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Today, the Bigcommerce team is excited to announce a partnership with Google, making it easier for you to submit your product information to Google Shopping and quickly reach millions of new customers searching for what you sell.

With Google Shopping, you can create highly visual online ads, which put your products front and center, showing rich imagery and key product details on Google Search.

Through this new integration, we’ve removed the hardest step to getting up and running on Google Shopping. You can now save time and extra work by using your existing Bigcommerce account to automatically submit data to fuel your Google Shopping campaigns.

  • Minimize workload and go-to-market time: Use the product information you already have in Bigcommerce without needing to create separate files to submit to Google
  • Data accuracy: Continuously import fresh data from your store on Bigcommerce without any additional work
  • Automatic implementation: Roll out new products to Google Shopping with no additional effort, simply by adding new products to your Bigcommerce store.

Want to get started right now? This free Google Shopping Setup guide will walk you through all necessary steps. Do keep in mind that before you get started with Merchant Center on your Bigcommerce Backend, you’ll need a Google Account.

Have questions or concerns? Leave them in the comments below or stay tuned for more updates from both Bigcommerce and Google in the months ahead.

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  • This is a huge bonus for clients! Well done. I thought Google Shopping wasn’t going to be available until the end of the year in New Zealand but we’ll be ready when it comes!

  • Hey @Audio_Bible:disqus, that is correct. The Google Shopping feed is managed through Google AdWords, so you will need an account there. You can actually list for free, but when someone clicks on the product to come to your site, you will pay a fee. It’s super low risk :)

    This article should walk you through exactly how to set it all up:

    And this article can explain exactly how it works:

    Hope that helps!

  • There are no free product placements on Google Shopping, even if you give them a product feed? Google Shopping is a pay for placement system, correct?
    Let me know.

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