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Our New Look & Feel

One of the many projects our amazing design, product and engineering teams have been working on is an improved look, feel and layout for the Bigcommerce control panel. This project is broken up into multiple phases, the first of which is a redesign of the product’s visual elements, along with improved navigation and usability on key screens (such as when adding a product) – and that’s what I’ll give you a preview of in this blog post.

The current design for the product was first created in 2009 – about 3 years ago. It was good back then but as design standards have changed and improved, we felt it was time to really focus on simplicity. To us, that means stripping back complex menus, adding a lot of whitespace, using beautiful typography and a simple color scheme (which is part of our new brand and website, also launching at the same time – Eddie will be blogging about that shortly).

The new design will be something you can opt-in to try when it’s released in August. By taking an opt-in approach, you get time to try the new design, get used to it and give us your feedback – only if you want to, of course.

Here’s a small preview of what you can expect when if you opt-in to try the new design when it rolls out in a few weeks. We hope you love it as much as we do! You can click on a screenshot to see a larger version.

The login screen

The dashboard after your store is up and running

The orders screen

Adding a product

Store settings

Carousel Builder

All beautiful online stores include a product promotion or featured offer on their home page which is typically displayed using a carousel that automatically rotates between the different promotions. These could include free shipping, new products, clearance items, etc. Our new carousel builder will make it easy to create a fully customizable carousel that can be added to your home page in just a few minutes. All point-and-click, no coding.

As you can see, the carousel builder is beautiful. You can upload photos using drag and drop, and even add text to the promotion by just typing it into a box. You can adjust the delay between slides and easily link each photo to a specific product, category or of course any web page you like.

Social Media Icons

Another small but important feature coming soon is the ability to add and customize which icons appear in the footer of your store for the various social media sites you may use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can simply drag an icon from the left (pictured below) to right, type in the link to your profile on that social media site, hit save and the icons will appear in the footer of your store. Easy.

New Themes

Over the coming weeks we’ll also start to roll out new themes. These themes have a big focus on design and user experience and really are stunning. We will also be replacing our current default theme with something more vanilla that acts as a great starting point regardless of what you happen to be selling or whether you’ll be using a designer to customize your store.

New default apparel theme

New default homewares theme

New default arts & crafts theme

New default women’s apparel theme

New default men’s apparel theme

New default sports & recreation theme

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  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Ryan, that may require a little customization. That would be a great question to post in the design section of our community forum.

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Ryan, unfortunately I do not think you can do this with the HomeIQ theme. However, you may be able to replicate the design in a custom banner image you make in Photoshop or your image editor of choice.

  • ryan

    Hi Jess,

    Do you know if i can acheive it with the homeIQ theme?
    and if so how can i do this.



  • ryan

    Hi Jess do you know how i can acheive that look in the HomeiQ theme?


    Ryan :)

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Ryan, some of our themes, like the Health & Beauty and GreaseMonkey themes, have this functionality built-in. I would encourage you to look into these themes and view the demo stores by signing into your control panel and going to the “Design section.” Cheers!

  • Ryan

    How do I achieve the 3 banners under the carousel effect? Shown on the first theme on this page.
    Can someone please assist me with this.


  • Thanks for a marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog
    and will eventually come back later on. I want to encourage you
    to continue your great work, have a nice evening!|

  • Jessica Malnik

    There should be a blue banner at the bottom of your control panel. Click on the middle part that says, “try it now.” This is how to activate the new control panel look.

  • Rajnish tyagi

    your design looks great buy mistake i press the old design button now i want my new look how can i get back please help me

  • David Callaway

    Got it. The name has been changed to Outdoors. It’s not available yet, but should come out in our next themes release in the near future. We’ll announce it on the blog when it’s available.

  • Dave

    OK. Thanks. I was looking for the Sports and Recreation theme as shown above. Is it labeled as something else?

  • David Callaway

    Hi Dave,
    If you signed up for a free trial, the four new themes should already be live in the design area. You should just need to select one.

  • Dave

    I signed up for the trial of Big Commerce, but don’t see a way to activate the new themes on this page. Are they active yet?

  • The new theme is definitely cleaner and more beautiful looking. I’m looking forward to the new apps!

