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On Wednesday night from 5pm-7pm we held the first of many BigCommerce partner events in Austin at Union Park. Judging by the attendance and interest in the BigCommerce platform, as well as the non-stop conversation and questions, I’d say the event was a definite success!

Around 75 web designers and business owners attended the meetup, curious to learn more about BigCommerce and mingle with our Austin team. Chris did an excellent job running the BigCommerce demo/Q&A stand and was overwhelmed with questions, interest and lots of “ooooohhs” and “ahhhhhhs” as he showed what BigCommerce can do – specifically how easy it is for web designers to roll out completely customized and fully functional stores for their clients quickly.

Lee, Dave, Scott, Travis, Amanda, Ryan, Luke, Brian and Caroline entertained guests and answered questions about BigCommerce (and our new partner program) while everyone enjoyed complimentary food and drink. I’ve included some pictures below that were taken on the night. A big thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to working with you through the BigCommerce partner program to grow your business!

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