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We’re switching from FTP to Secure WebDAV soon — here’s why

Jordan Sim / 1 min read

Back in July 2012, we announced that we would be switching from the FTP protocol to Secure WebDAV for transferring files to Bigcommerce stores. We didn’t do a great job explaining the reasons for the switch, and for that we apologize.

I’m here to tell you exactly why we made this decision and how the process will work as we move everyone to the new protocol.

What is Secure WebDAV?

Secure WebDAV is the secure version of the WebDAV file transfer protocol. Basically, it means that you’ll be able to upload images, videos, HTML pages and other files to your store securely.

Why are we switching?

There are a number of reasons we decided to make the switch, with the end goal of providing a better experience for our clients.

1. We’re upgrading our server technology to be faster and more reliable than ever before, and FTP isn’t natively (or easily) supported in the new environment.

2. WebDAV provides faster speeds for transferring multiple small-sized files — exactly the kind of transfers our merchants make most often.

3. WebDAV makes it easy to see who last edited a file. This is particularly handy for our Support Ninjas and Partners who help maintain stores.

4. WebDAV supports file locking, which means only one user at a time can modify a file. Each file is “checked out” so nobody can accidentally overwrite more recent changes.

When is this happening?

So you’ll have plenty of time to become familiar with the new protocol, we’re giving everyone three months to transition to Secure WebDAV. As such, at 11:59pm on Saturday, August 31 2013 (CST), we will discontinue support for the FTP protocol and transition completely to WebDAV.

How do I use Secure WebDAV?

WebDAV works similarly to FTP. You’ll use a client to connect with our server, choose the files you want to upload, and then drag and drop them into your store folder to transfer them.

We recommend you use one of the following WebDAV clients:

You can also connect to your store via WebDAV using Windows Explorer (for Windows users) or Finder (for Mac OS X users). However, we don’t recommend you use these clients due to their poor and unreliable file transfer speeds and performance.

Have questions on WebDAV and what it means for you? Check out our KnowledgeBase articles:

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of why we’re making the switch to WebDAV and how you’ll use it.




Jordan Sim

Jordan Sim

Jordan is a Senior Product Manager at Bigcommerce. He enjoys bringing customers along the product design journey and delivering features that are simple to use and meaningful. Jordan also focuses on enabling integrations between Bigcommerce and other partner products so that customers have access to additional tools and services that help them run their businesses day-to-day. Jordan is based out of Sydney and in his spare time, invests in leadership, public speaking and fitness.

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98 comments on “We’re switching from FTP to Secure WebDAV soon — here’s why

  1. Okay Dokey on

    There are only minor advantages, as soon as somebody wants to upload a lot of files or big files FTP is the way to go.
    Sorry but WebDav sucks for such things.

    And saying FTP is not easy to support in the new enviroment is just plain bullshit.
    Name me one system without an easy to handle FTP Server, i dare you. Because there are none. Windows, Linux, OSX, BSD, Unix.
    All have natively working easy to manage FTP Servers. You are just full of bullshit.

  2. Ryan on

    Looking through this is quite interesting fro ma customer service point of view. I would like to connect usin dreamweaver. Is there a simple solution – tutorial, quick fix to do it? I ask because I do not believe it requires ‘intensive’ setup that’s your talking point ad nauseum.

    If there isn’t please let me know the super intensive way.

  3. Jon Bryan on

    I should have read other responses first… sorry… Pretty obvious that user input as to this have been ignored. I don’t see one “I love it, I can’t wait”, yet it was implemented any way. Scary for me as a new migrator from prostores, I am going to be more careful in my next choice.

  4. Jon Bryan on

    Wow. How can you hold a straight face and type those advantages?? Seriously, in relation to:

    Reason #1, you have to be kidding! Why would you ever move to a server technology that doesn’t support the industry standard, and most widely used File Transfer Protocol??? I have to be honest… I would be shocked if that even exists, and if it did, it is obvious I made a mistake in choosing a pprovider that would use it.

    Reason 2: Faster? Not true. Period. I just did 2 product image transfers from my old site, 4500 each. Filezilla? 15 minutes. Cyber Duck 2.5 hours. Again, a company that doesn’t test their products scares me.

