Our New Product Import/Export Spreadsheet: Coming Soon

One of the most important features for a lot of our clients is the bulk import/export tool for making changes to products. Up until version 7 we had two separate import/export options. One for products and one for variations (now called options). When we re-engineered version 7 for product options, one of the features I decided we needed to also re-engineer was product import/export. I wanted to give you the ability to bulk update your products, SKUs, rules and options all in a single, simple spreadsheet. The caveat was that if we wanted to include this feature in version 7, we’d have to push the release back 4 weeks, which we decided not to do.

Instead, we opted to release version 7 temporarily with bulk import and export for products only, not options or SKUs. Doing the release this way gave us a month to work on the new import/export wizard, and I’m happy to announce that we’ll be releasing that as part of BigCommerce 7.0.4 shortly. In this post I wanted to show you how we’ve designed the new bulk import/export wizard which is both simple and very, very powerful to use.

Spreadsheet Format

The biggest decision we made regarding bulk import and export for products was that you should be able to edit EVERYTHING to do with products in a single spreadsheet. That includes editing things like price, weight and description but also being able to add and edit SKUs for different product options, each with their own price and/or weight and/or stock and/or photo. It also includes being able to add and edit rules for products, such as adding $5 to the price when Large or Extra Large is selected for size.

Take a look at the screenshot below. The fields in yellow are new. In this example you can see that the product is “Adidas Originals Gazelle 2 Graphic Mens Sneakers (Black)” but it also has 2 unique SKUs and 3 rules:

The options for a SKU are included in the “Product Name” field. As you can see, they’re prefixed with some text such as “[CS]” which allows you to specify which option type a particular value is. Here’s the list you can use:

  • [C] for checkbox
  • [RB] for multi-choice (radio)
  • [RT] for multi-choice (rectangle)
  • [S] for multi-choice (select)
  • [P] for product list
  • [CS] for swatch
  • [PI] Product list with images

The beauty of this new spreadsheet layout is that you can not only add and edit SKUs with options (such as different colors) but you can also specify price and weight changes and also cost price for each of those SKUs as well. Notice the price field in the screenshot below that will add $6 to the price when a particular SKU (or combination of options – in this example, Color=Orange,Style=Retro) is selected:

In the final screenshot below, you can see that you can also adjust weight for a SKU as well as disabling purchasing and setting current stock and a low stock level indicator:

Having everything for products, SKUs, options and rules in a single spreadsheet makes bulk importing, editing and exporting dead simple. We’ll be rolling this feature out shortly and I hope you’ll find it useful. If you’re interested in the exact format of the bulk import/export spreadsheet, you can download a sample below.

Download a sample spreadsheet