  • Is there any way to integrate new carousel feature in existing template, Ex: the store is using orange template?

    Please help to provide a link to a tutorial exists.


  • Ayo

    Still waiting! anxiously!!!

  • I’m sorry, I meant to say when is the new and improved Big Commerce design going to be released

  • When is this major overhaul going to start. I’m in a holding pattern because I don’t want to have to go back and change something I did pre release so that i can now get the Carousel Builder and change it all again. You guys have been saying since Aug. that it would be out in a couple of weeks. Well we’re going on almost 3 months so what gives?

  • lani

    When will this be available? Just moved to Big Commerce and this change would have made my transition 100% easier.

  • Amy


  • I keep checking your website to see when these new themes will be available! Any news? I’m anxious to get started, but I’m waiting before I invest. Please let me know when new themes will be ready.


    Camille Benoit

  • great, really except the new design

  • Hi, i’m looking forward to these additions…. Are these updates available in the US yet? Haven’t seen any differences in the login panel or when adding new product?

  • Nigel


    Looks great but when is this happening. Will tjis be on place by the festive season? Itdbeen a while since you mentioned the launch

  • Carl

    When is this going to be available???
    Please let me know.

  • Lisa

    This announcement was trumpeted over two months ago and the new themes shown and the carousel builder have not come out. That is beyond frustrating for those of us considering switching to BigCommerce, but not wanting to open an account and build a store before the new themes and features are available!!! PLEASE update us on the progress, and next time consider waiting to roll out your big announcement until you’re ready to deliver!

  • Conrad

    Whew!! Finally, I’m so excited for carousel builder!!..

  • Tim

    I love that everyone is putting positive comments but can anyone really tell me when these changes will take place? This was posted in July and its almost October. Whats the point of posting upcoming changes unless you’re actually going to do it.

  • violet k

    me too on a better iPhone app. I want to see the guts of my store via my device, so either upgrade the mobile site or give option to go to full desktop version.

    Also would love more control over iPhone/device templates.

  • Jaocb

    Why are there no more release updates?
    Does anyone know?

  • Hal

    Any idea when these improvements will be available? I can’t wait to try out the carousel builder!!!

  • Wasn’t this supposed to happen in August? It’s September 1st, any word on when this will actually be rolled out?

  • Asya

    Looks great. Can’t wait to see it.
    Its nearly end of August now, When is this change going to take place.

  • When is this being released? Every time I ask about it , I get a new date

  • Tom

    August is almost over and I haven’t seen any more about this. When will it be available? I am holding up rolling out a store until the upgrade so I can do the back end training only once for the people who will be using it.

  • Y E S!!!!!!!

    We LOVE our Big Commerce. Thank you for making all these constant improvements. In the world of small business one is always having to battle with xyz to make things work. With Big Commerce it just works and it works well.

    I have to say that the new interface and design improvements are spot on! We were looking around at the competition. Sure some are spiffy cool looking but lack any real ecom features to make a small business sing. With these improvements we have it all in one place.

    We thank you.


  • awesome changes, awaiting for the updating.

  • I’m in favor of an iPhone app for viewing orders! Even better if we could use the iPhone app to process orders for local customers. Could it even work with a card reader to make checkout SUPER FAST!?

  • Do you have any dates set for the deployment of the new functionality?

  • The new site design looks fantastic!! I am really looking forward to the new features especially the carousel builder. I do agree with a really plain/vanilla version of a template though. Are there any plans to build something like this?
    Great work guys the solution is really head and shoulders above its competitors.
    And the great thing is you are listening and acting upon your communities feedback!

  • Rob

    The new themes are looking great, will their be a theme for bodybuilding or health supplements? or which theme would work in conjunction with a type of site like that.

  • We’re excited about getting to work on the carousel. When will it be ready?

  • Looks like some great features are being released. But I’m more than a little disappointed there is no blogging tools released. This is clearly one of the top requests from your customers on the forum.

  • Looks real cool team, looking forward to having a play, now when can we have a go at the new set-up :)

    Please asap pretty please :)

  • Looking forward to the changes, look real cool. How do you opt in?

  • Will this new system built from the ground up include Facebook log-in?

