The best selection of payment providers, with no unnecessary fees.

Accept a wide range of payment options so you can transact globally and increase mobile conversion. BigCommerce gives you the power to choose the solutions that work best for your business and customers.

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Choose the payment provider that works best for your business.

Freedom of choice without penalties

Don’t get locked into proprietary payment gateways or one-size-fits-all solutions. BigCommerce offers more than 55 payment solutions, so you can pick which ones work best for your business, transact in any currency, and offer financing options to increase conversion—all with no additional transaction fees or penalties.

Secure card-on-file and recurring payments functionality

Meet the payment needs of different business models while maintaining PCI DSS 3.2, Level 1 certified compliance. BigCommerce partners with leading solutions like Sezzle for card-on-file transactions, order subscriptions, and recurring billing.

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Grow mobile conversion with digital wallets

Reduce friction and increase conversion rates on mobile devices. Built-in integrations with today’s most popular digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal allow your shoppers to check out quickly, using details stored with trusted third parties.

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Competitive rates that decrease as you grow

Reduce your costs with our pre-negotiated special credit and debit card processing rates with PayPal. As you grow, your rates will get lower—down to 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. Through PayPal powered by Braintree, you can also enable payment through Facebook and Instagram.

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Decrease fraud and chargebacks

Protect your business from fraudulent purchases, lost revenue, and chargeback fees. Native payment integrations like PayPal, Klarna, Ayden, and Amazon Pay include built-in fraud tools. BigCommerce also integrates with Affirm, Bolt, Signifyd, NS8, Eye4Fraud, and ClearSale which offer guaranteed fraud management by reviewing every order you receive.

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High-risk product gateways

Say goodbye to the stress of finding a payment provider for your high-risk products. BigCommerce offers a wide variety of payment gateways, including solutions that allow the sale of products like CBD, firearms, e-cigs, and other controlled items.

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