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[Screenshots] Coming Soon: BigCommerce 7 – Product Options, iContact Integration and a New Design

Mitchell Harper / 2 min read

Update: BigCommerce 7 has been released. Get full details here.

As our quality assurance team put their finishing touches on our next release (now officially called BigCommerce 7), I wanted to share a few screenshots with you and talk to you about the release – which has been almost 6 months in the making (of course we’ve still pushed out new features and updates every 2 weeks during that time!).

Revamped & Expanded Product Options

With BigCommerce 7 we’ve really improved on product options (what we currently call variations), because we know how important they are to your merchandising efforts. In the screenshots below you’ll see that product options have been completely redone. They’re now easier, faster and more flexible. You can create 11 different option types: checkbox, date, file upload, multi-line text, radio button, dropdown, rectangle, numbers only, product list, color swatch and text field.

Also, instead of huge sets of product combinations, you can simply setup smart rules, such as “When Size=L OR Size=XXL, Add $5 to Price & 0.2LBS to Weight”. You can also create unique SKUs based on options. I’m pleased to say that BigCommerce 7 has better functionality regarding product options than both Amazon *and* Zappos (the two stores I consider leaders in product merchandising via options)!

Variations are now called options – and here’s how you create one (such as Color, Size, Style, etc)

Here’s a color swatch option (see the last screenshot to see how it looks in-store)

After creating a set of options, we assign them when adding or editing a product on the “Options” tab

We can create a unique SKU based on a combination of option values

We can also create rules to make adjustments to price, weight, photo, etc based on selected options

Here’s how this product looks in-store with options applied. Notice the color swatch and rectangular size option?

iContact Email Marketing Integration

BigCommerce 7 also includes integration with iContact, our recommended email marketing solution for BigCommerce clients.

You can setup rules to add/remove newsletter subscribers to your lists and also customers based on which category/brand/product they’ve purchased. You can then setup email promotions and autoresponders to market to them – powerful stuff. All BigCommerce clients get a 30 day free trial of iContact too.

Please note that Mailchimp *is* still supported.

iContact integration settings for both newsletter subscribers and customers

New Control Panel Design

Finally, we’ve revamped the design of the control panel. At first it was subtle, but as we started playing with different fonts, gradients, menus and panels, we decided to go all in and completely revamp it.

One big change you’ll notice in the first screenshot below is that once you’ve completed the 7 steps in “Let’s Get Your Store Open For Business”, a new dashboard called “Now Let’s Promote Your Store to the World” will appear. It includes 6 steps to get the most out of the marketing tools built right into BigCommerce.

The streamlined dashboard with the marketing promotions wizard

We’ve removed the explanatory text in the drop down menus because we felt it was hard to read

Notice the blue search bar and the eye and star icons which represent visible and featured settings for products

When you scroll down the page the main navigation elements move with you – notice the gray bar along the top?

Release Date & Upgrade Options

We’ll be rolling BigCommerce 7 out to new stores only starting in the next few days. We anticipate making the upgrade available to existing clients in the next week or so. We will of course keep you informed via the blog and our Facebook page, so make sure you’re a fan.


Mitchell Harper

Mitchell Harper

Mitch is the co-founder of Bigcommerce. He loves helping small businesses succeed through the use of simple software and regularly keynotes on topics including e-commerce, entrepreneurship, Saas and mostly importantly, how to build a great company culture. Today he runs the company alongside co-founder Eddie and our 300+ person team with offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Austin. He can be emailed at

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71 comments on “[Screenshots] Coming Soon: BigCommerce 7 – Product Options, iContact Integration and a New Design

  1. Jessica Malnik
  2. Renee on

    We are liking the new “Product List” option type which allows for a list, with images, of related products that can be chosen (bundled) along with the current product. However, what if you need to be able to bundle more than one product from the same list? For example, we have products that have “factory installed options” — a list of 10 or so items, and if you want you can select them all. It’s nice to have them linked to the related products which are available elsewhere on the site and have them auto-update the cost…but right now it’s only showing a radio list (single select). I’d like to be able to select multiple options from the product list. Is this possible? Or is it coming soon?

  3. Ben Geck on

    Great to see the new upgrade I hope in the near future you work on redirecting index.php to / and giving access to other needed files. Also integrating a blog option…

  4. Atiph on

    Hi Mitchell,

    Any update or any wat to add filter on the basis of options such as filter products by colors?


  5. Loren on

    Hey Mitchell,

    Any updates on product filters? We have thousands of jeans and other products on our site and product filters is something we hear complaints about from a lot of our customers.

