Definition: YouTube marketing is the process of promoting a business with videos and advertising on the video streaming platform. Marketing on Youtube gives online merchants access to one of the world's largest online audiences, with the possibility for both brand awareness and a source of sales.

Marketing a business on Youtube: What merchants need to know

YouTube is the second-most-visited website on the Internet (790 million visitors per month in 2011), with only Facebook exceeding it in user activity (with 870 million visitors per month). There are over 4 billion videos viewed every day on YouTube, highlighting the massive potential for businesses to target their relevant audience.

  • There are two types of ads that precede videos: in-stream and TrueView. The latter can be skipped after only five seconds while the former can't be skipped. Note that 94% of users who exercise the "skip" option do so immediately when the button appears.
  • Banner ads can also be placed along the edges of the screen even while the video is running center-screen. Using the Google Display Network, click on "New Campaign" and choose your settings. Opt for ads to appear on only the Display Network or the Search Network also and decide whether to use automatic placement on partner pages relevant to your ad or to specify which particular pages to place your ads on.
  • YouTube supports ad targeting based on the content of the video or search phrase, to maximize ad relevance to viewers. You can also use advanced settings to specify zip codes, IP addresses, geographic regions, gender, age, topics and device-type (mobile/desktop).
  • YouTube videos can be embedded into a website, other social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) and blogs via HTML, giving them far wider reach. Embedding a video on-page also provides an opportunity to drive organic traffic, if properly optimized.

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