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  • Nice looking websites!

  • Hi Julie. Your store looks great, well done! At the moment we have and also dozens of links to customer’s stores at

  • Hi Mitchell,

    First off big commerce has taken my store to new heights! The ease of use and the SEO is fantasic in your software. I’m alway’s looking for new ideas to add to my site. Is there a directory of Big Commerce sites I can browse through?

    Thanks again,

  • This is VERY exciting to see my fellow entrepreneurs doing what they LOVE, AND coming together with a company that is ALSO doing what they love… This is a BIG Time Win/Win for all of us! Your sites look wonderful and I am so happy to be joining Big Commerce and my fellow friends on this exciting and adventurous journey of connecting with the individuals all over the world that can benefit from our products and services. I did my research before switching to Big Commerce and WOW am I glad I made the switch… it just keeps getting better and brighter. Thanks all… I would also love to invite you to come visit our web-home at I’ve created our web experience to feel like a big, uplifting hug. Wishing you all every success, Carmel

  • Great to hear Richard! Your store looks excellent and we wish you nothing but continued success.

  • Great jobs on these sites and on Steven’s one too.

    I must support what Steven has been saying with BigCommerce. My site : has been running for less than 2 weeks and is already buzzing! Great tools, great integration with payment gateway provider and shipping companies.

    Support guys have been helpful and fast, the community is great too.

  • Hi Steven. Wow, congratulations – talk about SEO optimization! Stores looks great too.

  • The sites look great! I was so pleased with my current Big Commerce store that I began a new store with a 15-day free trial. Twelve days into my trial period and my store began to appear in Google and Yahoo searches – even first page ranking in some searches. No kidding! The new store is hardly ready for traffic, as I only added a handful of products and I’m still working with the design. The store is Search for “pincic baskets” on Yahoo and you should see on page 7. Search for “woven picnic baskets” and you’ll see my store on page 1. I have not done any SEO on the site except for paying close attention the page title, meta keywords, meta descriptions and search keywords when adding new products and pages.

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