    Reason 3: Again, the easiest way to see who last updated a file is to move to a new File Transfer Program? Not through the users, and a store activity Log which would give your support team a record of all changes site-wide by user, not just file transfers? FTP does have the option to sign in by user. If this is your best answer to helping your support team track site changes, that is scary. I was hoping to have a bit more user oriented solutions. The ones that are seamless or enhance the user experience, not make it more cumbersome, forcing me to download, install and use a program almost nobody uses.

    Reason 4: Wow. How many support calls do you have on record generated by two users modifying the exact same file at the exact same time?? How many do you have for Cyber Duck???

    Not sure why you did this incredibly inconvenient move. Really. We can handle the truth. Those are not the reasons, as none of them make any sense. A file transfer program that only displays previously changed files in its file viewer… otherwise you manually create the path and file name??? Who thought this was good? Security transfers for images, and code???? wow, all source code is viewable in any browser, and the images are there too… hmmmmm… FTP is the standard. It is a plug-in in firefox and many other programs. I haven’t seen a Cyber Duck Plugin yet! Search cyberduck on google, 500k returns. FTP 200 million. Which do we think our user will have experience in…. hmmmm….

    VERY disappointed.

  5. TD1 on

    Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I was uploading about 4000 images. All small, about 15K each. I finally got it to work using SmartFTP. Never got Cyberduck to do it.
    Now, the problem is with the rules I tried to add using a csv file. I had all those images in the ‘import’ folder of ‘product images’. Tried to set new rules to change image when a certain swatch is selected. It couldn’t process any of the pics.

  6. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    @TD1:disqus : What type of file are you uploading (i.e. jpg, png, gif, etc)? Secondly, can you reply back with how big the file size is?

  7. TD1 on

    I’m looking to transition from Prostores to Bigcommerce. I am currently in the 15 day free trial. Things were going well until I tried uploading my image files with Cyberduck. It won’t work. Everytime i try to drag and drop or upload, Cyberduck just gets stuck. CPU usage goes up to 50% and nothing ever happens. This sucks.

  8. Natalie on

    I should add that I have used smartftp for at least 5 years and have never had a problem with it. I purchased and loaded the latest version to get the webdav functionality, and although I continue to be able to use smart ftp for ftp with no problems whatsoever, i cannot connect to bigcommerce sites via webdav.

  9. Natalie on

    The latest version of smartftp DOES NOT work, it appears to connect but you cannot access the files, and cyber duck’s latest version crashes. What other suggestions do you have, or programs should we be looking at?

  10. Natalie on

    cyberduck continues to crash, I find netdrive slow and not user friendly and being forced to upgrade smartftp so that it will work with webdav is frustrating…I’m surprised that with the amount of people you have saying that this is not a workable solution that you continue to insist that it’s an easy transition. Many of the people on this post that are frustrated are people that are tech savvy and if we are frustrated and having trouble I can only imagine that a store owner without a lot of tech experience isn’t beyond frustrated.

  11. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    @disqus_Zo4sor6KF5:disqus : I definitely don’t like to hear that you are having problems with WebDAV. If you are having trouble with Cyberduck, I would actually recommend using Netdrive (free- PC only), SmartFTP (PC) or Transmit (Mac) instead.

    Let me know if you run into any additional issues.

  12. Natalie on

    WebDav has been difficult since day 1, and now with a client deadline cyberduck’s update has rendered it useless – crashes every time I try to upload anything. In terms of ease of use, will definitely recommend other eCommerce options to clients – not worth spending several hours trying to figure out a workaround when my FTP client works great with no bugs or crashes.

  13. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    @frejyasdaeg:disqus: We completely understand your frustration. However, we wouldn’t have made the switch about 8 months ago if WebDAV wasn’t easy to use. It’s just as simple to use as FTP. If you don’t like Transmit, here’s three additional alternatives for MAC users: Cyberduck, Dreamweaver (see my response earlier in this thread), and via Finder/Connect to Server.

  14. frejyasdaeg on

    This was a horrible decision, WebDav support for Mac leaves much to be desired. Using Transmit and consistently running into 404 errors, permissions errors, and general crashes using WebDav with HTTPs. So sad that BC killed FTP support in favor of this buggy setup :(

  15. vitamin on

    Jessica, to be brunt, you sound like a broken record with your canned response.

