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Step 1: Layout mock up (idea)

Step 2: Content mock up (positioning)

Step 3: Photoshop mock up (graphical elements)

Step 4: Prettied up by the design team (ready to go)

Come see us at IRCE in Chicago next week if you’d like a print out of the brochure :)

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  • Sure thing Steve. The easy way is to create a free account on or then get the “public” link from that site and link to it in the content of a page in BigCommerce.

  • Ok I have a brochure in a pdf file and I want to up load it on to my site. I have tried and failed. Please provide the steps to take the brochure to the web site and then allow custoemrs to look it over, print it and or download it to there own computer or printer. thanks

  • Thanks for the great tips. Big Commerce goes out of it way to help it customers. Thanks,

  • dave

    Hey Jackie. I like your site, and see you have customized it a bit. Did you take on this task yourself or did you have a developer help out?

  • Ha! Thanks! I’m going to be famous! :)

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