    Keep up the great work with BigCommerce! Thanks!

  6. James Solomon on

    Thanks Mitch, I’m clearly missing something then everytime I have tried uploading product variations I have to go in to each manually from the admin console to select force.
    Also I meant to word the original question differently, can you upload variations/options from the same csv as product imports or will it still be from a seperate csv?

    Keep up the good work BC!!

  7. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Lisa. We do, but we’re focusing on one area of features at a time. Right now you can integrate with any affiliate software you like, but we’ll add something native soon.

  8. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Clara. The answer is “it depends”. It depends on how complex your options and pricing rules are. Sometimes yes, sometimes no due to the fact that calculations for rules would slow things down too much if it were done in real time.

  9. Mitchell Harper
  10. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Roman. It will still be compatible, yes. New API changes will always have a backwards-compatible version so you won’t have to make any changes to your existing integration.

  11. Mitchell Harper
  12. Mitchell Harper
  13. Sabina on

    Really looking forward to the this release!

    One quick question, I did try to find the answer, but there is so much info on the new additions to this version I may have missed it!

    Can you now offer discounts on bulk purchases with variations?

    We sell washable nappies in lots of colours/ prints and sizes. The unit price should reduce the more they buy which we haven’t been able to offer so far.


    1-4 nappies cost £10.00 each
    5-10 nappies cost £9.50 each
    10+ nappies cost £9.00 each

    Added to this quantity they choose, they need to choose the size and colour of each one…

  14. John Dawkins on

    Hi Mitchell, I am a new user under the trail period and love just about all I see. My current snag is importing the Product Options and Rules in bulk format. Any time frame on 7.0.1 and will it take care of my needs?

  15. Roman on

    Another question for Mitch:
    We just finished integration via API with current version of the BigCommerce. I noticed in the previous post that you mention about you beginning to update the API to 2-way data exchange. Does that mean that the current API for pulling data will be modified when you finish? or will it still be compatible with future setup? What I’m trying to figure out is whether or not we’ll have to make changes to our current setup to be compatible with the next version of API.


  16. Clara on

    Cool! I’ve been waiting for this for months. Can’t wait to get in there and test drive it. I hope it’s going to solve all my variation needs. Good job guys. One question, when a customer makes a choice does the system automatically make all other options that do not apply unavailable?

  17. Lisa Splendid Jacklich on

    This is just what I need for my product line Mitch – Thank you! I can’t wait to improve my site with BC7. I only have 6 products, but they are customizable & I felt limited with the old system. Now, I can streamline the buying process. Lisa
    p.s. Do you have any plans to add a simple affiliate or referral feature to BC?? Where we could track referred sales & then pay commissions? That would be a dream come true for me.

  18. Mitchell Harper
  19. Mitchell Harper
  20. Mitchell Harper
  21. Mitchell Harper
  22. Mitchell Harper
  23. Mitchell Harper
  24. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hey Eamon. Import and export will roll out for 7.0.1 in time for existing store upgrades. We’re working on that now but didn’t want it to stop version 7 going out for new stores. Email me if you’d like more detail.

  25. Mitchell Harper
  26. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Milan. We have, but we add features based on 2 things. 1) Will they help our clients get more customers and 2) will they help us reach a larger audience. If the answer is yes to both then we add a feature to our roadmap. For now there are a few features we consider more important but it’s on our roadmap.

  27. Mitchell Harper
  28. Mitchell Harper
  29. Mitchell Harper
  30. Mitchell Harper
  31. Mitchell Harper
  32. Mitchell Harper
  33. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Alex. Yes we will. Our rule is to *NEVER* remove existing functionality from BigCommerce, so Mailchimp stays. iContact is however our recommended email marketing service.

  34. Mitchell Harper
  35. Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper on

    Hi Robert. Yes there is. We call these bundles and one product can contain multiple other products, each with their own inventory which is reduced if you buy the bundle. Enjoy!

  36. Mitchell Harper
  37. Shawn on

    Will the options selection have a default selected size? Then the customer can see the first price without having to select a product size? Right now it shows $0.00 without any selection.

  38. Max on

    FANTASTIC! Well done guys, keep up the great work. I chose BigCommerce because you seem like a company that listens to its customers – and then does stuff. This is what I need really badly, and can’t wait…

  39. Robert on


    Will there be an option to make combinations of products where the stock is kept track of when a combination is sold?


