Built-in blogging for easy content marketing

Improve SEO, traffic and engagement by publishing killer ecommerce content.

Boost your sales with blogging

Regularly blogging about your store and products is a proven way to improve SEO and
increase traffic, engagement and sales. Our built-in blog feature is a streamlined, simple way
to create and publish great content.


Fact: BigCommerce clients who blog bring in up to double the revenue of those who don't.
So start cranking out content and watch your sales soar!

Easy writing and editing

Our powerful rich text editor has all the word processing tools you need to write beautiful posts, including text formatting, HTML markup, and image and video embedding with drag-and-drop support. If you've ever used WordPress, Tumblr or Microsoft Word, you'll feel right at home.


A seamless experience for you and your shoppers

Your blog is styled to match your store's theme so it fits right in. And you don't heave to deal with multiple sites for your store and blog — you'll manage everything right from your BigCommerce control panel.

feat-seamless blogging

All the latest blogging features

We've baked in must-have blogging features like:

  • SEO metadata
  • Search-optimized URLs
  • Comments by Disqus
  • Drafts with preview URLs
  • Tag filtering for organization
  • Sharing via Facebook, Google+, Twitter & more