    Many of us don’t want to hear “this requires a much more intensive setup process than is needed.”

    Instead of selling the same story, please provide useful information to the question OR, point us in the right direction.

    My store is currently in shambles because of this debacle.

  16. Jessica Malnik
  17. josh on

    hi jessica thanks for replying,

    I’ve looked into panic transmit and it would work for me if i could open the directory in sublime text. however i would much prefer a system where i can work locally and upload when needed rather than working directly from the remote.
    I’m working from mac only and in my current setup I’ve mapped the server using finder and can work from the files directly using sublime text 2. It’s working but its hardly a permanent solution as the speed and connection are inconsistent. I would have all my needs met if someone developed a sturdy webdav plugin for sublime text 2. dreamweaver is useless and barely supported with webdav so I’ve completely written off that option.

    If someone develops a plugin for sublime text 2 you would have a complete and legitimate package you could offer to designers using bigcommerce. please consider developing one.

  18. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Josh, have you considered SmartFTP (PC), Netdrive (PC) or Transmit (Mac)? Many of our clients really prefer these ones.

  19. josh on

    Does this change mean there is no application equivalent to dreamweaver that has a good functioning code editor and includes a save and upload feature?

    Dreamweaver doesnt have the best code wrangler out there but its site manager and save and upload tool make it the only choice when it comes to speed and ease of management. Using cyberduck or dealing with network mapped drives is ridiculous when you have 30+ sites to manage and I havent found an equivalently good package like dreamweaver that supports webdav.

    This makes bigcommerce very unappealing.

  20. Hayden on

    So its another headache from Big Commerce,

    unfortunately i dont get to choose who we use i just have to work with it, so thanks for another headache

    because its all BS the original system wasnt broke so why fix it?

    i’d say to other vote with your feet go somewhere else

  21. Jaimie Sirovich on

    I can guess why they’re doing it. They want an event when a file gets pushed so they can cache it or process it, push to CDN, etc. The problem is that SabreDAV (it appears this is what they’re using) kind of stinks, and my guess is …

    that they’d be absolutely insane to turn off FTPS over labor day weekend. And it’s not clear what they mean by “not support.” Will they turn it off or just stop helping you and warning you it’s going away and nudge you in the right direction by helping you install the abomination that is Cyberduck?

    There is going to be spike in support calls, and not all of them will be people who need simple help. WebDAV is not a perfect replacement for FTP because neither Apache nor PHP are vetted for pushing large amounts of data up.

    The fact that SabreDAV is written in PHP makes it very easy for them to maintain things. The flipside of that is that I’m not sure what happens with big files, partial uploads, resumes, etc.

  22. Alex Schubow on


    Please for Pete’s sake don’t disable FTP! PLEASE!!!!

    Doing anything on the mounted DAV share in windows server 2008 takes forever. And I’m talking about opening folders with no files or only a couple files. Opening the image folder with 2,000 files in it? Forget it.

    Please dont say anything about cyberduck or any other waterfowl. We use FTP for unattended file transfers. Scripting FTP is easy (and it is done, and is currently working). Scripting DAV built into windows is no big deal, but clearly will be slow). Scripting a third part app?? Who knows.

    Why are you forcing this on your users!!!?!?

  23. Seth on

    I am one of the user for my own website. And I have tried loading webdav through cyberduck (as recommended by Big Commerce). As I am writing this message out, I have already spent one hour waiting for the folder to open for me to mass upload my product images. Till now, it is still loading.

    Could someone tell me is this suppose to happen? FTP (Filezilla) opened the folder in a few seconds…

  24. Phillip on

    That’s what I use is SmartFTP since the change it was slow cyberduck is faster and you have no idea how many hurdles I had to jump with SmartFTP to get it to work because of the way the packets where being sent out. I’m very grateful the problem was fixed if it was faster i wouldn’t even bother right now I would be perfectly happy using smartftp

  25. DCM on

    I absolutely HATE you guys/gals making us switch. HATE IT. We have hundreds of websites and this is a royal PAIN for all of us!! Webdav is not new, so it would be nice if you’d stop telling people “I know it’s hard to do something new…”. It’s not new, it’s a preference. You have alot of clients telling you they don’t like this…wth??…..NOT COOL.

