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Spotify’s 2017 “#2018Goals” Campaign Speaks Loudly

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Spotify’s 2017 “#2018Goals” Campaign Speaks Loudly

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Spotify’s #2018Goals campaign was the largest global campaign at the time, running in 18 markets worldwide — finely blending customer data analytics and outdoor display advertising.

Spotify creatively showcased some of its customers’ playlists, along with witty and humorous messages intended to tease onlookers. This campaign drives in the message that Spotify is indeed the place for music aficionados and fans alike.

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What set the Spotify #2018Goals campaign apart from other real-time data analytics campaigns was how personalized they came across. Spotify went hyperlocal by sharing stream data of the specific location of a display ad alongside a witty headline and taglines.

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Their holiday campaign served as a unique driver of  offline engagement. But it encouraged in-app engagement as well by driving traffic and attention to the showcased playlists and, perhaps, inspiring users to create their own — and get creative with their titles.

Holiday Marketing Takeaway

Knowing and deeply understanding your audience can be the secret sauce you need to take your campaigns to the next level.

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