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The Top 20 Price Comparison Shopping Search Engines

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In today’s omni-channel world, you can’t simply wait for customers to come to you; instead, you need to go where they are — wherever their shopping experience takes them. A successful retail marketing strategy requires creative methods to showcase your products throughout the consumer buyer journey. So where do your customers spend time? Like everyone else, they are involved in social media and spend time searching for information and products they’re passionate about.

When you think about eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest, the first phrase that comes to mind may not be “search engine.”

But this is rapidly changing.

The convergence between social network advertising, web browsing, and shopping is here.

Every customer touchpoint with a search functionality effectively acts as a search engine where users can compare products. And just like that, many popular online portals can instantly be seen as comparison shopping engines. Whether platforms are intended for commerce or not, online retail is expanding to every crevice and corner of the internet.

And regardless of where they go, customers search for price comparisons — not the direct-to-online store journey that marketers like to assume.

While the ecommerce landscape offers a variety of well-known advertising and marketplace options like Amazon, Etsy and Google Shopping, there are also new and influential channels like Polyvore and Houzz that can help you find niche shoppers before they make purchases with the bigger brands. In all, there are countless shopping search engines a retailer can utilize to increase their brand awareness and customer count. Better yet, each of these outlets have one thing in common: their cost-effective ability to boost sales.

To help you decide where to list your products, GoDataFeed compiled a list of the top 20 comparison shopping engines for online retailers –– with data that supports why each of these platforms has a unique value proposition. Some insights from their research include:

Read the full infographic below to access insights and data from the top product distribution outlets, comparison sites, and shopping search engines in the world.

comparison shopping search engines


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  • Mert Gençler

    Great article! Thanks for putting that out.
    20% of e-commerce traffic for all sorts of product categories come from price comparison engines, they play a key role for e-commerce retailers.
    If you would like learn more price comparison engine, you can read our latest article;

  • ver18

    Hey! Here is another one.
    I’ve been using for a year.
    One click compare Amazon eBay and Rakuten prices.
    Which Is Cheaper?

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