    Also Facebook comment integration on products and articles?

    Cant wait to see the new features.

  • Yoav

    This is the second time I get here following an email you sent about the new look. Last time I left a comment here, which was deleted or disapproved rather than responded to. Not cool. In fact kind of insulting. Do you only approve positive comments?

    Launching a new look is daunting task that involves lots of engineering, development of visual language, messaging, user experience targeting and sometime a change of attitude throughout the organization and customer base. It’s fantastic and brave that you have decided to update BigCommerce.

    Having spent the past 15 years in ecommerce and technology branding, I know the difference between having mockups and an actual launch, so getting two emails that point to nothing more than mockups and no certain launch date -only serves to excite-then-disappoint me. I would appreciate being emailed when a new site is up (even if it’s a limited test run or demo). Under-promise, over-deliver.

    I am a new (premium, paid) BigCommerce customer. I love many of the features here, (and the planned ones). The UI and templates however, have been an uphill battle. I would be the first to embrace the new SELL MORE tagline, and to do that, it is imperative that new UI and templates will enable me to rapidly launch high-converting websites -as soon as possible. Can’t wait.

  • New design looks great. I like the new order management layout. Is definitely a lot cleaner than the current version.

  • couldn’t agree more with Henry’s post. We signed up with BC when launching our store and have been very impressed with how well BC is always improving and adding new features. Keep up the great customer service and product!!

  • Patrick

    How about testing environments? Any plans for that?

  • Wade

    The new layout looks great! I’m interested in whether there is an affiliate option included in this update? Can’t wait to see the changes.

  • THIS IS SO NICE! Keep it up BIGCOMMERCE. Can’t wait for this new changes. When will it release?

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  • suzanne

    I am wondering on the product, are the options changed again? I also don’t see the “Other Details” tab which is where we customized some scripting for some tabs with one of our clients and where SEO content goes. Is there a Google tab still? Looks like there was lots of thought to templates for the beginners and they look nice. Will the free trial be the new design? I would like to tinker with it before I upgrade anyone.

  • Hi

    I think it all looks great however Im wondering will this redesign of the back end mean more work for the store owner for adjustments made to existing products like one of the last upgrades where product options had to be re done for every single product?

    Kind regards

  • Nice, nice, nice. Gets the thumbs up on the design and new features from me. This is definitely heading in the right direction.

    When can I have a play with it?

  • Looks great cant wait for the change.. Thanks guys keep up the good work..

  • Can’t wait guys, this is going to be good! How do we opt-in exactly (yeah i kind of skimmed the article) but still can’t seem to find any way to opt in?


  • Rom

    cool, is there going to be a facility to integrate a blog and video section? woo Commerce themes do this really nicely

  • Fantastic stuff guys! Continually impressed. And kudos to the person (or persons) internally that champions design over adding (yet another) feature. As a former UX designer, I am intimately familiar with how software heavy companies often under prioritize good usability. But it is effort on this type of stuff that makes you stand out and win.

  • Looking forward to the new changes, the carousel looks like a great feature.

  • New design looks great and I really like the new logo.

  • I am really happy with the look of new ui and the updated templates. Clean and simple, the really let the merchandise be center stage and not the container! If the back-end got a facelift too it will be even easier to customize. I am looking forward to the rollout. Regards, Georgia

  • Brandon

    Beautiful work guys!

  • Did a trial of the current solution, loved it. The lack of a purchase order system to order inventory and track status was a show stopper. Would love to see this and other back office centric functions implemented.

  • Do the new changes include a smoother,simpler way to get checked out on one page without numerous clicks? A way to avoid the log-in/create an account page? It would sure help to have one single navigable page after the cart page to collect payment info, ship address and get them out fast.

  • We can’t wait to incorporate the new designs and photo slides to our site. We are currently use banner images, but add a jquery file to create the rotating slideshow.

    Keep up the good work BigCommerce.

  • Ola

    Looking forward to put a couple of clients on to these new designs and functionalties, they will love being able to edit the carousel themselves instead of asking me.. (oops I will be redundant!! ;) )

  • Vicki DeCarolis

    I too am very excited about these upgrades such as carousel builder, the ability to add my social urls to the social media icon is HUGE!!!!

