Faceted search increases conversion

Deliver a better shopping experience with improved search relevance.


Sort, filter, buy

Shoppers want to find things fast, so creating a great discovery experience is key to conversion. Faceted search adds product filters to expose your valuable information in an easy-to-shop format. From options to sizes, colors and brands, product filters put each attribute front and center, creating an Amazon-like experience for shoppers. The results dynamically adjust based on selection, allowing your shoppers to sort, filter and shop based on what’s important to them.

Turn browsing into sales

Maybe a shopper has come to your site looking for a pair of shoes. Sure they can browse through a category, but what if they could pick their favorite brands, colors or even their shoe size? BigCommerce lets buyers peruse your catalog in a more relevant way, taking upper funnel visitors and turning them into customers — boosting conversion by 10%.


Increase your customer loyalty

Getting traffic to your site doesn’t come cheap, and 80% of visitors search for a product once they're there. Faceted search guides them, helping shoppers find what they’re looking for fast. BigCommerce delivers a great experience that will keep them coming back for more — and keep your customer acquisition costs low.

Easy to implement, effortless to maintain

Use faceted search to improve your site search speed and accuracy without edits to your code or unsupported system hacks. BigCommerce product filtering is built into the control panel using the options and categories you’ve already created. Want to make changes, add new categories or introduce new products? It’s as easy as dragging and dropping.

Product filtering is available on select BigCommerce plans. Contact a BigCommerce consultant to find out if this exciting new functionality is right for you.