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Today I’m pleased to announce that we’ve added Montreal-based web development shop Sprout Commerce to our list of Premium Partners. We love Sprout Commerce because they’re focused on bringing quality and innovation to clients of all budget sizes. Their unique approach makes it affordable for small businesses to benefit from the latest techniques like responsive design. Sprout team members work directly with each client so there are no middlemen, and they’re always transparent about pricing and what features will provide the most bang for the buck.

Recent Work

Grady’s Cold Brew

Sprout Commerce moved the Grady’s site from WordPress to Bigcommerce, customizing the design and adding the ability for them to sell products directly to consumers as well as wholesalers. Wholesale customers automatically see a completely different set of products that are specific to them. Company employees can now update their beautiful, fully functional e-commerce site themselves as needed.

Marmalade Designs

For the small business Marmalade Designs, Sprout built an advanced e-commerce site that included responsive design, rich snippets for Google, and a clean layout that reflected the brand’s personality — all for under $2,500. The project was a collaboration, with Marmalade providing all the beautiful graphical site elements. Be sure to check it out on your computer and smartphone to see the responsive design at work.



Sprout completely re-designed and customized the Bigcommerce site for detox company BioRay. Besides the extensive design detail, they built in powerful features like a live stream of new blog posts on the homepage, a WordPress blog that lives in a subdirectory of the site, and a fully functional retail and wholesale site based on the same Bigcommerce account.

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