    I have been with Big Commerce since 2009 and they have NEVER let me down. the Tech team is awesome, the designers who they work with to assist when needed are great! I doubt I will be leaving them anytime soon at all.

    I am anxious about the transition a bit and ensuring I do not mess up my 3 year existing website but I also know I can count on their tech team as well as third eye graphics to help when I hit a wall!!

    Thank you

  • luis

    can’t wait tooo!!!

  • Ray

    With the changes, do you know if you will be easily be abe to enhance your current store theme or easily convert to a new theme with minimal effort? I know this is kind of a loaded question, but if you take a look at what I’ve done with my site, you might be able to answer my question a little better…

  • Salman


    @ Anna Heyligers : I know it does that on Android phones. However, if you change it to ” desktop view ” on your phone it will show you the normal view.

  • Greg

    These changes/enhancements seem fantastic, and are just the type of features I was looking for.
    Two questions:
    1) Do you have any idea on when the new themes will be available?
    2) If someone purchased a Big Commerce site today, will it be able to be migrated to the new version?


  • When? When? When? :)

    Can’t wait to check out the new themes/templates! and features..

    Anyone know when in August this will go live?

  • Love the new features. Looking forward!

  • I’m excited about these new changes! I love the new stylish themes too! Can’t wait!

  • How about a template for a book store and game store, please?
    We’ve had to reconfigure other templates and it isn’t always easy.

  • Yes, when will this opt-in choice be live? Looks good!

  • Howdy,

    Will there ever be an option for customers to purchase and download instructional video clips? We have been selling them physically as DVD’s but are switching to download options. Right now we are going to have them purchase a download PDF that contains a live link to the video clip that they purchase, but that’s a real roundabout way. It would be nice if they could make the purchase and do an immediate download like we see at many other sites.Thanks!

    Jonathan Beacon
    Sales Manager / DIY Road Cases

  • Hummm…. my designer/developer is about 90% complete on my new BigCommerce store. Will all this work be lost if we opt in or will the transformation happen automatically and without loss of effort. Clearly a BIG issue for me!

  • Tim

    I think the upgrades look great, but how about some meat and potatoes improvements? Like drop shipping, shipping mark-up setting. The UI wasn’t really broken, but features like I listed are lacking. Sad when a cart like 3D Carts or Magento CE offer these basic features and B/C doesn’t.

  • san

    I’m really excited for this! Does anyone know when this will go live?

  • The new design looks nice and promising specially the Carousel Builder. But we hoped BigCommerce focuses more the suggestions we post in the forum, specially for those sellers outside US. Any way, BigCommerce is best shopping cart on the internet so far.

  • I totally agree. I thought when I was going to launch my online business that designing my website would either be the most difficult or the most expensive. It is simple and cheap through bigcommerce and there is so many features you get that other sites pay for. This new update has me floored and I don’t see myself moving away from Bigcommerce ever.

    Thank you to everyone at the bigcommerce team!!!

  • Matt

    Also are these new features going to be available on all the plans. eg The new carousel.

  • Matt

    Are the BC partner advertising material also going to be updated? I see that much of it is old and out of date from 2009

  • I can’t wait until all of this takes place! After using other ecommerce platforms and not being satisfied, I found BigCommerce and fell in love, but always wished there were more theme options and a better backend layout and now it’s all about to happen! Thank you!!!!! :)

  • I think it looks great. I love the fact that you guys are always trying to improve an already great product. I was with another company before I moved to Big Commerce, so I really recognize the difference. Thanks for all the great customer service too!

  • Please update now. really appreciate.

  • I am deeply concerned about these changes. It looks like you have decided to dumb down what is currently very powerful ecommerce software. There are MANY things you need to change first before totally revamping the whole system. Bulk editing is terrible and needs to be updated, several options for shipping services and the checkout process need to be improved and instead we get a dumbed down interface?

    I have had great success with my big commerce site and just opened a second one, I am sure we will work through any challenges brought by the new interface, but I am not at all impressed with the first look at it.

  • I love this. its exactly what I was waiting for. I want to sign up to tryout the new features.

