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Harmonize B2B shopper experiences through procurement application synchronization

Save costs and reduce complexity by connecting your ecommerce with spend management, eProcurement, and ERP platforms.

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The BigCommerce and PunchOut2Go partnership mediates communication between BigCommerce and your shopper’s backend systems.

PunchOut2Go harmonizes authentication, punchout catalog integration, orders, invoicing, and more. Now, shoppers can easily access BigCommerce storefronts and purchase goods directly from procurement applications.

Transfer communications effortlessly

The PunchOut2Go Gateway consumes data feeds in multiple formats, including cXML, EDI, iDOC, XML and many more protocols, while also harmonizing data for authentication and other B2B transaction documents.

Save costs and time

As a B2B seller, accommodate any requests for punchout integration from buyers without costly and time-consuming custom development. Gain additional trust and business by instantly responding to shopper needs, without the back-and-forth of traditional ordering.

Real-time testing & analytics

Access real-time data analytics to measure conversions and track performance. Enter the PunchOut2Go Portal to test and simulate each PunchOut Catalog integration.

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Grow your B2B ecommerce with simplified e-procurement initiatives

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