simple, convenient and secure.

People no longer have to navigate to the browser when they want to buy. And with their protected payment information in one place, they can shop their favorite brands without needing to log in and enter their information multiple times.

Instagram Shopping & Advertising Stats

Instagram has become a defacto social media channel for brands.

You need Instagram in order to reach your audience, build consumer trust and loyalty, and utilize Instagram’s shopping and advertising suite of tools.

But, you aren’t alone –– nor are you wrong to assume the power of Instagram for connecting businesses and consumers.

Here are some Instagram stats as they relate to business accounts:

  • 25 million + business profiles worldwide.
  • 2 million advertisers worldwide.
  • 60% of users say they discover new products on the platform.
  • 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily.

How checkout on Instagram Will Work

  • After discovering a checkout-enabled product in posts or stories, a user will see the option to “checkout on Instagram” when they tap to view more details.
  • After filling out contact, shipping and payment information, the user can place her order directly in the Instagram app.
  • After placing an order, a user can also use the Instagram app to view her order status, estimated delivery date and tracking number, as well as cancel orders, initiate a return, or request additional support.

Why checkout on Instagram? Why Now?

Discovery has been part of the Instagram experience from the very beginning of the platform.

Instagrammers, as a result, are a cohort of people who want to explore and find new things from brands they love.

Retailers themselves want more opportunities to build relationships with these valuable customers.

This is why shopping takes everything that people love about Instagram – the serendipity of discovery, the inspiration of imagery – and lets people go one layer deeper to learn more before making a purchase.

Since shopping features first launched on Instagram in 2017, the app has quickly become a shopping destination unlike anywhere else. That’s because Instagram allows shoppers to visually explore all of their favorite products and stumble upon new ones that inspire them.

Now with the introduction of checkout, shopping on Instagram enables a frictionless purchase when people are ready to buy.

By solving commonly-reported user pain points of speed, convenience, and security, checkout minimizes the obstacles between the moment of discovery and a completed purchase.

What’s Next

There’s no real action items for brands here unless they are hand selected by Instagram other than continuing to build your audience and engagement on the Instagram channel.

As these solutions roll out to all brands, the best way to make checkout on Instagram profitable for your business is to have an actively engaged community willing and ready to buy.

Merchants interested in learning more about checkout as Instagram expands availability can visit here

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