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As of this week, our clients have made more than $1.2 billion dollars in transactions through their online stores. That’s a big milestone for all of us, and proves the massive earning power of small and medium businesses — especially when they’re given the right tools. We launched in August 2009 with the goal of helping SMBs sell more online. Since then, we’ve powered nearly 30,000 stores to more than 11.4 million transactions of an astounding array of products and services.

This means a lot to us. Not just because we love big numbers (although we do), but because it’s a testament to the skills, drive and resourcefulness of our customers. The graph below really helps put it in perspective: comparing the first three years of each business, Bigcommerce clients sold 26% more than Amazon and 3% more than eBay. Basically, small businesses rock!

It also proves to the world what we knew all along: that it doesn’t take a massive investment or degrees in design, development and marketing to create a successful online business. You can create a business in just a few hours with a couple hundred dollars.

So here’s a big thank you and congratulations to all our clients for getting to $1 billion in sales. Rest assured that we’re hard at work on improvements and innovations to help you sell even more. Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating $2 billion in sales together in the not-too-distant future.

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  • Ricky

    How does BC know how much their clients have made in sales? How much of our information is private from BC? Should we rename big commerce to big brother?

    Its great that we all did 1.2Billion, very good start, and I am happy that BC knows about it, but some of us may not want our information disclosed even collectively.

    Where can we find BC privacy policy, and how much of the information we store on our sites transparent to big commerce staff?


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