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Rollie Nation: Building innovation into the fabric of the brand (UX included)

Tracey Wallace / 2 min read

Why they won

Rollie Nation was a finalist for the Innovation Awards.

For building innovation into the fabric of the brand at every step of the customer experience.

Business stats

  • Founder: Vince Lebon
  • Who submitted (and is quoted below): Nish Mohil, Digital Intelligence
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Headquartered: Victoria, Australia
  • Ecommerce vertical: Apparel & Jewelry
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Business outcomes of the innovation

  • +200% MoM revenue growth
  • Launching international site (AU + US)

What they do

Rollie founder and footwear designer Vince Lebon wanted to create the perfect travel shoe for his jet-setting flight-attendant wife so she could take as many pairs as she liked on her travels.

For Lebon, the challenge was to create a shoe that solved a purpose, a shoe that was super comfortable, yet super cool.

He set out to create a product that evoked wonder and did just that by innovating a whole new shoe concept!

Weighing 20g less than a pair of Havaianas, Rollie shoes are the perfect shoe to hop, skip, jump and travel in. Innovation is applied in every element of the shoe, such as premium materials that are super soft, EVA energy returning outsole for durability and memory foam insole and padding to deliver next-level comfort.

The challenge behind the innovation

Innovating a shoe concept was only the beginning. The next challenge was finding the right ecommerce platform that would bring this innovative design to life!

The challenge then evolved into creating a fantastic web experience and creating brand awareness.

How they make it work

We have been using BigCommerce as our web platform since the very beginning, 5 years ago.

Built on the cornerstone of innovation, as a brand Rollie is focused on integrating innovation at every step. Here is how BigCommerce helps us do that:

  • Apps like Instock Notify are crucial in providing an excellent customer experience while helping us improve conversions.
  • We use Bigcommerce’s easy-to-use API to integrate our supporting customer service, email database shipping & fulfillment and even to sell on marketplaces such as the Iconic.
  • The friendly team at BigCommerce is available on call at all times which is really handy, especially for an Australia-based business.

Final word

The brand is growing at a rate that is really exciting. We are pumped to be launching a Rollie U.S. website (on Bigcommerce) in the coming month to ride the wave in a new market!

With an average growth rate of 200% month-over-month for 2017 compared to 2016, it is easy to see the results clearly.

The brand’s email database and social following have nearly doubled from the beginning of 2017 alone. The biggest impact of the business is knowing we have built a community that is super passionate (just like us!), with some loyal fans owning 6-8 pairs!

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