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Mobile and social selling — entertainment meets e-commerce

Heidi Wong / 2 min read
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Have you ever watched the launch of a TV show’s new season, a major sporting event, or an ill-fated reality star’s wedding and found yourself furiously reviewing your social media streams during the broadcast? This is called second screening, and you’re in good company while doing it. Eighty percent of people with a mobile device (smart phones and tablets) are second screening at least once a month and 40% of us are doing it daily. What are we doing on our mobile devices while watching? Most of us are checking our social media feeds (nine hours a month on average are spent on social media via mobile) to find out what others think about what we’re watching. And 79% of us are using Facebook, with the other largest group on Twitter.

Why does this matter to you as a merchant?

Keep an eye on what people are talking about in these social streams. Yes, it is about the players, characters, plots, etc. — but often it’s also about the clothing they wear, products they’re using and sometimes even the ads that run. People do quick searches for the products featured (or similar products) and share those links on their social networks. Pinterest is especially good for this kind of content:

Take advantage of the mobile activity

There are a lot pre-shopping and shopping activities going on via mobile. Sometimes it is searching on a mobile device, and sometimes it’s following links in social media streams. It breaks down like this: on mobile devices, 27% are looking up product information, 22% are looking for deals, and 19% are shopping to buy the things they are seeing at that moment on TV.

As a small e-commerce business, you often don’t have the money or connections to be associated with one of these TV shows, so what can you do? Develop promotional product collections inspired by those top shows your customers care about. Make sure those products are using the keywords and terms that refer to the shows.

Another idea is, if you have a relationship with a celebrity, ask them to curate a collection of products they like. No, celebrity relationship? Look at your customer base. How many of these people write blogs? Any of these blogs related to your business and have a good following? If yes, invite them to curate a collection of products from your store that they like. Only sell one product? Ask them to post about their own experience with your product. With the changes in technology, celebrities come in all forms and often appeal  to different niche customers that you would like to reach.

Stay aware and leverage trends

Although pop culture might not be your thing, keep an eye on the parts of it that interest your customers. Use some of the examples here to leverage customers’ mobile and social media addiction to help grow your sales. For more on mobile and social trends, check out our free webinar Cashing in on Mobile Commerce.

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