  • Patrick

    Great now make our stores run faster and we will be all set. 90% of the features can’t even be used by Bigcommerce store owners because they are bulky and cause site loading times to take longer than 3-5 seconds. You can create all the best features you want, but if we (paying customers) can’t use them, then what is the point?

  • Matt

    That is where you hire a designer to do customtise one for you. These templates though do look great, the others were years old.

  • This all looks fabulous, and also means my site will be going through a redesign!

    Is there a test environment so I can design my new look store without having to do it on a live site?

  • Love the new look! You guys have knocked it out of the park with this one! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  • Lily

    I am SOOOO excited about these new features. Especially the themes. Wow. Great job you guys. It feels so good to know you all are always working to make your software better. Looks like I switched just in time! :)

  • Your ninjas are awesome. They’re always available to help out in a pinch. One beef however is the complexity of the Options/Option Sets. I don’t think I’m a moron but I feel like one every time I have to set one up. Any way to make it easier to set up?

    Keep up the good work.

  • You guys are great! I have moved 3 stores here is the past 2 years and will be moving another this fall. BigCommerce is the best!

  • simon

    This is looking great! I like the idea of batch processing orders, will save me plenty of time. New templates are looking really great! I have just been talking about getting something similar built, old ones were starting to look dated.

    I also am keen to start the new look asap!

    Nice work guys, you are killing it!

  • Love your product and together I am sure it’s going to help biuld our business beyond anything I could have hoped for, just in time,we have a big launch for a new product and the carasel will help give us great sales results.
    Excellent product keep us the good work

  • Andrzej

    CAROUSEL YES YES YES finally. Good job. This is what we need.

    When are you going to lunch new options?

  • Thank you for adding the social media icons/links. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m excited to see the new themes, I hope you have something vintagey.

  • I really like the new look of the backside of the website. I was wondering if you will ever have the ability to have a “parts explosion” so people that sell parts can sell all of the parts on one page from a picture of a parts explosion? This is the only feature that I can see Big commerce is missing from the other E commerce sites.

  • I didn’t see anything about an improved blog component or further integration features with WordPress or Tumblr – any chance we will see anything like that soon?

  • You guys ‘Rock’ big! You are so professional and that really helps us business owners. If you keep making your software user-friendly, our websites will run themselves. How cool is that! I’m loving it. Keep up the great works! :-)

  • Can we please have a “view all” function on all category pages? It’ll be great to be able to create a sale and mark products we want on sale with a percentage and do it at once instead of each products.

  • Just caught the email announcement about the upcoming changes and between what’s in the email and the screenshots here it looks like a great update for both admins & customers.

    Can we expect any modifications to the template system with this release or in the near future?

  • Well done Gents!

    Can’t wait to see the new admin panel and product builder. I love the fact that it seems like just when I am thinking of adding something to our site, you guys come out with a nice integrated solution for the idea.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    The Evoke Crew

  • Anna, Totally agree regarding image uploader…. Otherwise really looking forward to trying it out for clients.

  • Sam

    We are just joining this month and this is great news! The changes look really, really sharp, and from what I’m seeing usability should be better too. Congratulations to the team behind this for all the hard work put in! BigCommerce’s features were a better match for our needs than Shopify’s, and it’s great to see this reflected in the updated visuals now too.

  • Hi,
    I always like when a supplier continues to improve their product and I’m looking forward to this one. We’ve used BigCommerce for over a year now and are generally happy but the environment has always been a little too geared towards strictly online stores. We are a manufacturer who sells products through retail, and we also have an online store. We had to pay a third party a lot of money to adapt BigCommerce for us. Does your new upgrade make it easier for customers like us?


  • Will the new version of your product include upgrades to the Quickbooks integration? A key reason I started using the system but it has never worked for me — ever.

  • Looks good nice and clean. But playing the devils advocate its just eye candy. Just showing your core product in a different improved design. Hear no mention about any changes in you core product??

    Your non existent Sales Pricing which 100’s on the forum have beed asking to fix/improve for well over 12 months.
    The inability to select which countries to display and sell to which again customers have been asking for for months.

    Cleaning up the Front End is well and good but you seem to be ignoring the back end.