  40. Dave on

    Hey Mitch,
    Looks like a great update! Can you tell me if i will be able to use images instead of buttons to change the variations. Ie; for selling designs for a t-shirt you would be using a picture of the design and then that design gets overlayed on top of a plain t-shirt


    Thanks a lot

  41. Michael on

    I am not sure if this is obvious to anyone else, but these new “Color Options” pave the way for the color-based search! Is this on your roadmap? Not to over-simplify, but all that is needed is to allow for the creation of a set of “standard” colors, then allow those to be chosen in the Options wizard. If you have that, allowing people to filter products by one of the “standard” colors becomes trivial. Very exciting!

  42. Lou on

    Thanks for the upgrade. One question.

    Will the new option system provide filters? Like a set of links where the customer can see options and drill down to what they want.

    Example: The left placed filter sidebar of

    Really happy to see a new option system and look forward to using it. This is the update I’ve been waiting for.

  43. Jensen Lee on

    Great job on this new release! Sounds like a ton of work and hopefully it all goes well.

    I’m curious… when do you anticipate releasing functionality to re-write URLs? Being able to modify URLs is really important to properly optimize a website. Not only will this benefit your customers, but it would offer a huge competitive edge to BigCommerce (over other platforms) as well.

    In the meantime, keep up the good work! Your platform is really awesome and it only seems to get better with time.

  44. James Solomon on

    Can’t wait for BC7!!
    Just wanted to know quickly whether uploading variations, soon to be renamed “options”, via csv in the new BC7, will it now include the option to force users to select options in store as this I beleive is currently not an option?

  45. Jason on

    Hi Mitchell,

    Looks like alot of good cosmetic changes.

    Could you please provide a list of other functional changes coming down the pipe? It would greatly help us, and I’m sure the majority of other merchants, if we knew what upgrades are coming when.

    Any news on canonical URLs in V 7.0? (the ability to set a separate URL from the product name).

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

    Jason Bolduc

  46. Brandon on

    So is this true “BigCommerce 7 also includes integration with iContact, our recommended email marketing solution for BigCommerce clients.”

    What happened to the MailChimp love? Will MailChimp integration still be there and this is another option? Personally I prefer MailChimp but I am sure iContact is alright too.

    I am excited for the options upgrade as my store uses lots of different options and the previous way would clog up the database. Is it safe to assume that we can still have images for our options and not just colour swatches? We have a few products to try out the new colour swatches but also sell products with paterns too.

    Has the variations import tool changed too?

  47. Tom on

    I love the minimalist look. I appreciate BC going with clean design opposed to a more cluttered look. Good design + function = winnar!

  48. Max on

    Email marketing via iContact.

    Probably a better idea from the beginning than MailChimp – BUT – I dont see a MailChimp tab on the BC7 Email Marketing tab above.

    Now that designers and integrators have spent hours pulling their hair out getting BC to hold hands with MailChimp, and finally got it working – please, Please dont tell me that MailChimp will no longer be supported.


  49. Milan Jara on

    Wonderful, I am so happy that found you guys. I am confident that your store will always keep on improving.

    I do have question for you, have you ever thought about adding a feature of Group Sale? You know, something like Groupon but built in to the platform so that each of us Store owners can trow great deals like that and the word gets spread like wildfire.

  50. Brad on

    This all looks great, but still missing something of vast importance here. With over 500+ products in stock, this software is all but useless to us without the ability to assign each SKU a stock location (BIN) to generate on the items pick’s ticket.

    I mean, it’s great to have a functional cart, but if the warehouse staff doesn’t know where to pick the items, one might as well not be in business…

  51. Eamon Rodeck on

    The revamped product options looks great! Can’t wait to get our hands on it.

    Will it be possible to import Product Options in BigCommerce 7 when it’s released or is that something in the future?

    With 7, is the 2 way API part of it or is that something in the future?


  52. Mary on

    Does the new options feature implement only showing what options are available, and grays out the ones that aren’t in stock, so the customer can see before they get to the cart that their choice may not be in stock?

  53. Paul Baron on

    LOVE IT!!! This is going to make so many of our clients so happy! You guys are the best Mitch, and you prove it time and again! We here @ Madwire are thrilled to partner with such an awesome group of people, tell your devs we give them mad kudos! Goodonya guys!

    Can’t wait till this rolls out for everyone!

    p.s. I just realized I ended every sentance with an exclamation point… lol.

  54. Hiva Javaher on

    Great job Mitch and of course BigCommerce, The new Variation features are awesome! I’m sure it will make A LOT of people happy :)

    Thanks for all the hard work,

    P.S. Thanks to all of your tips and education, DermaPoise now has a bit over 1000 fans on facebook :) Thanks again :)

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