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Pinterest Rich Pins are now on Bigcommerce — here’s how to get the most out of them

Tim Schulz / 2 min read
Rich Pins now enabled on Bigcommerce

Exciting news for merchants who use Pinterest marketing to promote their businesses: We’ve partnered with our friends at Pinterest to enable Rich Pins for Bigcommerce stores! Rich Pins include detailed information like price, availability and your store name to help increase engagement and drive shoppers to your site. So if you’re not using social media marketing, now is a great time to start.

Why you should use Pinterest and Rich Pins for ecommerce

All that detailed information makes Rich Pins perfect for ecommerce, because they can help send more traffic to your site and increase sales. In just two weeks of testing, our merchants increased traffic from Pinterest by 38% on average and by more than 50% in some cases! And when Target implemented Rich Pins, their traffic from Pinterest increased by 70%.

Flyright Tees Pinterest Rich Pins

Another benefit of Rich Pins is that when you reduce the price of a product, the Rich Pin will update and anyone who pinned it will receive a notification. That means you can still get new traffic and sales long after someone has pinned your product. And both Pinterest and Rich Pins are free to use, so they’re a no-brainer for anyone selling online. If you’re not using Pinterest yet, here are a few reasons you should:

  • 80% of Pinterest users are women (source: RJMetrics), and women account for more than 70% of global consumer spending (source: BCG)
  • 49% of people who pin a product are considering a purchase (source: Vision Critical)
  • Shoppers spend $80.54 per order when coming from Pinterest, compared with $71.26 for Facebook and $70.17 for Twitter (Source: Monetate)
  • Users stay on linked sites for an average of 15 minutes (Source: Bold Online Marketing)

The majority of Pinterest users control their household spending, almost half of them are thinking about buying the products they pin, they spend more, and they browse linked sites for a long time. Those are people you definitely want to be selling to, and Rich Pins help improve their engagement.

How to use Rich Pins with Bigcommerce

Rich Pins have been auto-enabled for all current Bigcommerce stores that use compatible themes. Just turn on Pinterest sharing for your product pages under Setup & Tools > Store Settings > Share in your control panel.

Enable Pinterest and Rich Pins on Bigcommerce

After that, any product pinned using the Pin It button on your product pages will include price, availability, etc. like this:

Ringsafe Pinterest Rich Pin

Note: In order to use Rich Pins, your store must meet Pinterest’s terms of service. If you’ve recently joined Bigcommerce or sign up after today, you may need to get your store’s URL verified in order for Rich Pins to work. For more on that, plus detailed instructions on enabling Rich Pins and a list of compatible themes, please take a look at our Rich Pins knowledgebase article.

How to get the most out of Pinterest and Rich Pins

Now that you know why you should be using Pinterest and Rich Pins, here’s how to get the most out of them.

1. Sign up for a Pinterest business account

You’ll need to sign up for a Pinterest business account so they can recognize you as a business. You’ll be able to specify a business name and get updates about business-specific features. Most importantly, only businesses can use Pinterest Analytics.

2. Use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics gives you access to valuable data that can impact your strategy for social marketing and product merchandising, including:

  • Pinterest referral traffic to your store
  • The most pinned products on your site
  • Your most popular pins and boards
  • Audience demographics

As mentioned above, make sure you verify your website with Pinterest to see how pins that link to your site are performing.

3. Check out our free ebook Selling on Pinterest

To celebrate the launch of Rich Pins on Bigcommerce, we’ve produced a new ebook that will teach you how to use Pinterest to boost your sales. Selling with Pinterest is a free guide that includes pinning basics, dos and don’ts for your business, and examples of people who are doing it right.

My special trial link


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Tim Schulz

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  1. Akshaya on

    What happens to the pins which are already pinned to Pinterest? Do they convert to Rich pins automatically or We need to edit the pins??

  2. Julie Neumann
    Julie Neumann on

    Hope you enjoy the new feature! And we’re looking forward to publishing a post about a certain apparel store successfully pinning their way to revenue next week :)

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