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That whole iTunes thing has been done to death. Step aside Apple, and make way for the New Kids on the Block. With our latest theme release, the days of pawning your mix tapes on The Streets will soon be a distant Blur.

U2 may have noticed that The Darkness of this theme contrasts well with the neon highlight colours to give an edgy, contemporary feel. There’s No Doubt, the subtle background textures give the design a well rounded, organic finish that gives the theme an appeal that extends beyond the music industry. The four-column grid allows for larger category page thumbnails, which is ideal if you don’t have too many products to showcase.

There’s only One Direction to go from here — up.


For a more in-depth look, check out the Musik demo.

Key features

  • A four-column grid for an uncluttered look and larger images
  • A dark canvas with digital-inspired fonts and a trendy neon accent colour to highlight features
  • A new set of social media icons specially designed for this theme

Perfect for

  • Music, Books & DVDs
  • Electronics
  • Computers & Software

How to get it

To use Musik for your store, just log in to your control panel, navigate to Design and click “Apply this template.” If you haven’t upgraded to our latest version yet, you’ll need to do so to use any of the new themes.

All you have to do is:

1. Log in to your Bigcommerce control panel.
2. Click the “Try it now” link on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.
3. From now on, you’ll be using the new control panel and have access to the new themes.

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  • But you don’t have copyright as a seller to upload to a third party, and SoundCloud will no doubt remove tracks you upload for that reason. It is hard enough for even DJs to keep mixes up without them throwing a hissy fit.

    You really are missing the trick here for audio and video customers.

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi V.B, I would encourage you to get a Soundcloud account. It works very similar to Youtube, but for audio files. You simply upload your files to Soundcloud and then you can embed the videos directly into your specific product page through the HTML editor.

  • V:B.

    Do you Make a layout to sell music and there isn’t a music player to listen to previews of the songs????

  • Chris

    This is a nice theme, but what about layout?

    Think “one-page” with me for a minute…

    You’ve done a nice job on this theme. Keep that in mind. On the other hand, the layout is exactly the same. Specifically, the ▬ PRODUCT page layout. ▬ I look for a layout that can make each product page look like an AWESOME one-page masterpeice so I can really sell that product.

    This is especially handy for those of us who want to sell just a few products. It’s easy to change colors, fonts and the background; it’s not easy to change the layout.

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