  26. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Phillip, it’s a paid client, but some of our clients and partners are having good experiences with SmartFTP.

  27. Jessica Malnik
  28. Jessica Malnik
  29. Phillip on

    I’m not sure what you mean look into transmit is that mac? I’m not running macs if that’s the case also cyberduck wow all it does is crash so much very frustrating.

  30. Alex Schubow on

    Is this seriously still happening? You can encourage users to use DAV, even or even offer FTP without tech support, but to turn it off? WHY? I have not seen one straight answer, just BS corporatespeak.

  31. David on

    FYI, it’s advised not to use the admin account when trying to connect via WebDAV. I could not connect using the admin account, but once I created another account and used it I got it to work. Unfortunately, BC does not make note of this anywhere.


  32. David on

    Just in case anyone else runs into this, here is a chat session from support:

    Your Question: I am having trouble setting up webdav. I’ve read all the tutorials and wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work.

    20:16Dino Dungog: Thank you for contacting BigCommerce Technical Support!
    20:16Dino Dungog: Hi David
    20:16Dino Dungog: Was there any error ?
    20:18david nordyke: yes
    20:19david nordyke: “An HTTP WebDAV error occurred. Cannot get a listing for the folder you specified. Make sure you have correct permissions on the server.”
    20:20Dino Dungog: are you using cyberduck?
    20:21Dino Dungog: please make sure you create a separate user rather than using the admin user for it
    20:21Dino Dungog: this sometimes happen if you are using the admin
    20:22david nordyke: dreamweaver and cyberduck both failed
    20:22david nordyke: Is that information in your tutuorials? because i’m not seeing it.
    20:23Dino Dungog: No it is not on the information
    20:23Dino Dungog: sometimes the admin fails
    20:23Dino Dungog: and the workaround would be creating it on a separate user

  33. David on

    I followed the screencast but that did not work for me. I am not willing to use anything other than Dreamweaver. Please advise.


  34. Dan on

    Hi Jessica,
    i’m in the same boat Jake is in, The Dreamweaver setup was simple, however it only got me into the template folder, is there anyway to access the dav/ folder?

  35. Rudy on

    I agree with your statement of “it seems as though BC doesn’t really fix the important stuff ie Google Shop but change stuff no ones asks for. Thats just a horrible business model.”

    Additionally, there plenty of other issues the developers could be resolving instead of “gold plating” the application. One of the items that made me choose BC was the customer loyalty program, for repeat customers to our store. This has been broken for 14 months, just look back at all the stuff implemented while issues still remain.

    I am okay with change, but it appears that you need fix what’s broken first, before you improve on it.

  36. Rudy on

    While WebDAV is simple to use, it seems to be missing a lot of data compared to FTP.

    Below are the comparisons I just ran:

    272 MB
    19, 291 Files

    7,758 Files

    This is not comforting as a backup solution for our businesses.

    Might you have insight as to what may be causing this discrepancy?

  37. Jessica Malnik
  38. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Chris,

    We wouldn’t be making this switch if WebDAV wasn’t easy to use. It’s just as simple to use as FTP. If you don’t like Cyberduck, here’s three additional alternatives for Windows users: Windows Explorer, Dreamweaver (see my response earlier in this thread), and then here’s another one if you are using our API heavily.

  39. Chris Carpenter on

    “I know how difficult change can be, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time”

    Not trying to call you out Jessica as you are the only one replying on behalf of BC…. the problem is this change makes us store owners have to take time to learn a new program. I don’t think BC realizes that time is money in the business world. These free programs you keep telling us to get don’t work for crap, probably why they are free. But even with the free program, I am going to have to take time to learn it. Thats money. I haven’t heard one good thing about Webdav from anyone I can find online. Everything I have found says that the speed is negligible to http://FTP…few seconds difference. Thats your selling point to us. The problem is that Webdav is easier for BC and its backend, but not to its customers. Thats the rub we are all feeling… you find us a program that works and looks like FTP but is for Webdav I am sure us business owners wouldn’t care. Unfortunately you guys are making this change and giving us crap for programs.