  • Cant wait to see the final product! Love the Carousel option!

  • Kevin

    I’m really excited for this! Does anyone know when this will go live?

  • Looks great. Im really excited about the carousel.

    Im not a designer, so I was hoping for more easy to cuztomize templates. Or even some holiday templates we could switch between.

    Any chance for improvements on the gift cards? They currently dont even work for me- but thar might have been because of tne company I hired- and dtopped, to customize my store.

  • Really beautiful re-brand.
    You’ve given us inspiration on our own re-branding for our site. Great looks.

    I’m also wondering when the new themes will be released.

  • When will the new templates go live?

  • Whoa! This is looking good BC. I can’t wait to start the experiment and implement the a new theme to my store.

    Great job guys and gals, this is why I chose to use your service.

  • Looks nice so far. Looking forward to a more streamlined process for adding new products.

  • Brian

    Me too. Would really hope the vanilla theme template are stripped back as much as possible. Great work on the re-brand!!

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  • Mr. Harper thank you for giving a face lift to Control Panel (Dashboard) and I would like to suggest following things:

    First, Missing a very important link on the Orders Screen i.e. “Awaiting Fulfillment” as 95% of our orders goes here when successfully placed. Why not give the prominent place for this?

    Second, Order screen should have a filter (section) for very critical orders like with Rush/Express Shipping, International orders, Regular orders that are marked by Admin as urgent, etc. This should be on the “All Orders/View Orders” page but on the top section visibly separated from standard/regular orders.

    Third, Let store admin have ability to flash the message to other users. e.g. I would like Bob (my shipping manager) see a message waiting for him when he logs in or goes to process orders. This would be good to alert user about a particular order issue or something else.

    Finally, Please FIX the broken link for large picture under Carousel Builder section i.e. link on the Summer Sale with Man in suit picture gives 404 error.

  • I am just about to get my designer to build our custom site and I believe the new templates will suit us best….
    August is when you mentioned the update will be available, can you tell me whether it will early August or late August?

  • Hi Mitch, really nice work there. Looks great. Super keen to see the new themes – got another site on the cooker… Features like the Carousel Builder will allow us to bring more work in-house and give us more agility in the market place. Great stuff, thanks.

  • Ian Katz

    I really like the idea of these design upgrades, obviously will be very helpful, but I would love to see some functionality upgrades to your system. Better out of stock viewing for customers, maybe strike-throughs or hiding options that are out of stock. Better integration with Stone Edge Order Manager.

  • I’m working on that right now. Check out for the desktop version. BC needs to expand their API to make it easy to build these 3rd party apps. Right now I have to rely on a combination of the REST API and screen scraping :(

  • This is looking fantastic.. very good improvements.

    Q. When is this change going to take place, and how do we get clients onto this earlier ?

    I also agree the cleaner the code on the front-end the better. It will help coders get the integration smoother.

    Well done on the changes..

  • Hass Johnson

    This is a new beginning for something very special.

  • Paul

    Wow, it would have been nice to put this much time and effort into the one-page checkout for our customers.
    I’m disappointed again that BC is continuing to come out with new (and certainly large) changes to the product that are not addressing the many core issues users have voiced.

    Please look at the forums and pools on Facebook, we have voted on what we want, nowhere is there mention of a streamlined backend.

  • One thing I love about being a BigCommerce’s customer is that I feel there are people working to improve the software every single day. When I read news about the online world, its changes etc, I am confident that BigCommerce is working to be uptaded all the time.
    Keep up the excellent work guys!



  • I really like what I’m seeing. Kudos to your team. The control panel looks a lot more user-friendly and clean and the Big Commerce logo is an huge improvement. What I’m really excited about is the “more vanilla” templates. As a designer providing custom designs for clients this will be very helpful. The cleaner the code the easier it will be to work with. I’m really looking forward to trying this out.

  • Hi Mitch, Will there be improvement with the image uploader, I seem to have trouble with this it’s temperamental sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    Do you guys have an App that we could use on our phones to show our stats and orders etc. I can log into my store via mobile, however it only shows orders and nothing else about the store. I just think it would be really handy and save me a lot of time.

    I really like the new design it looks great. Thanks

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