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Make it Big 2020 Spotlight: Sell Where Your Customers Are With a Social Commerce Strategy with Nathan Lam

Beatriz Estay / 2 min read
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    Social media has transformed the marketing space over the last decade, and now social commerce follows a similar narrative. In BigCommerce’s 2020 Make it Big conference Business Product Marketing Lead at Meta, Nathan Lam, delivered an engaging session, offering insights into the rise of social commerce and how it’s reshaping the ecommerce landscape for retailers around the globe.

    Nathan’s Key Takeaways

    In our conversation, Nathan shared a wide scope of how we see social commerce taking influence in our everyday ecommerce strategies. Here’s what he had to say about his outlook on its evolution.

    1. Social commerce is all about recreating the in-store experience

    “When you think about customers back in the day, their experience was going into the store, discovering different products that they may like or want to purchase, having an interaction with the storekeeper, purchasing the good and then bringing it back home. When I think about social commerce, obviously start with the social platform, but it’s all about recreating that experience you would generally get with the storekeeper. That’s everything from the discovery phase all the way down to personalization to how you receive the product.”

    2. Growth is met with increasing customer expectations

    “The reason why I think social commerce has grown so much over the years is because people are having much higher expectations of how to interact and purchase goods. I like to break it down into three parts:

    1. Discovery: People want to discover products in new and unique ways. I personally discover many new products on social media through influencers that I follow.
    2. Immediacy: There is now a higher expectation of how we get products we want. The rideshare industry is a great example of this. Years ago, we were accustomed to waiting 30 minutes for a taxi, and now we expect an Uber in no more than 10 minutes.
    3. Personalization: There’s different products out there like Spotify or Netflix that curate your content. This is changing the way of commerce and the way that brands tell their story.

    Combining these experiences is what’s driving the evolution of social commerce today.”

    3. Meta and BigCommerce: a winning partnership

    “BigCommerce is one of the premium partners we work with. We have absolutely loved working with the BigCommerce team over the years — they are super responsive and great to work with. If you’re looking for an integration that you can depend on and a team that you can trust, it doesn’t get any better than a premium partner. We definitely recommend BigCommerce and there’s more to come with our Facebook and Instagram integrations.”

    In our Day 3 Make it Big session we dove into all the ways businesses can grow their social commerce efforts, plus:

    • What’s next for social commerce
    • How to reach new audiences
    • How to elevate content to boost conversion

    Available On Demand

    Stream Nathan’s session today to learn more on how your ecommerce business can develop a winning social commerce strategy.

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