  40. Jessica Malnik
  41. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Phillip,

    I know how difficult change can be, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time. If you want a better side=by-side interface, I would recommend looking into Transmit.

  42. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Chris,

    As I mentioned to you yesterday in our forum, our dev team is working to quickly resolve both the issues you have encountered. In the meantime for the WebDAV large import issue, you can continue to use FTP for your imports as this is still an option for the next couple of weeks.

  43. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Paul,

    I’m interested to learn more about how you have this currently set up. I’m going to send you an email shortly to see how we may be able to help you out.

  44. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Katherine, what’s the specific problem that you are having with uploading via WebDAV? I’ll be happy to investigate this for you.

  45. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Dennis,

    We’re working to quickly resolve an issue with large image uploads (over 5000) at this time. Once this resolved, the upload time should be a lot smoother and faster. In the meantime, you can continue to use FTP, as there are still a couple of weeks left before we cut it off.

  46. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Steve,

    You don’t need to do anything. WebDAV is very easy to user and very similar to FTP.

  47. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Steve, if you are uploading products via the control panel, there is absolutely no change required. Carry on! :)

  48. Phillip on

    Here’s another asking not to move to just webdav. I almost never post to forums but on this subject I had to. I tried cyberduck and quite frankly it’s horrible. It doesn’t even give you a side by side interface no local view. Please re-consider

  49. Chris Carpenter on

    This is just a horrible idea. I still can’t understand the switch. I guess it will make it easier on the BC developers end, but make it much harder on the store owners. They have been working on the Cyberduck problem for over a week now…..they should have seen these problems way before now. They talked about switching from FTP to Webdav over a year ago…and a year later there are still problems?????? And store owners aren’t supposed to be nervous. I am currently looking at other hoste d account options as it seems as though BC doesn’t really fix the important stuff ie Google Shop but change stuff no ones asks for. Thats just a horrible business model.

  50. Jake on

    I’m not interested in using cyberduck or any other free webdav client, I would like to hear the intensive process for setting up Dreamweaver please. And can you elaborate on ‘error prone’?

  51. Andrew Armstrong on

    It seems as though BC is being a little bit stubborn here in not listening to their customers as the feedback looks to be overwhelmingly negative. Additionally, the somewhat impersonal “canned responses” that are repeated to the many of the client concerns posted here is a bit off-putting.

    Hopefully BigCommerce will re-consider this decision.

  52. Paul Schmidt on

    Big thumbs down for the switch!

    As an API user, I use FTP to transfer the images programatically to the store. Our code is written in PHP. When I tried to migrate the first time this was announced, I never could get WebDAV to work with PHP and BigCommerce. It may be that WebDAV has matured enough that PHP will work with BigCommerce, but if it doesn’t I have no idea what Plan B would be.

  53. katherine on

    The reason of WebDAV performs fasters than FTP is not an absolute fact, both of them have their pros & cons. When most of your customers are using FTP and they don’t have much complains about it, BIgC should not force your customers to switch to WebDAV. It’s been a week and that problem that I am having with WebDav is still unsolved.

    We are not a big company, and we still spent thousands and thousands for switching to BigC. Now, the “switch” just making us panic and frustrated.

  54. Dennis on

    I use cyberduck and I have native win7 WebDAV.. I am uploading 8824 images right now and cyberduck does not respond to this upload. win7 takes 8 hours, but my Filezilla FTP is pushing this out with a breeze. Once I update the database I need to delete the junk in the import folder, but cyberduck takes hours to read this folder and I am scared to see what win7 does.. but FTP sees it all in seconds and started to delete.. I dont know who tested this stuff, but in the real world this WebDAV is crap. I have 17 days to do all i want to do then from there on out the big dtabases will never get an update cause you are taking away the only thing that works for your site. i loaded 1503 images in the time it took to type this message. I mowed the lawn and when i came back win7 WebDAV only had about 300 images.. How do we solve this issue. BigC is great but if its taking away the only thing that works, is it really worth using he software in the first place?

