Catalog transfer services

Our in-house Catalog Transfer team makes replatforming painless by moving your data to BigCommerce for you

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Catalog transfer services

Our in-house Catalog Transfer team makes replatforming painless by moving your data to BigCommerce for you

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Free catalog transfer tools

Skip the manual data entry and move your product catalog to a new BigCommerce store. With our free apps, you can migrate your catalog to our platform automatically.

Standard catalog transfer service

Moving your catalog, images, product descriptions and more to a new platform can be complicated and time-consuming. Our experienced team will transfer up to 30,000 product SKUs¹ from
18 ecommerce platforms.

We handle the heavy lifting

After giving us some basic information about your current online store and goals, we’ll take care of moving your existing catalog to BigCommerce so you’re ready to launch.

People power

While other platforms push you to handle migration yourself using limited third-party apps, our dedicated in-house team has your back throughout the migration process.

Expertise inside and out

After moving more than 20,000 stores from 18 platforms, the members of our team are seasoned experts in extracting data and formatting it to work with our industry-best catalog system.

This was so easy. I wish I had done this change sooner. I was really concerned with a heavy workload for me, but you made it so simple. Thank you!Rita Galchus, Sprout House

What we transfer

Our Catalog Transfer team will migrate more than 30 types of data from your existing ecommerce platform.

Category data

  • Category names4
  • Sub-category names
  • Standard (default) category & sub-category 301 redirects


  • Product price: base price, cost price, retail price/MSRP, sale price
  • Product name/title (i.e., items in the store)
  • Product category associations5
  • Product descriptions
  • Product images (e.g., gif, jpg, png)6
  • Product options (e.g,. colors, sizes)
  • SKU
  • Brand name/manufacturer
  • Product search keywords
  • Inventory: Inventory/Current stock level
  • Custom product metadata: metadata, meta keywords, meta description
  • Product page title
  • Standard (default) product 301 directs


  • Customer first name
  • Customer last name
  • Customer address
  • Customer email
  • Customer phone

Download our Standard Catalog Transfer Statement of Work (PDF)

Read Our Ecommerce Migration Guide


Custom catalog
transfer services

Our Enterprise merchants have access to custom transfer services perfect for large or complex catalogs. We move Enterprise stores in 12 days or less on average7, handling most of the details to save you countless hours of work.

Transfer highly customized catalogs and platforms

Complex catalogs, homegrown platforms and workarounds made to overcome your current platform’s limitations can lead to major data issues. Our team has seen it all. They’ll work to understand your catalog, translate it to BigCommerce and clean up your data in the process.

A migration plan built just for you

Our team will assess your existing catalog and create a fully customized migration quote8. They’ll build anything they need to get the job done, including new API integrations, scripts and custom migration tools.

A dedicated point of contact

Your Onboarding Consultant will be with you every step of the way. They’re focused on your success and satisfaction, know your business and your goals, and will work with our Catalog Transfer team to create the best solution for you.

More than your typical transfer

Here are a few examples of common additions to our standard catalog transfer services:

  • Category descriptions
  • Subcategory images
  • Product filters9
  • Option swatches
  • Image change rules
  • Bundled products
  • Related products
  • Product reviews
  • Digital/downloadable products10
This was absolutely the smoothest, easiest process possible to make the switch to a new provider. We have over 6,000 products, most with multiple images, and the process was done in barely two days.Stacey Atchley, Scrapbook Generation

Get the most from our unrivaled, in-house teams

BigCommerce includes more services and support with your subscription than any other ecommerce platform out there.

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1 The client must have 30,000 products or less, be moving from a live ecommerce platform on the list of standard catalog transfer platforms, have their current store remain live through the entire catalog transfer process, must agree to the standard SOW for data elements brought over during the catalog transfer, and must be able to provide credentials for their current store to gain access to the data to be transferred. Any catalog transfer case that does not meet this criteria will be immediately withdrawn.
2 Must be on nsCommerceSpace Premium with API access to transfer
3 Pre-Sale Scoping Required
4 Some ecommerce platforms do not have a simple drag and drop category management system like BigCommerce and it is not possible to bring over the same category listing order and/or sub category associations during the catalog transfer. You may need to reorganize your categories (simple drag and drop process) after your catalog transfer.

5 For some stores (ex. Yahoo Stores), products may be limited to one category association. If your store has been customized to allow products to appear to be in multiple categories on the storefront, you may need to assign these additional categories after your catalog transfer
6 Does not include image change rule images, or swatch images.
7 Excluding time spent waiting for merchant responses.
8 Ask your enterprise sales rep for additional pricing information.
9 For the Magento platform the Product Attributes relate to the keywords for product filtering.
10 The base product data for digital products is included, but you will need to upload and associate the product files after your catalog transfer.