  55. Steve Pagac on

    Is there anything I need to do in the transition except learn how to use the new system? Also, what is the link to learn this.

  56. Steve on

    Do I actually need to do anything for the changeover?? I have a small store, so do I need a webDAV client thingy or will I be able to just continue adding new products etc and using the control panel as I always have done????


  57. Jessica Malnik
  58. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Jake,

    In an effort to save you some time and a lot more frustrations, I’m telling you to setup WebDAV in Dreamweaver is a much more intensive process than is needed. Instead, I would recommend downloading Cyberduck- a free WebDAV client, and setting it up that way. Not only is this much easy to setup, but it will also run a lot smoother and is less error-prone. Here’s a great video tutorial as well as step by step instructions for how to set this up.

  59. Daniel on

    Please make the notice go away at the top of the screen!! It reopens every page load no matters how many times I close it, and takes away a quarter of my workspace.

  60. Jake on

    Can you tell me the way of setting up dreamweaver please?

    I’m not really prepared to change my workflow to use a separate webdav capable ftp programme. It’s not so much daunting as irritating: I would rather not lose my saved ftp details for the dozens of bigcommerce sites I have made. Some of us are quite heavily invested in our current set ups.

  61. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    I understand how change can be difficult, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time. However, we have actually conducted speed tests. WebDAV performs just as well if not better than FTP most areas. Here’s a support article showing the results of our speed tests.

    What FTP software are you currently using? The reason why I ask is that many programs, like Transmit, also are compatible with WebDav.

  62. Jessica Malnik
  63. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Dorian,

    I understand how change can be difficult, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time. However, we have actually conducted speed tests. WebDAV performs just as well if not better than FTP most areas. Here’s a support article showing the results of our speed tests.

  64. Webmaestro on

    I have some issues with Webdav as well. I believe that yanking FTP as a file transfer option is not very considerate as it forces a lot of us to change our workflows and abandon file utilities that we’ve paid for and are happy using. I don’t care whether Cyberduck is free or not…I’d prefer to use the software I’ve invested time and money in becoming proficient at. Besides, I get a lot more connection errors when using Webdav.
    Just sayin’.

  65. Chris on

    How about we make the notification that takes up 1/3 of my screen notifying me of the transition hidable? This is terrible make it go away…

  66. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Darrell, what FTP program are you using? Many of them, like Transmit, also support WebDAV.

  67. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Kurt,

    I’m going to tell you the same advice I just gave Jeremy. Yes, you can technically setup WebDAV with Dreamweaver. However to be honest, this requires a much more intensive setup process than is needed. Instead, I would recommend downloading Cyberduck- a free WebDAV client, and setting it up that way. Not only is this much easy to setup, but it will also run a lot smoother and is less error-prone. Here’s a great video tutorial as well as step by step instructions for how to set this up.

  68. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Yes, you can technically setup WebDAV with Dreamweaver. However to be honest, this requires a much more intensive setup process than is needed. Instead, I would recommend downloading Cyberduck- a free WebDAV client, and setting it up that way. Not only is this much easy to setup, but it will also run a lot smoother and is less error-prone. Here’s a great video tutorial as well as step by step instructions for how to set this up.

  69. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi JP, no, they should still be there when you use WebDAV. I’d recommend using Cyberduck as your WebDav client. :)

  70. Darrell on

    It’s really sad that you are choosing to force this on your customers. You’re also really going against the grain on this one. Are you going to refund me the cost of buying my FTP program? I don’t think so. If you will – fantastic. If you won’t, then don’t force me to use WebDAV instead of FTP.

  71. Dorian on

    Its a shame to see Big Commerce stop supporting FTP because of what seems like its “Not Easy” to incorporate. Not sure what advantage there is to limiting accessibility, but i see it as a frustrating change. Whenever you offer options to your clients, then take one away, especially one that is MUCH MUCH MUCH more popular, it will most certainly impact your business. I love Big Commerce, and your team are almost always friendly and helpful, but i fear this change may have an adverse impact. Hope you reconsider this change.


    My question is this,

    What happens to all my images that are being hosted on FTP now? Will they disappear from my site or do I have to re upload them via WebDav?

    Just curious,

  73. Daniel Callaghan on

    I’ve been a IT Administrator for over 15 Years now and WebDav is a Poor Choice of file transfering. It’s slow, unsecure in Microsoft Windows Vista and Above and because of this I will absolutely be leaving Big Commerce. They are going to make it harder to manager your stores and these other updates are sure to bring even more down time from big commerce which I’m unwilling to allow anymore. Good luck to the rest of your fools who stay with them.

  74. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Joe,

    We understand changing from FTP to WebDAV can be daunting, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time. However, we have conducted speed tests. WebDAV performs just as well if not better than FTP in most areas. Here’s a support article showing the results of our speed and performance tests.

    In addition if you use a Mac, I would recommend using Transmit, as you can configure more syncing between programs.

  75. Joe on

    Please do not offer only Webdav. there are Many many programs out there that allow a programmer to be most efficient. 65% of them do not offer Webdav as a automatic sync option. Thus Adding time to the creation process un needed.

    I am to wonder why big commerce is choosing this option over the world wide main stream choice of SFTP.

    It feels to me that some infrastructural issues have arrived in implementation of anything else and Webdav feels like the best of a bad scenario and marketing is trying to pressure it into looking like the latest and greatest however The sole reason FTP was invented was due to the lack there of consistent ability to move files between

  76. Marco Polo on

    It turns out WebDAV is easier to script than FTP. It’s just HTTP with some extra verbs. There is only one connection. Zillions of scriptable HTTP utilities already exist.

    Here is an example, and it’s even Bigcommerce specific!

    Also it’s definitely no less secure than FTP over SSL/TLS because Bigcommerce WebDAV uses HTTPS, which is just HTTP… over SSL/TLS!

    Lastly it’s the native “browser” clients that actually suck and give WebDAV a bad name, not WebDAV itself. Stay well away from Windows Explorer or OSX Finder when it comes to WebDAV!! Cyberduck is great and supports all major protocols not just WebDAV.

    I hope that educates some readers.

  77. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Bryan,

    We have conducted speed tests. WebDAV performs just as well if not better than FTP in most areas. Here’s a support article showing the results of our speed and performance tests.

    If have a MAC and are worried at all about the setup, we recommend using Transmit. I’ve personally used Transmit with both WebDAV and FTP setups. And, I’ve never had any problems with either. It’s a great paid option.

  78. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Alex,

    I understand how change can be difficult, especially if you have been using FTP for a long time. However, we have actually conducted speed tests. WebDAV performs just as well if not better than FTP most areas. Here’s a support article showing the results of our speed tests.

  79. Jessica Malnik
    Jessica Malnik on

    Hi Cindy,

    Cyberduck is the recommended WebDAV option for both MAC and Windows users. It’s free and works great. However, you are more than welcome to find and use another option, if you wish.

  80. Bryan Jonathan on

    FTP with TLS/SSL is a better alternative and more secure.

    I have used Fetch for years and I am very happy with it and it does support “FTP with TLS/SSL”.
    This is the format that Yahoo just moved to and they are the most secure/paranoid online eCommerce platform there is.

    Off both bu please don’t make us switch to WebDAV.
    It sucks.
    It has to be fast to work and it is bloated so it runs slow unless you are using servers that are setup completely differently that what you have used in the past and in the future.
    This is a bad move
    “FTP with TLS/SSL” should be much easier for you to implement, it is fast and it is more secure in the end.
    Do you really think that WebDAV is more secure than “FTP with TLS/SSL”.
    How much is this FTP access really being hacked anyway.
    Why are you “Really” switching.

  81. alex schubow on

    Please dont kill FTP. It works so much better than Dav with scripting and is so much faster. I can understand why you would want to encourage casual users to use dav but to force it on everyone is a terrible tactic.

    PLEASE don’t do it.

  82. Jessica Malnik
  83. Matt on

    Why not have a secure FTP option. Web developers are used to ftp, and they don’t want to use another type of upload client, and it will be mainly the developers of the site that will be uploading stuff.

  84. Gary McGhee on

    I hope the WebDAV server is or will be running much faster than it was 6 months ago, because otherwise it will be a serious bottleneck for template developer’s workflows. It was significantly slower than the FTP server.

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